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Unconditional love

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:49 PM

Is to love with out any conditions. There can only be boundries if conditions exist. There can only be limits if conditions exist. Unconditional love can only exist if there are no boundries or limits.


You can only love something that is known to be. You cannot have a maximum love for something with only minimum knowledge about what is known.( each new thing learned about something is a reason to love that something more.) There cannot be love for anything if it is not known.


Mans knowlege is finite, and connot know evrything there is to know, which means his compacity to love is also finite. love serves knowledge.


The word infinity is built from the Latin words finis, a limit or boundry, and the prefix in, which negatives the main word. This means " without limits or boundaries, limitless, boundless ".
Only a infinite being , such as God can be without limitations. humans are limited by there finitude.

The act of knowing is distinct from my self. My knowing is something that I do, but it is not I. If my knowledge were the same thing as I, I should not have to make the distinct effort of setting about knowing. I should be engaged in the act of knowing, and of knowing all that I know, all the time; nor should I ever forget anything if my knowing were myself. Because it is not, I am sometimes knowing and sometimes not knowing, always under the necessity of making a distinct effort in the matter, often totally incapable of making the effort.

Gods knowing is not subject to this limitation any more than to any other conceivable limitation. Gods knowing is not distinct from himself. God and his knowledge are one. God is his knowledge.Gods knowledge is God. If Gods knowledge were not identical with God himself, then there would be some distiction between God and his knowledge, something that God has and that his knowledge lacks; but that would mean that his knowledge would not be infinite which also means his love would not be infinite.

love is a gift that comes with knowing. Each and every thing learned about someone is reason to love them more or less. Just as knowledge comes and goes, people learn and forget , so as it is with love. love comes and goes. The key to keeping love alive is the desire to give and willingness to recieve and learn from all limiting conditions, weather good, bad or indifferent and try to forgive that which is bad, Reason that which is indifferent, and strenghting that which is good. Only then can we as humans even concieve such an idea as unconditional love.

Just a little something to ponder.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 10:57 PM
The relationship between love and knowledge:

Beauty and love are the same thing. Love is light shining out and beauty is the light reflected back.

To appreciate (love) something is to see beauty. Beauty is the object of all appreciations. Beauty appeals to all senses and even goes beyond the senses to appeal to the mind. More than just sight.

When you have knowledge about something, you see more of it than you would without the knowledge. Therefore, knowledge increases the amount of appreciation you can have for any given object.

Knowledge and beauty, or love, make up awareness, the life force energy. The more knowledge you have and the more beauty you see, the more alive you will feel and the closer you will be, spiritually, to the one universal consciousness.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 10:59 PM
The tree of life image from the kaballah contains the most spiritual information I've seen in one place.


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