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The head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Agency documents were stolen from the home.

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posted on Mar, 1 2013 @ 09:28 AM
The head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Agency documents were stolen from the home. Beirut - Newspaper Yedioth Ahrvnvt home on Tuesday announced the theft of nuclear energy Zionist Organization Director-General wrote to all the documents, this person has stolen documents and personal computers.

به گزارش این روزنامه رسانه های این رژیم پیشتر ضمن خودداری از اعلام هویت رییس این سازمان اعلام کرده بودند که منزل به سرقت رفته متعلق به یکی از کارمندان دفتر نخست وزیری است.

Yedioth Ahrvnvt added yet unclear precisely the stolen documents, security documents, there were still investigating whether the security forces are not yet a suspect.

این روزنامه صهیونیستی ادامه داد : ژنرال ˈ جوزفˈ از سال 2007 میلادی تاکنون در پست مدیرکل سازمان انرژی هسته ای وابسته به نهاد نخست وزیری انجام وظیفه می کند و از شخصیت های بازر سیاسی مرتبط با انرژی هسته ای اسراییل است.

The responsibility for the Dimona nuclear reactor, a nuclear research center in the southern Negev region, near Wadi Shvrvk occupied Palestine and the Zionist regime is responsible for nuclear research.

Interesting stuff from IRNA, I don’t know how true it is and I can’t find other sources not even in PressTV. It may take times for developing.خارجی/اسناد_سازمان_انرژی_اتمی_رژیم_صهیونیستی_از_منزل_رییس_آن_ب _سرقت_رفت

Sorry if it posted already..

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