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posted on May, 8 2003 @ 10:04 AM
Not everyone is capable of understanding what is written below. The truth of
this will only become clear when our earth reaches its final Omega point of
evolution, and is Graduated into full participation in the Father's House
of Many Mansions. After interacting on this newsgroup with a few others: it
has occurred to me that many individuals are unable to understand the
appearance forces of Higher Intelligence in our galaxy. This is because
consciousness is limited by its reliance upon dualistic language structures
and syntax. It may become clear with the advent of future astrophysical and
cosmological discoveries that the very language we use to describe the
cosmos and our relationship with the Creator of the cosmos needs to be
changed. Thus the following is a brief inspirational piece designed to
merely foster breakthrough concepts in dealing with current problems
associated with galactic evolution, stellar cosmogony, Zero Point Energy or
vacuum flux, Gravity waves, Matter waves, Time waves or expansion paradoxes,
and the problems of Life's origin in terms of the genesis of DNA and its
relationship if any with interdimensional aspects of consciousness, .

To begin: Though it isn't easy, it is still possible to explain the relative
motion of distant galaxies from a sub-atomic point of view. I don't have a
detailed explanation but I can offer this insight. The electron spans the
gulf of interstellar creation. It does this because what we have come to
call the electron is in fact a sub-electron to a super-electron. The
electron forms the ionization lattice network of stars, and solar systems
and even biological ordering, as they interrelate to the galactic network.
Thus the electron never looses any mass, because it receives the input of
new energy through its 'spacial' linkage to the super-electron. The
super-electron is the sole particle comprising our immediate galaxy. Through
a series of light pulses operating in the RF/Optical bands, 'corridors'
exist having
properties which exceed faster-than-light speed. These light pulses are
composed of different types of sub-electrons which interconnect with
gravity. What we call gravity is actually a sub-set of electromagnetic and
matter waves(de Broglie). Gravity here must be considered a sub-set also of
a super-graviton spectrum.

Gravitation can be thought of as a 'particle' or force from a certain point
of view. Ofcourse this fundamental 'particle' of gravitation is a quantum
particle as well. From another point of view, Gravity is the flip side of
Light. Higher Intelligence have informed us that Gravity has the ability to
travel faster than our common light spectrum. When scientists can see how
gravity 'particles' and sub-electron 'spaces' interact to form a common
'time within a time' and an interlinked 'space within space', then many of
the problems associated with relative motion will be solved.

Now I know that this sounds odd, but EM light waves requires 'space' to
propagate. Gravity from a super-gravity point of view is merely one set of
'space' coordinates, whereby the precise 'spacing' between sub-atomic
particles, and molecules is predetermined by spin orientation. Here Magnetic
'lines of force' actually correspond to what we call 'time'! Ofcourse these
forces work together in a unified way as a gargantuan energy grid or
lattice-network throughout the earth, solar system, galaxy and cosmos. So to
talk about "space and time" is really to talk about Gravity and Magnetism.
To speak of "space-time and energy" is really to add a third force, which
are the forces of Lightwaves modulating biochemical and bioelectrical
evolution. The 'space' of gravitation can be seen as the space of 'S'. With
many 'spaces' interweaving and forming "partitional space". If it wasn't for
super-gravity, the myriad partitional spaces of 'S' would collapse as soon
as an energy particle made its appearance. Super-gravity is the Image-space
that I was referring to. Its like saying that the space is what prevents
matter and anti-matter from annihilating each other. Cosmologists theorize
that all the anti-matter in the universe disappeared early on after the big
bang. This is incorrect. The space behind the Image contained in
super-gravity is what prevents anti-matter from making its appearance in the
dimension of matter. Thus there are many plus and minus relativities. A
fourth dimension which makes all of this rather confusing is the
super-electron. This theoretical particle comprises our entire galaxy. In
other words what scientists have demonstrated by showing the quantum nature
of the 'electron' in reality is demonstrating how the electron is evolving
back into its super state. The super-electron in turn allows for gravity and
magnetic fields to co-exist within the same space as twin forces of the
electromagnetic light spectrum. By seeing the many sub-atomic particles as
merely aggregates of the super-electron, a whole slew of sci-fi
breakthroughs will become possible. Furthermore Hydrogen is the base element
of our cosmos with the electron forming our 'cornerstone' frequency. In
other words its not the nucleus of the atom which holds 'reality' together,
but the electron. Here the electron can be seen as having four fundamental
sub-spaces which enable it to interconnect with gravity and light. It is
these 'four spaces' that form the bridge or "tunnel throughput" by which
super-electrons and super-gravity form one space-time EM light continuum.
Note: while the above explanation can be used to describe certain attributes
(positive infinity) of astrophysics, I am actually trying to point out how
sub-atomic spaces (minus infinity) span the gulf of the entire cosmos.

