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Freedom is Gone, Tyranny is Here.

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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 11:18 PM
Freedom is gone, tyranny is here, so hold you heads high, in the face of your fear,

We the people are under attack, and sooner or later we must fight back,

With drones in our skies, to record our demise, it's all falling into place, and we're losing the race,

With media run amuck, too few give a f---, leaving it to us, and hopefully with some luck,

Crazy we are called, terrorists we're declared, for loving the constitution, when our freedoms are ensnared,

Patriots we are, patriots we will be, no matter what comes down, from the powers that be,

The republic is corrupt, and moraly bankrupt, the system we have, is about to erupt,

Together we can stand, divided we will fall, our words are our weapons, and they must stand tall,

Your voices must be heard, let them know your angered, send them your letters, but don't be absurd,

Send it to lawmakers, let them know where you stand, let them know that you live, constitution in hand,

Speak up now, or forever forget peace, for if we sit back quietly, our freedoms will cease.


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