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The Black Triangle (LOWWC)

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:30 PM
As Samantha stared into the navigation console, and a thousand memories of that terrible place raced through her mind, she began to wonder: Would Earth be any better? Are humans that much different? Was her escape a blessing, or was it a curse?


North American Republic Exploration Ship 11A129, better known as the Lemuria 129.

The slumber stasis chamber opened up and Samantha stepped out after a long three-year sleep. Her eyelids were still heavy and her perception fogged with a thick haze of still-slumber. The others were still asleep, as expected. Her first goal was to pour herself a cup of coffee. After getting the caffeine into her system and her brain was now more functional, she then went on to check the vitals of her crew.

Lisa Smith was good, Donna Barnes was good, William Casey was good, and Harry Goldstein was... Dead.

Samantha almost dropped her coffee while her jaw bone hung loose in shock. Harry was 65, a veteran of the space program, and the first human being to have piloted his ship out of the solar system. But he had health problems. Despite this, it came as terrible news to Sam, who had respected him greatly since she joined the team. He must have passed away quietly while in stasis.

She loaded his body onto one of the emergency escape vessels for now, until the others woke up. Protocol was to separate the recently deceased from the crew, try to keep them from finding out right away to prevent negative emotions from clouding their judgement, and launch the dead crew member into space with an American flag folded and placed upon their chest.

When her crew awoke from stasis rest, they had their coffee and breakfast, but it wasn't long before they had realized that Harry wasn't with them. Sam broke the bad news, which made Lisa tear up.

"He was sick, it was something we had possibly expected when he came on. Even Harry wasn't sure, in his state, he could make the trip." Sam spoke to the crew as they stood over the open vessel. William set the neatly folded flag upon ol' Harry and bowed his head. Their words of respect and admiration were a reminder to them of just how great a man Harry was.

They shut the lid, loaded the vessel into the chamber, and hit the primary eject switch. They watched in silence as Harry's final resting place, the divine cosmos, so full of beauty and majesty, readily accepted her child into open arms.

The crew had little time for mourning. Their massive ship was on its way towards the Monoceros constellation with the intent to orbit a safe distance from COROT-7.

A few days had passed in which the team went over the specifics, working in great effort to prepare the machines and laboratories, bringing down power from the now-useless stasis chambers and into the required areas. This process itself took about two days, as the power transference process was a slow one. But they couldn't expect any better, as they were still dealing with neutronic energy. Neutronic energy, like a giant turtle, was agonizingly slow, but more powerful than any other energy sources available. And with this trip being so long, they needed a long-lasting source.

Once they were in orbit and stared at COROT-7 through solar-safe tinted windows, they found themselves in awe at the system's beauty. The star was eerily like the Sun, and the planets journeying around and about it were either rocky or covered in 4000° F lava. The only planet they were too far away to correctly see was COROT-7e. This was a surprising find, as nobody had known COROT-7e even existed. They would certainly have to take a closer look at it, but for now they must observe the central star and calculate its gravitational pull on the planets. It was a G9V, so it was smaller and younger than the Sun they were familiar with.

The planets, which were named in accordance to its star COROT-7, numbered by five. A, B, C, D, and E. The existence of COROT-7d, up until just twenty years ago, was only a theory. But COROT-7e was the shocker of the bunch. Nobody, not even the brightest scientists with the most powerful telescopes and satellite cameras knew that it was here.

Samantha and her crew soon turned to this small, lonely planet, distant from its neighbor COROT-7d. They couldn't leave their current orbit just yet, but they could view it with their scanner. Harry pointed to scanner dish towards that planet, and began reading off the specifications.

William then paused and stared at the screen. Sam stepped over to him, raising her brow at his sudden silence. "What's wrong?" William shook his head, turning to look up at her. "The planet has water." Samantha was somewhat fascinated at this fact, since few planets have water other than Earth, at least the ones humans have seen and studied. "That certainly is interesting, another planet with water. Could it have life?"

William kept looking at her face, his hand raising up to point at one section of the screen. "It has more than just life. It has intelligent, complex organisms."

Sam shook her head. "That can't be possible." She squinted and leaned in to look at the scanner monitor. As sure as Harry had said, the scanner discovered that there were sentient life forms on this planet. "But that can't be right... The planet doesn't meet the required specifications to sustain life. It's too close to COROT-7." Donna turned in her seat towards the two of them while Lisa was beside her, punching algorithms into the datalog.

