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is dwolla the end of credit card tyrants? I hope so!

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 06:00 PM
Just saw this on the news, so I went to check it out. It seems pretty awesome, and seems to be very good for consumers, and business alike.

Consumers get more protection and safety for their money and personal info, business gets to keep more of their money without being raped by the credit card companies.

Here is the way the fees work, as quoted from their site.

Why don’t you take credit or debit cards? Take out your plastic card. See that little Visa logo (or any other card logo) in the bottom right-hand corner? Now, think of that image as your membership ID to send money on that corresponding network. Unfortunately, businesses and services must pay the card company fees and monthly costs to accept your payment and is why a lot of small businesses refuse to take cards. These “swipe fees” cost between 2% and 7% of the purchase, plus an additional $.30 cents per transaction processing fee (along with a host of other charges). To offset the annual $48 billion in fees, merchants raise the price of goods and services to compensate.  Naturally, Dwolla is building the solution to this problem, which means we must avoid these “plastic” networks. Why should I use Dwolla? Free micro-transactions (any transaction $10 or less isn't charged our $0.25 transaction fee)Send money affordably, we only charge $0.25 a transaction on any transaction over $10Send and receive money with your mobile phoneInstantly share money with friends, family and businesses through social networksPay for goods or services based on your current location from within your mobile phoneNo more ATM inconveniences (first finding the ATM and then paying $5 fees seems a bit outrageous to us)Enjoy retail-sponsored discounts for using DwollaSet up automatic payment features for services, like rent or utilitiesEnjoy our rapidly increasing depth of technological servicesTransparently track and report your payments with detailed personalized statements

I encourage anyone that uses cards, or accepts them at their business to check this out.

Also if anyone has any first hand knowledge of this service please chime in and let us all know what you think.


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