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Guns, for your consideration/something is fishy!

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 07:13 PM
So I know people that have had multiple DUI's and have no intention of changing their lifestyle. Some of these people are friends and I love them but don't agree with that irresponsible lifestyle. I WILL NOT drink a 1/4 of a beer and drive, even though that blood alcohol level would be well within legal limits to drive. 
I live in a state where in the city limits you cannot own a pit bull, I have a respectful fear of them but I have a neighbor with a pit bull that is far mellower than either of my two German Shepards. Though I have this healthy respect for pit bulls (nice way of saying fear) I have no issues with my neighbor owning one. I think they have been bred for fighting and killing and you never know when that might surface, but just the same, until they have done wrong, they are innocent. I cannot speak for all states but here in Colorado, it is the gangsta type that love to have pit bulls, perhaps a way to perpetuate the posse/tough/gang image.
Responsibility lays in the hands of the operator/owner. Are all cars deemed illegal because of the POTENTIAL for death/damage? No, however it is illegal to drive under the influence, and that has stopped the whole DUI  thing???Same for the pit bull? 
The media is so polarized right now with gun violence, and isn't it strange how overwhelming it is right now?! The young girl-dancer that  performed at the Obama inauguration was just gunned down. Almost too much for chance, almost as if there was an agenda. Watch the news, whether you like mainstream news or not, it force fed into the heads of the sheeple masses.
I feel something not right is afoot....40 killed in Chicago since 2013 started, that's 31 days and that's more american soldiers killed in Iraq. Wow, looks bleak. Looks like it might require Americans to protect the Constitution. Does no one else feel this coming?
When I took my concealed carry class, the instructor was a student at Columbine on the day of the nut jobs murder spree. Unlike many I have seen since the Dark Knight movie theater shooting, he decided he wouldn't be so vulnerable again. The movie theater folks are  
all over the news speaking out against guns. So law abiding citizens will not own guns but the bad guys/nut jobs/dirty cops/dirty government will?! No thank you.
Oh, did you hear cats murder 3.7 MILLION  birds a years?! Outlaw them sonzofbitches!
I know this rant will probably not sway a gun fearing, mainstream media swilling lemming, but I would hope anyone on the fence would consider my view. My brothers in arm? Well I don't need to convince you of anything, but any additional support is welcome here.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Hr2burn

I find it very interesting that your CCW instructor was a student at Columbine when that happened. That speaks very loudly for how it impacted some people, to be sure. I can't blame him a bit. One of the women at the Luby's Restaurant massacre in Killeen, Texas was instrumental in getting CCW passed with her testimony here in Missouri. She watched members of her family shot to death in that event.

That just demonstrates how differently being targeted for killing ..or being very close to those who were, can change a person. Some run from guns and never want to see one again in anyone else's hands, let alone their own. Then some become a CCW instructor to help arm others in defense of anything similar in the future.

Thanks for sharing. That's a side of this whole thing which seems too rarely talked about.


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