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ANNA news - Possible proof Bandits fired the first shots at Houla

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 01:56 PM
This is an apparent confession from a rebel who was present at the Houla massacre back in 2011. I cannot verify whether this is the absolute truth or not but its still worth posting and maybe even seeking whether its credible or not. The interview came from the Abkazian News Network Agency (ANNA) and I have seen these guys on the ground in Syria travelling around with the SAA taping raw footage of the events taking place. To anyone interested, the below video shows what this media outlet have been doing in Syria.

Urban tank battle in Darya

The interview goes into detail, naming groups, families who were killed, the strategies of the rebels and pretty much outlining how this tragedy unfolded from another perspective. The normal story is that the Assad forces opened fire on peaceful protesters but this interview begs to differ. The ANNA site does not have an english translation so I will use another website which have translated the interview. The idea isn't to change anyones opinions but to show you that maybe what we have been told may not be the truth.

“The person in this interview is a rebel who has forwarded himself to the authorities. We know who this person is and also know his name, but for reasons of the safety of his family, we do not bring it to the public. We vouch for the fact that he talks about things, which he has seen with his own eyes. We know, however, not the motives behind his self-denunciation.”

The interview begins with what seems to be plans days prior to the massacre about an uprising or attack. The informant goes on to say that he knew every move and action the armed thug were planning.

“Two or three days before the massacre, there was talk about the fact, that the terrorists are preparing themselves for something. I was constantly with these bands there and really learned everything about every step, what is happening, I always was with them.

On Friday, after the prayers, a unit of the fighters gathered in the northern district of the village, which is located beyond the checkpoint, next to the place with the clock.

Larger units of rebels gathered on the Tripoli road that leads to water storage, more (units) also in the district Al-Nasiriyah, on the Satto-road and on the road that leads to the confectionery factory.

The northern units opened fire to distract the attention of the military post (checkpoint) on the place with the clock. I was with a unit on the Tripoli road, which operated in conjunction with other units.

This was the Salafi unit of Khaled Abdul Wakhed, the unity of Abdul Malek, the unit under Saleh Nidal Bakki, even more under the command of Haysam Al-Hassan, as well as units from Ikrim Akrab, Kafr Laha and also a unit of the valley in Dahab.

Besides these (units), there were still a large amount of armed strangers.

Assuming the confession is accurate, we have evidence that there were armed gangs including men who are referred to as "armed strangers". In the next part of the interview, the rebel states the group opened fire on a military intelligence building. Another fired a bazooka which missed the target and ended up in the home next door killing 2 civilians.

These units opened fire on the building of the military intelligence. The bullets hit the building, but also neighboring houses. One of the armed rebels fired from a bazooka, but missed the target.

He has hit the house next door, killing two members of the family Al-Zegahi, which, as it is said, just have been sitting down and peacefully drunk tea. Most of the victims of the massacre were families who were loyal to the government, and the family of a secretary of the Syrian Parliament.

The families were wealthy, but the bandits assumed them as traitors, because these families have never supported the armed rebels through donations. They were mainly killed from the unit of the Al-Hassan clan – these are people from a large family who are in our area since long time and also known as common bandits.

The interview continues to explain how the armed gangs killed certain families while sparing others who had donated and supported the cause. These attacks were pre-meditated which would suggest to me that the Western media outlets are liars. I wont say that this is correct but it certainly has me thinking about why a news agency would lie about something like this. I realise these guys have been with the SAA and this could all be propaganda but there is to much information or a description of the incidents that possibly took place. I have only linked a couple of parts of the interview and I hope some of you take a look, especially the ones that wear the FSA on your sleeves. Heres the last part of the interview and I will leave it there.

Another fact is that these families were completely murdered, including the children, while in the immediate vicinity; there are many other families with children. Why were some killed, and the others had no problems?

Very close to the house of the family of Al-Okba, the family of Al-Bakkur has a house, the brother of the family head is one of the most influential bandit chief in the region. Why did nothing happen to the family of Al-Hassan, where many family members belong to the bandits?

Why do you think, were the families of Al-Said and Abdul Rasak completely murdered, while their respective neighbors – Al-Hassan and Al-Bakkur – have remained completely untouched?

They moved targeted to the house of the family Al-Rasak, penetrated, and then they killed all there, afterwards they moved on.”

If someone can disprove this entire translation or the interview itself, I will change my stance on the Syrian situation. If this is not how things played out then I will assume the Syrian Army fired the first shot and started the entire war...

Confession of an eye witness at Houla

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 11:01 PM
I can confirm, The Free Syrian Army started the killing in Houla The Syrian Arab Army were blamed upon as usual. Russians who had lived there know a lot more on the matter.

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