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Who is pulling the strings for World Dominance ?

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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 12:26 PM
I am new but I read these boards daily and I consider myself aware of the corruptness in the governments. I do see the bigger picture. However, I cannot seem to figure out the Alliances and warring Factions that we seem to be victims of.

We allegedly have the following:

Omega Agency
Free Masons
Aliens(different types of course/greys/reptilian/etc.)
Rosicrucian Brotherhood

There may be others however, I doubt they have the power to establish world dominance.

Which groups are fighting each other. They say Rosicrucian were the founders of the Freemansons and the Illuminati later infiltrated the Freemanson.

Now who is really pulling the strings. The Aliens? which one? and are they in a war with each other. Are the Aliens in league with the Illuminati and others.

Who are allies. Who are enemies.

For you ATS veterans ,can you help me break this down, furthermore how does the superpowers of the world fit in to the grand schema.

With all the happening and changes in the world it is almost like their our at least 2 or 3 sides trying to pull the strings.

it is almost like one group wants to disarm the U.S. and another group wants to Arm the U.S. even more.


posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by skorpius

You are delving into areas of speculation which can only lead you down any number of fruitless paths comprised of compilations of paranoid guesswork.
What would it benefit you to know which of these various labels best fit these supposed overlords?
Would it help in our ability to look them up in the phone book so we could call them up and say "stop it, stop it", or maybe put us on the payroll?
Maybe they are people just like us who have,in one way or another, found their way to the top of a centuries long system of human and environmental exploitation.


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