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The Judge and The Lawyer (LOWWC)

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 11:36 PM
It was as in every other case, on every other day, and to every other lawyer who had peered up at him from the floor to the bench he occupied the judge simply asked: “Is your client guilty or innocent?”

“Upon such matters subjectively and/or convincingly conclusive as
regards anecdotal evidence which supports some degree of potential multiple
outcomes, results, or resolutions, most often the more beneficial, therefore
appropriate and prudent course of action or behavior necessary must avail upon itself the
most humble and least restrictive final determination possible which by natural
or unnatural forces either seen or unseen, known or unknown and generally
unanticipated, unlikely, or perception deficit conceptually reaction within the
realm of potential solutions proves to be the most superior of probabilities
once conglomerated or integrated into a single location or thought process…….the devil made him do it,” replied the over-syllabic inclined attorney who was then promptly arrested for contempt of court.

Following six months of intensive study, the English professor subpoenaed by the judge to interpret finally returned to explain that…….


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