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33rd Degree - Alternates and why is it so important? Just some observations an curiousities.

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 07:16 PM
I realize that 33 is not what I imply, there are many, many reasons for the 33, but:

According to research...the temperature of 30 degrees creates a female alligator, the temperature of 33 creates the male alligator:

33 degrees also is the perfect temperature to created a death or just below heart trauma but creates the perfect brain-quietying (survival only) for mammals/slave.

forget about David Icke's theories for a minute but consider that the 'degrees' are actual and literal. ??

There is a documentary on PBS/TVO with a part from one of the Queen's longtime footmen in which he says she enjoys her bath at (it must be measured at 7 inches (10 gallons only), 70 degrees), haha a perfect temp for a lizard
If anyone can find that again, please post it.

alternative explaination is


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