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The Fantasy world pt. 2

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 12:15 PM

Turning your head back forth in a drastic measure "No, I will not comply. You said I should not of come here so send me home!"
He started to cook you alive using lightning, leaving you smoking and pretty much dead. "I didn't give you a choice. Now we gonna get along or do you need more shock therapy?" Blasting you one more time with a quick strong shock to make a point.
Your entire body was numb and smoking heavily as he released the shackles and you plummet to the floor in a mangled mess. "I am going to die, you do realize that? So I hope you have a plan B." You state.
He heals you once more and helps you up. "You will be fine. Take this dagger and kill the priest while he is not expecting it, I gave him his amulet before I knew what was happening, it will protect you if your in danger as long as you know that your in danger."
"You have clothes for me right?"and he walks to the cupboard and pulls out an old sack, comes back over and uses the dagger he placed in your hand to cut it up into the most hideous dress you'd ever seen and it smelt awful.
"Happy now?"
"Do I have choice?"
The evil man actually smiled at that, amused by his punishment of you. If he could send you home you were not gonna risk missing out by plunging that dagger into him. As he attached a pouch to your thigh that contained the heart of the queen. It did not matter what you did at the time anyways as he picked you up freezing you with his grip and than lodged you out the window into a lake below. Barely able to swim you wash up on shore miraculously alive.
Laying there catching your breath you realize you cannot see how far you fell as the window is not visible. But notice on top of the ridge the cave is dug into a tree unlike the others that would be noticeable from quite some distance, you note it to yourself as a landmark to find your way back.
Night was beginning to fall as you found the path again looking closely both ways to ensure no one was coming before you passed the tree line into the open. Moving cautiously down the road at a quick pace with the dagger in hand feeling ridiculous in your outfit (and still exposed for the most part) you get to the bend in the road and are very sad to see the town smouldering away. It had been raided by bandits, bandits who have spotted you in your haste and two of them are now coming after you.
Clenching the dagger very tightly you delve into minds as you run towards them to engage, they are going to stop and draw their bows. Staying in tune with their thoughts and trusting yourself you hurl yourself as fast as you can towards them, they both at the time time shoot your arrow. You thought you would be able to see that coming but realize your mistake as you dodge one arrow but the other pierces you right shoulder and yell in agony and fall to one knee. You pull the arrow out in a swift motion yelling ever so fiercely, more fiercely than you thought you ever could.
You've dropped the dagger and picked it up with your left now as the two bandits are just about on you with swords drawn. You kick the closet one in the gut and plunge you dagger deep into his eye, quickly dodging the others blade that's striking downwards at you. Punching him in the nose in succession with the dodge, his grasp of the sword was released and it was suspended in the air briefly enough for you to swiftly grab it and and stab him through the heart finishing him and leaving it there and winning the battle.
More bandits are running towards you, you quickly run in a direction towards the town to a section will allow you to enter it and maybe lose them. Big mistake, you come between two buildings into an opening where more bandits have the surviving townsfolks gathered and executing one by one after interrogating them. The way back blocked off by the ravenous pack chasing you. They have all stopped what they are doing and focusing on them. With your powers you read the mind of the biggest one who you were able to find out is the leader and quickly state to all the bandits "Brother, Gerad it is I!"
This confused all them,. Gerad but Gerad who dropped his weapon and was now talking to you "How did you find me? I thought you were killed with our parents?" All the bandits carefully watching the event.
"I escaped, but was captured by slavers." You cunningly exclaim. "When I escaped them, I had already heard about you and the location of you and your men. But listen Gerad I have to go to the temple and kill the priest for his nice clothes will you show me where it is?"
"That priest is magical, nothing would harm him and he has escaped. Along with the last couple of soldiers who withdrew and fled leaving their families here for our entertainment." He said licking his lips looking over all the woman.
Reading his mind had revealed to you he is an honorable fighter "Brother where is your honor, you got your loot now let them go!"
"I guess your right, ok but I'm keeping this pretty little one!"He picked up a young girl and she shrieked for dear life, crying and fussing as he turned to carry her into the nearby hut.
There was a cloud of smoke suddenly and a figure started moving swiftly through it killing the bandits, it was Ariel. You duck out of sight and head towards the temple, though you do not know where that is. You climb up higher onto the roof of a hut and see a cross on a building in the north. Jumping down you head as fast as you can towards it.
You arrive and the doors were smashed down, you make you way past the debris and up to the holy water reach into the pouch that contains the heart and put it into the water and than remove it and place the repulsive thing back into its pouch. You turn too Ariel who is blocking the only way out. You quickly delve into her thoughts. She believes the queen is alive! "Ariel please, I'll show you where Astranoth is and save the queen just let me go."
"Not a chance." Blades already drawn she comes at you, more aware of you abilities this time round and being able to focus a whole lot better than before.
You see her move coming and you counter attack by dodging her strike and subduing her with a choke hold untill she goes limp, using your telepathy to get away from her reversal techniques before she could even touch you. "I'm sorry" she says, but you do not need telepathy to see through that lie!
You push her limp corpse down to the ground and remove her long sword from it's sheath and head back to Astranoth as fast you can.
Nearing where the landmark tells you to turn your intercepted, it is the priest your powers tell you he is onto you but does not suspect you know that and he feels safe. Focusing as hard as you can, you approach him, but you get to close and he gets worried and feels in danger. " I want the queen's heart" he claims. "Astranoth has tricked you, I just killed him." But you know he is lying.
"I see, well I guess you win okay the heart is yours, I am defeated." He comes into striking distance and you try as quickly as you can but the blade bounces off him.
He grabs you by the neck, luckily the giant was Astranoth's pet and was not killed and he was out and plucked the priest and swallowed him whole. Quickly running from the area, you enter the cave and find Astranoth who is delighted to see you.
"You've done a great service, but I cannot let you go." Your bolted agaisnt the wall again. "With your knowledge, I can use you to easily conquer this world."

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