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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 06:12 PM
"Freedom is the air that our soul breathe and If you will enter in the temple of Freedom you will find Silence."

Freedom is pure thought before losing his liberty.

We have only one freedom and many liberties.

In the spheres of freedom liberty is the gravity that keeps the system in balance and the push and the pull of freedom sometimes can free one of those spheres in the Future of our imagination bringing it closer to the present.

Freedom is when I look into your eyes and I see no questions.

Freedom is the word with no Borders.

Freedom is the Little Flower that we grow in our hearts and we let it free when the time is coming.

When among the bars of Liberty I see Freedom I can see the future Just as I imagined in my dreams because I have the liberty to dream to....Freedom.

In the territory of freedom you can see what You cannot see in the territory of Liberty.

The reflection of freedom is the gleam in your eyes like a flower from Paradise.

Freedom is when I kiss a rose.

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