"I'm afraid it's true, ma'am. The planet is closer to the star than a normal inhabitable planet, but with the planet's current orbit, it could easily sustain life. Lisa came up with the numbers, and it appears COROT-7e has an irregular orbit, which could keep the planet from becoming too hot."

Sam rubbed her forehead and stood up straight, while William went back to the scanner. "This is... Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable. Do you know what this means for Earth? We, the four of us, have finally found a super-Earth with breathable atmosphere, water, and most of all, intelligent life forms." Donna nodded excitedly. "This is huge!"

"Is there any way we can make contact with these beings?" Samantha asked William. He went through the data and shook his head. "No. They're far more primitive than humans, it seems. They have advanced technology, but no way of transmitting information this far away. The only way we could successfully communicate with them is by landing upon the planet, but I would advise against that."

"And why is that?" Lisa said after turning towards him. William sighed and leaned in his seat. "Because we don't know what these things are. If they're hostile, they might have dangerous weapons."

"But what if they're not hostile? Just because they're alien doesn't mean they would automatically wish us harm. They would probably be as curious as we are." William grumbled at her. "I don't want to take that chance! One missile or some kind of laser beam, and we'll end up a scattered mess of space junk!"

"It's not up to either of you." Donna said. "It's up to Sam."
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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:31 PM
Samantha paced around the computer laboratory, pondering on what the correct approach would be to this venture. Contact with Earth had been severed over two years ago, so she had no way of getting an official word on protocol. But where would protocol come in, in a situation such as this? Protocol says nothing about intelligent life forms. They came here expecting giant rocks with no atmosphere, and they find an Earth-like planet with things. Possibly people, perhaps even humanoid.

"We will land on it and try to establish contact with them." She finally said, breaking the uncomfortable shroud of silence that fell over the crew. William shook his head. "It is my opinion..." He was about to say, but Sam stopped him in mid sentence. "I respect and value your opinion Will, but you've already stated your concerns, and I have determined that we have the capabilities to defend against an attack if it should so happen. But I don't believe it will, and so if we are going to learn about these beings, then we need to contact them."

As the ship came closer to the unknown planet, they were surprised to find an abundance of water, and continents across the planet. It was like a larger version of Earth. "Bring the ship into orbit and I'll ready the Shuttlebug." Sam commanded, immediately heading into the boarding station.

Within an hour, their equipment was packed, and they were off towards the surface of COROT-7e in the Shuttlebug. The Shuttlebug, 1/10 the size of the ship, was mainly used to navigate to places the Lemuria couldn't reach. They would land in a relatively clear space, surrounded by trees of seemingly familiar genotypes, yet different. The back hatch opened up, and the four scientists began leaving the Shuttlebug, backpacks over their shoulders, as well as metal briefcases that William and Donna would carry. Sam took her AN Scanner with her, using it to analyze the flora around them.

They walked for some time, processing information when they could, and stopping to rest at least once. But Lisa noticed something wrong on her radar mapping sensor. "What the hell is going on with this thing?" She tapped the screen a few times. Sam turned towards her, looking at the sensor. "Is it broke? Please don't tell me it's broke." Lisa shook her head. "No, it's not broke, but something is interfering with the multi-polar magnetization in it. Otherwise it wouldn't be going crazy like this." Sam sighed and scanned the area with her eyes. "Try to get that thing working. The rest of you will help me unpack. We'll set up camp here tonight, and in the morning we'll continue."

The night was a restless one indeed for the crew. Lisa hardly got any sleep, using most of the night's time to see what she could do to fix the sensor. William was worried as usual about their current situation, for seemingly no reason, while Lisa was too excited to get much sleep. Because of this, Sam was also lacking sleep. They all stayed up, talking to one another.

"Hey Sam?" William said, opening up his ration pack. "Yes, Will?" Sam agitated the fire they had made with a stick. "I forgot to tell you before we left, but Harriet told me to tell you hello. She said she misses you, how you used to go out with your friends all the time."

Sam cracked a smile and leaned back a little, putting the stick on the ground beside her. "Yeah. I've just been too busy with this whole thing, and the project. Hopefully once we're back on Earth, I'll take Harriet out somewhere." William nodded to her. "I'm sure she'd really like that. You're probably her best friend, she just got worried about you is all."

"This stupid thing still isn't working right." Lisa mumbled out loud. Donna set her finished ration pack near her bedroll. "It's probably just magnetic interference, we were getting it while in orbit. It should clear up in the morning. You should get some sleep, I know I am."

