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Predictions for Texas & Pro-Gun States (in the next month or two)

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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 07:05 AM
Currently Texas is facing a major storm, tornados and more. It is supposedly going to hit Texas in the next week.
That is where my thought process started.

I am currently doing research into transfers between Texas (and other pro guns states) with anti-gun states in the military. It will be interesting to see if there are any major transfers...Pro-gun state military being transferred to other states, or countries & anti-gun state soldiers being transferred into pro-gun states to fill some of those spots.

When Sandy hit Connecticut (I'm originally from there & have family and friends there), there was a large military / preventive care presence.
There were tanks on the streets & the beach and many road blocks / checkpoints. That is normal and is to be expected. Along with that, there were designated places for people to congregate.

During the coming storm in Texas, I am expecting to see some of the same if the storm gets somewhat out of control. Texas will see military presence, many checkpoints and a lot of encouragement to:
A. Stay indoors
B. Go to a central location

That is to be expected. Often, out-of-state officials & forces will come in to help / direct. What will be interesting though, is if gun-control laws are pushed on Texas during this same time. The best time to push gun control laws on Texas would be if there was an accepted military presence in the area. Sure, it may get out of hand regardless, or maybe it won't. But if a military presence was to be brought in because of a storm, it would mostly be accepted as necessary (in fact, it is). Because of that military presence, if gun laws were pushed on Texas, residents of the state may naturally feel less of a "fight" in them than they might feel if there was only a normal police force in the state.

Furthermore, it should be known that there has been an increased amount of military planes in the sky over Fort Worth. Lockheed is in the area, so that's not THAT surprising. However, I am talking about fly overs by jets frequently to the point where if I notice them every 30 minutes, for the whole day I am not surprised at all.

The EXTREME predictions:
> Resources that normally come into Texas will be less in amount
> Texas is a HUGE place and A LOT of trains come through Fort Worth / Dallas when they are transporting goods; food, products etc. If a major storm hit Texas, then a lot of the country would also see less resources available. You take out Texas, and you cut off a major supply line (or at least one part of it)

Knowing this, it would be a good conspiracy to talk about...Texas gets hit by a storm. Increased military presence + gun laws pushed on the state. The rest of the country is cut off from resources, or at least the normal amount of them. Gun laws & other policies are pushed on the rest of the country. Other agencies go to other states to "help" with the lack of resources.

The RANDOM predictions:
> Prices on alcohol is cut. Drunk citizens are easier to handle
> Princes on Cigarettes are increased OR cigarettes become prescription only (which is a current bill being thought about). Feigning for a cigarette may make you more likely to act out, but it also can prevent a nicotine-addict to not think clearly; thus making it harder for them to organize & execute their life appropriately.

My research on military transfers should have some results in the next day or two. I'll keep you posted.

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 09:30 AM
The irony of the Battle of the Alamo , which was one of the most famous U.S. combat legends of all time, having taken place in Texas, should not be lost in this day & age.
The ideal of America as a true Republic and all for which it stands, will never fall as long as there is a Texas.
Should TSHTF for whatever reason, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana stand with Texas, no questions asked.
The influence and effect of the loss of ArkLaTexOma would have on the U.S. as a whole, would be strategically and resourcefully devastating.
For one, the control of the Mississippi and the Gulf. For two, control of the refinement of most energy resources. For three, there are 4 Navy bases, 4 Army bases and 7 Air Force bases just in the State of Texas alone. Even so, Barksdale Airforce Base in Louisiana, which houses the Nation's three intercontinental ballistic missile wings-- the two B-52 wings and the only B-2 wing, could wipe out half the continental U.S. on their lunch break.

I do not see America going to war against itself, since it would logistically make no sense and most likely drag on for generations of civil war & guerrilla rebellion. With the current population statistics, anyway.
For America to truly fall, there would have to be some sort of coordinated effort taken out from the inside with a non-American, dissociative task force.
General, normal, everyday Americans are just not going to all of a sudden start killing each other. That is why most of the bizarre headlines about crazies shooting up random people are perceived as highly suspect and incomprehensible to the majority of the U.S. population.
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