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It's not about GUNS or Politics. The MAGICIAN

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:09 AM
This is my first post. While it may not get much attention, and I'm a "newbie", I've lurked on the boards for quite a while.

So, there have been many fights, arguments, and bashing for the last few months. "I think we should have guns" or "Guns kill people, not people" or hundreds of other things. There was the election, which brought out the evil in everyone. You have the wars and battles and bombings overseas as well...

We all know nothing will be done about any of this. Benghazi will fade, no one will take our guns, Obama was re-elected, and Bloomberg is still a piece of #. This leads me to my point. These things are happening because what's the best way to bring down America?? DIVIDE and then CONQUER.

Magicians are great at making us look at the left when the are moving things into place with their right. We are thinking the left hand is where it's at, when really, it's the right. DISTRACTIONS. We have survived everything up til this point in hour short history because at the end of the day, we all stood together as one. People from all nations, religions, breeds, colors, lifestyles...we came together for our darkest days.

We are being divided now. Our worst is being brought out. While we are arguing over everything thing imaginable "they" are laughing. How did we make it through the Great Depression, but not Recession? We helped each other, worked hard, didn't ask for handouts, didn't worry about just ourselves, but rather the community. WWI WWII could not divide our political and religious beliefs, yet look at us now. We have a conflict in Mali and everyone wants to chime in and argue. We all saw the greater good in one another.

This isn't a "love & peace" speech. It's about not letting TPTB finally separate us all. This road that we are on currently, will be the final one if we do not stop the selfish spiral we are on.

Sorry if this was a let down on my first post, but I can speak my mind, better than type it.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:35 AM
You are correct sir. This reminds me of a post I made a while back.

Many claim to have woken up yet remain in their shackles...
They think they are done so they sit idle while the fuse crackles...
They claim to know the powers that be and say the veil has lifted...
If this were true their focus would have shifted...
Yet they continue to argue left or right...
They defend their side with all their might...
The issues they argue about are a planned distraction...
Division and hatred play to the power's satisfaction.
Watch my right hand, see this bunny?
Oops I'm sorry where's your wallet and your money?
Notice this deck of cards in my left?
Oops sorry there goes your freedoms but it wasn't theft.
Hard to get by 2 guard dogs focused on you?
Throw a steak in and get right through.
Don't let them win another hand...
Keep an open mind, we still control this land.

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