"We should all get some sleep. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and we're going to be on foot for a long while." Sam stood up and went over to her bedroom, tucking herself in. Her crew, one by one, soon followed suit, with the last of them being Lisa, who eventually gave up on the sensor and tossed it aside.

The morning light shined brightly upon Sam's face, and her eyes cracked open. She sat up and rubbed her face, giving a loud yawn, and a much-needed stretch. Once her eyes became adjusted to the world, she spoke up, assuming somebody would be awake before her. "Please tell me we have coffee made."

When she received no answer, she peered over towards Donna's bedroll. It was empty. "Donna?" She asked. Then she noticed William and Lisa were gone too. "Christ, I hope they didn't go out for some reason." Upon seeing that the radar motion sensor was still laying in the same place it was last night, Sam became worried. Lisa kept that thing close to herself since they left the Shuttlebug. Why would she go away from the camp without it?

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:32 PM
And then Sam's face was met with the pointy end of a spear. Her eyes widened, and she gazed from one end of the spear towards the other, following along it towards the person holding it. It was a woman, a human woman, with short blonde hair and some sort of black tribal marks made with an oil-based paint on her face.

Sam held up her hands. "My name is Commander Samantha Robins. I come from the planet Earth. I'm not here to harm anybody." But her words did not bring the spear any further from her cheek. "Where did you take my crew? The one man and two women who were with me?"

The young woman looked confused for a moment before backing away, still pointing the spear towards Sam. "That's good, that's good." Sam carefully stood up, but the spear was still aimed at her.

"We found three with you asleep and took them to the City." The woman spoke in English, which was fluent, and yet slightly broken. "You can speak in my language?" Sam, by now, looked just as confused. "Your language? Our language. Get dressed and come with us."

"Us?" Sam questioned, but soon saw where the "us" came from. Eight more women, dressed in similar primitive clothing, some with short hair and some with long hair, all carrying spears, come out from hiding behind the bushes and out of the trees. "Get dressed. Come with us." The woman said again.

Sam was escorted through the forest by the nine women, and into a sprawling village, unlike what she would see back on Earth if she would go to less-civilized areas of the world, such as villages in the Congo. But the houses, the structures, weren't made from simple earthly materials. They were made of stone, and to some degree, a manner of metal. Perhaps copper, perhaps iron, perhaps even steel, but the components of these buildings were more advanced than what would be typical of tribal people. However, it wasn't just the way the structures were built, or what materials were used, but the people who lived in this village.

Not one of them was masculine. In other words, every single individual which Sam saw, numbering in the dozens and dozens, were women. Was this village all women? Perhaps, unlike many places on Earth, roles were reversed and men were commonly found inside the houses, taking care of the children and cleaning things. It was strange to Samantha despite this, because even men restricted inside houses would eventually come out to, say, obtain food and the like.

The largest house looked more like a complex of many houses, with the central-most one being the largest. They were all connected together, and the only door into it was the main doorway to the one at the front and center. All but two of the women who had brought Sam here dispersed back to whatever they must have been doing before being called to duty. The two that remained, one being the young woman who first approached her as she awoke from her bedroll, was to her right, and the other to her left, both behind her.

They entered the complex, and all around were guards and women barely clothed. The half-naked ones, who did not have war paint or spears, seemed more feminine than the guards. All of the guards were athletic in build, some being large and hulking, many having short hair. But the others had long flowing hair, and makeup even. There were about six of them, compared to the dozen or so guards, and three sat on either side of a stone throne. It wasn't really a throne, but that would be the best way Sam could describe it. It was adorned with precious metals, silver and gold mostly, and valuable gems. Upon it sat a tall woman, presumably in her early thirties, who held a spear unlike the others she had seen. The long wood staff of it was carved, and painted in bright colors. The spearhead was gilded with gold leaf, and on the center of either of its flat sides was a black upside down triangle. This seemed burnt into the metal rather than simply just painted on.

The guards stopped, and Sam stood before this woman, this apparent leader. She had a tan skin, pocked with a multitude of small scars, but the most pronounced one started underneath her right eye and ran all the way down her cleavage. Her outfit was similiar to the guards, but the loin clothe was longer and reached down to her knees. This too bore the same black triangle symbol of the spear.

She stood up from her seat, and Sam could feel the assortment of eyes burning holes right through her. It made her uncomfortable, but she dare not say anything right away. Sam watched as the prestigious woman took few steps towards her, and looked her over multiple times before slamming the bottom of her spear into the dirt ground. The two guards beside Sam walked away, as if cued to do so by her action.

