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AFTER MIDNIGHT: 95: Day by Day... ***Where's my Bucket!***

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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 06:30 PM

night after night blinded by the neon lights
Hurry here hustlin' there no one's got the time to spare
Money's tight nothin' free won't somebody come and rescue me
I am stranded caught in the crossfire
Stranded caught in the crossfire

Tooth for tooth eye for an eye sell your soul just to buy buy buy
Beggin' a dollar stealin' a dime come on can't you see that i
I am stranded caught in the crossfire
I am stranded caught in the crossfire

Friday night 9PM EST to Midnight EST

FRESH tracks from across the globe, tunes you won't hear on terrestrial radio, so please join us and support those up and coming bands who have provided their music for our enjoyment..

Join semperfortis and friends for the musical variety After Midnight online sister show of ATS Live.
The After Midnight crew shares some amazing podsafe music from artists around the globe, this is the show to kick back and relax, enjoy the music and light banter. Listen in and see if you can answer some trivia questions, or simply enjoy the chatroom interaction during the show... Remember, this show is All About the Music..

Fri 9PM EST to Midnight EST

Don't forget.. if we're lucky, Johnny Anonymous will join in and add his "This Day in Music History!" segment which is always alot of fun...

Friends, Music, Fun and ATS... What more could you ask for?

LOW Bandwidth 32kbps Stream option Click Here



Call-In Using Skype
1) Install Skype
2) Add ATS Live Studio to your Skype contact list.
3) Send us a text message via Skype, do not call directly.
4) Wait for your position in the queue.
5) Tell us what's on your mind!

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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 06:33 PM
This week's show thread title and OP lyrics courtesy of this Stevie Ray Vaughan track....

Hope you can stop by for the chaos

Going LIVE in just under 90 minutes !!

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 06:48 PM
From the thread title I was expecting Violent Femmes "Add It Up".

Pleasantly surprised, Jack.

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 07:26 PM
After Midnight will be going live in about 30 minutes. Come and join us for great music, some trivia and lots of laughs.

See you there!


posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 07:27 PM

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 05:21 AM
do you need skype to participate?

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 01:47 AM


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