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Realization of Enlightened Nature for All? Absolutely.

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:22 AM
Due to an influx of conjecture, it is necessary to clarify some things for purposes of leading people to a better understanding. In fact, please do not trust anything stated here. Consider things for yourself and determine what is true, a la, ‘’take what is useful and go from there.’’

1. Everyone is enlightened for say, half the day or so. When your mind is free from heavy sway, confusion, and impulses and chaos of the mind, the space in between enduring the suffering of false perceptions.. Attaining enlightenment is no more groundbreaking than what exists as you experience it already. Realizing enlightenment is understanding how you relate to yourself, and the world at large, which requires thinking, something we are not trained to do.

A person that realizes this, knows that its been by seeing to the root of things that one has come to an understanding, so what good is making a claim if others are close minded? Hopefully for the purpose of assisting those that are truly on a path, but then again, truth is everywhere so it is of no great importance whether an enlightened being explains to anyone, or you discover truth written on a bathroom wall. However, there are also lies everywhere, so it is important to promote truth, as liars seem to constantly promote falsehood. And although the true nature of reality will never disappear, there are many who wish it to be so.

Who’s talking to you right now, is it ‘’me’’ some guy who wants to convince you of some falsehood, or wants to be ‘’viewed’’ as something, how does that benefit a person at any time? Ridiculous. ‘’your’’ inner nature does exist, ‘’ everyone's’’ inner nature exists, it is your little friend Shaytan convincing you otherwise, or yourself, inadvertently, but that's another thread. It is important to assist others on the path. That being said, an enlightened being cannot force you to follow truth, if you follow lies, so be it.

The nature of reality is greater than all of us will ever understand or know, enlightened beings included, in fact, self realized people know the least, because they at least know they know nothing; certainly one who carries on believing that he knows ‘’something,’’ must know more, correct? In theory. Buddhists misinterpret enlightenment as being ‘’all knowing.’’ and it becomes some sort of an angelic glamorous foreign state of maximal mental orgasm and all the rest, this is hilarious, how can something you experience during the day be this, when you yourself actually experience it in portions, as it already is? As if, once you attain it, you literally know everything! And past life memories? Ridiculous. When you’re not suffering, do you have past life memories? Of course not. Does your dress code change? Of course not, nothing changes. All that can change is the process of seeing things for what they are, and if you’re not inclined to this, there is no one that can change this.

Will you discover truth within Buddhism doctrine? Yes. How about within Satanism, sure. How about on a bathroom wall, of course! How about by studying a baby, or an old man, both yes. if you have a clean heart capable of understanding and are inclined to allow things to speak themselves to you, you will first of all realize that becoming attached to anything will cause suffering because everything is inherently empty, and all knowledge is truly knowledge of self, so the title, source, or representation of any information makes no difference by how it appears or what its called, it is what it leads to that is important.

Many Buddhist proclaim, by studying and studying, and constantly referring to extensive mind bending long confusing Suttas, that this will assist someone. This contributes to confusion, and a person shouldn't be promoting something they themselves have no experience of personally; how did they become an authority on it in the first place? Ego! Therefore, many ‘’Buddhist’’ are just people that want to be a part of something, and they’re wasting their time, but this is no different than everyone else that believe lies, it is not ‘’Buddhism’’ that is true or false, it is information that is true or false, and it takes a true person to know truth and it takes a liar to follow lies. What goes around comes around, as it is.

To finish the point, there is nothing a realized being can teach you that does not already exist within you, or your computer this very second. Although, a realized person can, in personal communication, assist you much further because he or she can give answers pertaining to your specific situation.. Please bomb this thread to pieces, if you feel inclined to be able to do so.

Again, please do not trust anything stated here. Consider things for yourself and determine what is true, a la, ‘’take what is useful and go from there.’’

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Kapablanka

To finish the point, there is nothing a realized being can teach you that does not already exist within you

Reminds me of something that happened to me years ago, when I was stressed as hell and freaking out about life. I was going somewhere but I think I accidentally grabbed a very old journal instead of the book I wanted. Anyway, I was walking down the street and opened it to a random page, but instead of what I expected I found this old entry I wrote, a poem. The funny thing is the poem spoke perfectly, creepily to my current situation. If somebody had come up and said it to me at that moment, I would have been convinced they were some kind of guru with psychic powers and perfect insight into my situation. But the author was me, from years earlier!

I remembered later where the entry came from: I was practising meditation at that time, and writing down the things that came to mind when I was done. That poem was one of many that made no sense to me at the time, but I wrote it down anyway...

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 04:13 AM
Thats awesome.
You know, I remember taking a walk in a large park with a friend of mind, who was rather spiritual. Starting at the bottom of the hill we slowly walked up, and there was something to discuss and explain at each level of our journey up the hill, when we were finally able to reach a point of silence in understanding, he asked me ''where do we go from here,'' because emptiness was starting to hit him and his ego needed to avoid the fact that there is no where to go.

The guy was started to look up to me, which was bugging me, so I was explaining to him that it was because of his nature that he was digging the truth he was seeking, it just happening to arrive through me at that time. I likened the data to a bathroom wall at the time, probably not the best analogy, but it allowed his ego to hop off, or get off, either way it prevented him from clinging to me.

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