"This one is not the same as the others. This one is different. What is your name?" She spoke, a demanding, commanding tone in her voice. One of much experience, one of leadership ability. "Commander Samantha Robins of the NAP, captain of E-Ship 11A129 'Lemuria 129."

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:33 PM
" We have come here..."

The spear was slammed into the ground again. "I did not ask anything but what your name is. That is all. Now I will ask, why are you here?"

Sam cleared her throat, keeping her hands at her side at all times. "Our original mission was to study the solar system of COROT-7, but upon discovering your planet, we landed in an attempt to make contact with you. I suppose we have now succeeded in that objective. I will have to ask you what you did with my crew members."

She handed her ceremonial spear over to her second in command, who stood closer to her chair than any of the other guards, and had distinctive clothing suggesting separateness from the others. "First, my name is Umbaqua. I am the Yenge over my people, and we as one are the tribe of Fataki." She grinned a toothy grin and reached over, almost startling Sam as she was patted upon her shoulder. "And you are a Yenge as well? I would think so, if you have people."

"What's a Yenge?" Sam naively asks. Umbaqua chortles, an arm going around Sam's shoulders, and she walked her towards the doorway, leading her out of the complex. "I am a leader, and royalty. A great chief of my tribe, and have won many battles!"

Sam nodded, now understanding. "Like a queen?" But the word caused Umbaqua to pause and look at Sam with a strange expression. "What is queen? Oh, nevermind! Come, I will show you the home of my people, and then I will take you to your crew. Do know that they are in good hands, captain."

For much time, Umbaqua took Sam here and there, showing her the many houses, the places of business, and even a school. But the more they walked, the more Sam felt strange about the lack of men. So, naturally, Sam asked Umbaqua about this oddity within the community.

"You have a very advanced and respectable tribe here, Umbaqua. But there's been something I've been meaning to ask you about since I arrived." Umbaqua stopped, and so did Sam, and they turned to face one another in front of the school. "You may ask of anything that I may have knowledge of, captain." She responded to Sam.

"I've noticed many, many women here." Sam said, to which Umbaqua nodded. "But where are all of the men? I haven't seen one, not one, even in the marketplace."

Umbaqua gave her that strange expression again. "Men?" She asks. "I do not know what this word means either. You use strange words, captain." Sam was oddly perturbed at the idea that there were no men anywhere in the tribe. Instead of going any further, she determined to herself that proof was needed there were no men. "Are there children in that school at the moment? Is there a class in session?" Umbaqua opened the schoolhouse door. "Look for yourself, captain."

Sam peered into the doorway of the school, and inside was a large classroom, filled from wall to wall with children of different ages. They were all girls. Samantha soon took a step back and rubbed her forehead.

She didn't understand how this could be. These women were human beings, or appeared to be so, and yet there were no men. They had to bare offspring somehow, and what's more, some of those children born must have been men. But it hit her, deep down in her stomach. It was a thought, a possibility she constructed, that disturbed her greatly.

Perhaps there were boys born, but these women purged them from their populous?

Were these women killing male babies?

It would make sense, and it would be the only logical conclusion. But first, one would have to become pregnant to have children, which is where Samantha ran into yet another roadblock. Sam wouldn't ask too many questions, it seemed Umbaqua was already getting somewhat suspicious. "You didn't break any weapons with you to our planet, did you?" She would ask. Sam shook her head. "No, we are on a scientific mission, not a militaristic one."

They approached, beyond the normal areas of town, amidst the thick of the forest, a mammoth megalith of phallic proportions. It was a cylindrical stone building, some thirty stories tall, made of dark grey stone. The double doors into the building were crafted with a darker stone, engraved into which with perfect precision surreal patterns, and of course, the giant black triangle, upside down, was upon the center of both doors. This one, however, had what seemed like two "horns" which, upon closer inspection, was actually a crescent moon on top of the inverted triangle.

"This is our most holy place." Umbaqua spoke, motioning to the doors of the building. "Only I, the elder council, and our priestesses are allowed to enter this sacred shrine." Sam looked the building over before asking the obvious question. "What god do you worship?"

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:33 PM
"We worship the Alphum Moshido, She who breathes the darkness and exhales the light, She who speaks forth the mountains, rivers, and all living things over the earth and under the earth. She who came forth upon a shooting star to this planet, and with Her majestic wisdom, created us from the dirt and the rain. And after She birthed us from the soil, She gave us the Mushidangra. It is written in the Mushidangra what She wants us to do, how She wants us to live our lives, and She gives us Her words of wisdom and knowledge through the Mushidangra."

