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is a major play of UN agenda 21 unfolding upon us in america i ask?

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posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 08:51 AM
1st...a meme i made

now this meme can easily be validated at UN unesco site under heritage sites
linked for ease here...unesco heritage sites in america

pretty darn sad under the pretense we can't be trusted as barons of our own land in america that they now govern with control over some of the prettiest our country bears article that posted friday...
national parks to be affected by sequestration
pay close attention to this last paragraph...

"Olson said the public should be prepared for closures of campgrounds, hiking trails, visitor centers and other service reductions at "national parks, historic sites, monuments and memorials, parkways, trails, preserves and reserves, seashores and lakeshores, recreation areas and national battlefields."

so if i'm suspecting this right
the UN is implementing a major agenda 21 play on us under the disguise of budget woes

everything about the banksters behind and the UN they've played on this some of the vilest stuff i've seen

i truly hope
if and when the 2nd american revolution kicks in
i hope...we the people win it
i hope we we remove every last trace of this rudeness upon the people of the world...not only us in the usa
i also hope
the banksters behind it and all who take it's side
are exiled off this planet once and for all
as even if one bankster exist...their is a bankster over population

so those with the standard "their is no they" behind the UN
please spare me your reply
i ask respectfully

this is a thread for those of us who know
the banksters yet again are after another covert plan to takeover this world with their lil...
"all nations must fail so one nation can rise in that being the united nations"

to those who see this truth i ask
is this looking like a covert implementation in part of agenda21 on us in america
is this writing on the wall i'm seeing here?

posted on Jul, 5 2019 @ 03:18 AM


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