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JFK Items Lost, Now Found

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 05:58 AM
Greetings, ATS!

Found an interesting tidbit on Discovery News and thought I'd share. Apparently, one of JFK's contemporaries had some private photos of the famous family, and they were recently found.

If you enjoy JFK memorabilia, then I highly suggest you check out the slide show at the link above. Below I've posted a few photos to whet your appetite.


This photo was taken by Jackie Kennedy in front of a mirror.

family photos

Military service

Visit the link for more information and to see more items.

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

Awesome, thanks smyleegrl, always appreciate new things like this popping up. Just when you think you've seen everything. Now to go take a look at the link.

Wow, that birthday card from "John John" to his daddy brought a tear to my eye.
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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 07:11 AM
HA HA< i thought they found his brain.....

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by stirling

One could wish, but I am afraid that bit of evidence has been done away with long, long ago...

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