Sam was impressed with this mythology that the tribe believes in. "Is the Mushidangra in the temple?" Umbaqua chuckles. "Captain, the Sacred Mushidangra is in the temple, but our scribes have, long ago, made copies of Her words to give unto all. Almost every one of my people has at least one of these copies."

Samantha was soon taken to another building, not too far away from the temple, which was surprisingly more modern-looking than anything she had seen thus far. It was grey brick, with a wood door, and although was only two stories tall, was massive in length and width. "This is where we keep our birth chambers. But I am sure you know this already, yes?"

"Birth chambers?" Sam asked curiously. "Oh, you must have birth chambers on your planet. Don't you?" Sam shook her head at the question. "Well, here is where we work on creating new children. At least, our smartest and most intelligent people do. I have little knowledge of how it works."

"But how do you make children here?"

"We don't really 'make' them, so much as we begin the steps to making them. Two of our tribe who wive each other come here and give up some of themselves. One will give a drop of blood, the other will give their egg. Obtaining the egg is not as hard as it used to be, as now we have the equipment to easily extract the egg without discomfort."

"What happens then?"

"Well, that is where things get fuzzy for me. I do that once the smart ones combine whatever is in the blood with the egg, they take the fertilized egg and put it into the woman whom it came from. The egg grows into a child. After about two hundred and seventy moons pass, and her belly swells large, she soon gives birth to a child. Almost all of my people do this, at least once they wive another. However, there are some, like most who work in the birth chambers. who are Tsabo."


"Yes. The Tsabo are women who do not want to wive, nor have children. Thus, they spend much of their time learning, and become very smart. They become smart ones like these, or become priestesses. They are very much a part of what help make our tribe so advanced with our machines and techniques."

"This is quite fascinating. On Earth, we're only beginning to research such a possibility. I'll have to learn more about it while I'm here. Since I am one of those 'smart ones' you refer to, I have the capacity to research your processes, and perhaps improve them."

"That would be wonderful!" Umbaqua exclaims as she leads Sam back to the village.

Sam was finally understanding this new world more. The conclusion she came to, about this tribe killing newborn males, must have been way off. If what Umbaqua said was true, they could easily engineer the DNA of the parents before they implant the fertilized egg into the mother. The "Tsabo" that Umbaqua spoke of must be a certain type of woman who has no desire for other women, and therefore does not desire sex. No sex drive means they devote their time towards intellectual and spiritual matters, or so it seems.

They eventually came to their last location. It was a lone building, close to the main complex where they began their tour. Entering into it, Samantha saw many guards standing at attention, none of which were so much blinking an eye, much less speaking or moving. They seemed to be guarding the doors beside them. "This is where we have been keeping your people. We were careful, as we did not know what your intentions were. But now that I see your intentions are not harmful to my people, your people may go."

Sam was allowed into the apparent jail, but wasn't too happy with what she saw. William wasn't there, nor was Donna. Lisa was sitting in the corner with her head shaved, unintelligibly babbling to herself. Sam rushed towards Lisa and got down onto her knees, her hands going onto Lisa's shoulders to shake her slightly. "Lisa, what's wrong with you?" Samantha said worriedly.

Lisa only spoke after a few more shakes of her body, as she looked up with glassy eyes at her captain. "Fffrabubng..." Sam began to inspect Lisa's head to see why she had been shaven. It hit her in the gut terribly when she saw a sewn cut in the back of the flesh of her skull. She stood up and walked over to Umbaqua angrily, but the guards immediately went into action and pointed the tips of their spears towards her.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:34 PM
"What the hell did you do to her?" She shouted. Umbaqua's eyes widened and her hands came up in a defensive manner. "We worked on her brain."

"You did what?"

"We worked on her brain. She became violently aggressive towards the guards when one of them began to give her romantic attention. She tried to grab her weapon and attack her, but was knocked out. They sent her to the medicine place, where they opened her head and fixed her."

"They didn't fix her, they turned her into a drooling zombie!"

One of the guards, who was not guarding any of the doors, came up to Umbaqua and whispered to her. Umbaqua nodded, returning her sight to the face of Sam. "It is my understanding that her aggression was agitated by the guards taking away your other two crew members."

"Where did you take them?"

"Well, we took the strange-looking woman named William off to the medicine place as well, but as we were doing that, the one named Lisa attempted to prevent us from removing her. She tried to strangle one of our medicine women, and so the guard did the only thing she could do. She pierced her with the spear."