Its one thing to believe in an infinite universe: its an entirely different
prospect to "prove" it. Solving the problem is simple. If one realizes that
the universe grew out of "formlessness and void" (known as the ether) into w
hat we can call Image. But where does the Image component come from? Why
should meta-material condense through gravitational attraction to produce
thermonuclear combustion and nuclear star synthesis in the first place? Is
gravity alone the answer, or are there as yet non-visible energies at play?
A parallel to this problem is how is it possible for amino acids to assemble
into the correct wavelength properties necessary for DNA to generate,
regenerate and "fire" a form into that of a living Image?

After much thinking on this subject, I have come to the conclusion that
conventional physics and astrophysics are unable to solve the many
discrepancies seen in the universe, because they are working from a limited
view of how cosmological laws function within a unified matrix. For example
it has just become known that immense neutron stars having radiation beyond
what is considered possible, exist in an invisible spectrum. This resulted
in a whole new classification of stars The problem is not in seeing this
invisible spectrum for the first time and then extensively cataloguing that
spectrum of stars. The problem is why appear only in that part of the
electromagnetic spectrum? If conventional nuclear star synthesis according
to gravitational attractive forces were the only laws at play, then these
invisible stars would be visible, but that is not the case. The answer
appears to be found in the science which can explain dimensional realities
for which modern Big Bang cosmology is silent.

Getting back to the subject of "formlessness and void"; it is obvious that
the universe has at times for extended aeons existed with no form or Image
to its prima-matter.. This metamaterial exists in a primordial state of
nuclear material, and waits for the correct forces to ignite thermonuclear
reactions, giving birth to stars and star systems and eventually even
galaxies. The spiraling thermodynamic and rotating electromagnetic
forcefields in
turn give rise to disk-like matter we call galactic arms and also the many
respective solar-systems. But this is still an "image-space" upon which the
EM light merely plays out the grand cycles of stellar birth, life and death,
only to repeat it all over again through another cycle. Here it becomes
obvious that a form of "beginning and end" is coded into the structure of
space and time. The question is what relationship does "beginning and end"
have with Image space? The answer to this question will resolve the problems
associated with the Big Bang cosmology and even show why man as Image-space
is not merely the inanimate assembly of nucleotide bases cast
upon the waters of creation but is in actuality the electrical and chemical
pyramidal double-bonding shell between universes, as a membrane within a
membrane. If the science governing electrical and chemical pyramidal
double-bonding is applied to astrophysics and cosmology, then many (not all)
of the problems associated with Image consistency within cycles of
"beginning and end" will be solved. Man may soon discover that just as
elemental life began on a spiral, and likewise did our Milky Way galaxy (as
do all galaxies), so too did the universe spiral into Being, because the
basic Cosmic Laws governing Image are the same on all levels of
"formlessness and void" within cycles of "beginning and end." Chemical and
electrical pyramidal double-bonding is just one key to understanding
problems of nuclear star synthesis, problems with magnetic orientation, and
the problems associated with Galaxy evolution.

*Remember Your Future*
Hollywood is disinformation
CNN is misinformation
Entertainment Tonight is the truth!

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 10:14 AM


I could barely understand the grammar and the contradictions, let alone the ideas.


posted on May, 8 2003 @ 11:51 AM
Yeah, I took a break from reading; "The Electrochemistry of Semiconductors" to chill out and found myself even more confused!!!

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