"You killed Lisa?" Samantha took a few steps back, feeling disoriented from what she was just told. "But it is okay, that one we fixed, and the William one, are all better now. They don't have to be in the room anymore." Umbaqua looked to the doorway upon hearing footsteps, and smiled, pointing towards it.

"Here is the William one now. We fixed her."

"Why the hell do you keep referring to him as a her?" Samantha asked, confused thoroughly, and deeply angry at what they did to her crew. She would get William and Lisa off of this crazed planet as soon as she possibly could, she vowed to herself.

William walked in with a blank expression on his face, still-moist streaks where tears fell down his cheeks. As soon as he saw Samantha, he fell to his knees in anguish, bowing his head. Sam ran to him, the guards pointing their spear tips away from her, allowing her pass them. "William. William? Are you alright? What did they do to you?"

William just shook his head, and began to cry. Samantha put her hands on his shoulders. "What did they do to you, William?"

"The medicine women took her to the medicine place and examined her. We found her strange, but the problem was soon corrected. She was born a Lafoo, like many of our children are. The medicine women fixed her."

Sam stared at Umbaqua, not understanding. Umbaqua saw this look on her face, and went into further detail about the whole issue. "You see, the Lafoo are born with a birth defect. A physical one. They do not have the same lower organs like normal newborns have. When we find that a Lafoo has been born, the medicine women remove the birth defect and give them medicine for a period of time to correct this problem."

Samantha quickly turned her gaze to William when it finally hit her what they had done. "You castrated him." Umbaqua nods. "That is one way to put it. But do not worry, captain. She is all better now. We fixed her!"

"He didn't need to be fixed! He didn't need to be fixed, God damn it! He's a man! A God damn man!" Sam screams at Umbaqua, tears forming in her eyes. "You butchered him! He's a man, don't you get it? Those Lafoo are boys, you're mutilating boys!"

Sam wipes her eyes and stood up, bringing William to his feet. "Come on Will." She spoke to him, sniffling. "We're going to get you out of here. We're going to get you and Lisa out of here, far away from this place, okay?" William nods, but the guards quickly separate the two and shove William back into the room, while keeping Sam from him.

"I'm sorry, captain. You cannot do that. We are going to keep these two here for further observation by our smart ones. You will be allowed to leave, however. You will return to your flying machine, and you will go back to your planet. You will tell your smart ones about us, yes? Now go."

"Why does she get to leave, huh?" William weakly, and with an agitated voice, spoke to Umbaqua. "Why does she get to leave and not us? Why hasn't she been lobotomized or chopped up like us, huh?"

Umbaqua waited for the guards to leave the room and put her hand on the edge of the door. "Because you two are different. She is one of us." And with that, Umbaqua slammed the door on William, who could be heard screaming in bitter anger.

Sam soon returned to her ship, having feared that she would turn on the Fataki from some misguided sense of retaliation, of revenge, maybe even to try to save her crew members. But she knew full well that her efforts would be fruitless and in vain. So she brought her ship out of the planet's atmosphere and shuttled back to the Lemura 129.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:34 PM
Back on the Lemuria, Sam immediately put the ship into hyperdrive in the direction of her familiar solar system, and to Earth. But would she be plagued by the nightmare she had experienced? She had lost her entire crew to those women, who killed and chopped up what they did not understand, out of some ignorant fear of the unknown. As Samantha stared into the navigation console, and a thousand memories of that terrible place raced through her mind, she began to wonder: Would Earth be any better? Are humans that much different? Was her escape a blessing, or was it a curse?

What scared her the most was that, no matter how hard she thought about it, she couldn't give herself an answer.


The character limit killed me. Seriously. :|
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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:43 PM
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New talent on ATS! Well done!

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:45 PM
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Thanks. I've been writing flash fiction and short stories for a while now. Just never on a forum like this.
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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:02 PM
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Well, I hope we can see more of it!

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:08 PM
Loved it. I envy your talent, I may well have to steal it.

Sup Beez. When do we get a less sad bunny back?

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by Monger
Loved it. I envy your talent, I may well have to steal it.

Sup Beez. When do we get a less sad bunny back?

Hey! Gave a SnF for yours as well! A sad bunny is my lot in life. But nothing stays the same forever. . . .

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 02:27 PM
All i can say is wow i just loved this story i can tell you put your heart into it job well done! S&F peace,sugarcookie1

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