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A collection of poetry/songs

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 11:32 AM
please move this if this is the wrong forum. I've been a musician for a while now, but I have been too scared to write my own songs. I figured I would do it one day, when I am good enough. Recent events have led me to discover my muse; A certain girl, a certain head space, and the great Townes Van Zandt rolled into one. I make these early in the morning in a state of weariness, after a period of reflection. These are all songs, with melodies and arranged for an acoustic guitar and my voice, in the style of Townes Van Zandt. What follows will be a copy/paste job of the lyrics for anyone to read. I figure there may be someone that will relate, if not, I don't mind.

My morning Muse

nothing comes as bittersweet as the drunken poet's muse
C B/G Dm G7
and nothing tears an aching heart like a lonely lover's blues
C Em Am G F
nothing falls so easy when there's nothing left to lose
G7 Am
still there is a circle never ending
F G Am G
burning time at both ends of the fuse

early in the morning when the sun is on the rise
the innocent lay soft and dream behind their sleeping eyes
desperate men pace madly as the morning sparrow cries
no rest til the wicked are done working
pouring out the madness til it dies

the morning train that's leaving blows a broken dream goodbye
the sun will chase a weary moon across the morning sky
a lover past his welcome knows that even he must fly
the evenings former pleasures now since faded
he'd rather not discuss the reasons why

little angels stir and rise to face a brand new day
the city whirs and bustles and the little children play
lovers meet for breakfast and whisper things that lovers say
now the dead can rest until the evening
their work has been accomplished for today

Twice, on the Inside

i knew a girl not full 16
beat by her lover and treated so mean
her innocence stolen by an act so obscene
she died twice on the inside

she wanders at midnight to the old graveyard
smokes on a tombstone till breathing is hard
with nothing but memories and a hospital card
to show the world that she tried

living was easy before there was pain
none but the bloody and the battered remain
if i weren't so jaded i'd say its a shame
but really, who's keeping a record?

I courted her gently many summers ago
i fell for her heavy like the winters first snow
so bodly sought for her warm touch to know
and selfishly tried for to tame her

I offered a shoulder on which she could cry
she milked every tear that ran from her eye
she suckled my sympathy til it was dry
but honestly, who could blame her?

she filled me with poison and blackened my soul
temptation sent spinning into a black hole
my love fell to pieces like a shattering coal
a tower of lust can't save no one

now that i look back i see from her side
but our shores are as far as the ocean is wide
maybe i failed her, maybe she tried
but love's not a high rode to glory

some nights when sleep slips away til tomorrow
i fill up my glass and drink deep to her sorrow
i don't feel to too bitter for the time that she borrowed
at worst, it makes a good story

forgiveness it comes but a minute too late
so swallow your pride and choke on your fate
its so hard to be honest but so easy to hate
i hope some day she will be happy

Don't take it so hard

theres a tear in my eye
and an ache in my heart
in this river of life
on the banks we must part

soft clouds whisper above
as i look to the sky
that's the sound of my love
as she waves me goodbye

please don't take it so hard
sings the song on the breeze
"there's a place for your love,
but it isn't with me"

now its your turn to live
cast your dreams on the wind
i got no more to give
so don't turn back again

roll out your carpet of gold
pack-up your pictures of pain
do away with the old
and let your new love remain

take your broken reflection
and teach it to smile
throw out your plastic perfection
and be free for a while

drown your doubts in the sea
of this new hope you've found
and don't you worry bout me
I'll still be around

lay down your cards, walk away
take your winnings and run
I've got no more to say
now that the dealing is done

when all the pawns fall to pieces
and the queen takes the king
all this soul searching ceases
and there's a new song to sing

please don't take it so hard
sings the song on the breeze
"there's a place for your love,
but it isn't with me"

My drunken angel

my drunken angels calls me
and tells me of her dreams
of all the holes she hopes to fill
with soft and pretty things
well i'll give her all i've got to give
and then i'll give some more
I'll find the place where dreams are made
and open up the door

i'll pour upon the pages
all the things i have to say
i'll fill the sky with rainbows
and i'll blow the clouds away
i'll melt among the melodies
that gather in her soul
i'll sing the songs that she can't sing
and give back what others stole

my angel feels so heavy
she wears a crown of thorns
her wings are clipped and broken
she's tattered and she's torn
but i'll love her and protect her
until she is strong and steady
i'll watch her as she spreads her wings
and flys when she is ready

heaven knows i've not been perfect
and i've said some nasty things
but maybe if i do some good
I too, can earn my wings
and maybe if im lucky
and if its meant to be
heaven's queen of angels
will come flying back to me

Moving on

honey says she's drowning
in a sea of sinking pain
i'd pull her up, then from the sky
come falling down like rain

before her breath can catch me
she'll go sinking down again
if i ever let her go
im sure she'd need me then

wheels they turn and slowly grind
the years they pass and drag behind
he who seeks will surely find
the truth behind the lies

feelings flow and rivers run
the best intentions come undone
the moon it just reflects the sun
theres no light behind her eyes

winter wails, the cold wind blows
storm clouds circle near
summer comes and never snows
except when you're not here

autumn falls and summer fades
like waking from a dream
i sleep upon the bed I made
my flesh it turns to steam

moments come but never last
they slip into the silent past
time runs in and runs out fast
leaving empty vapour trails

build a wall then tear it down
buy some time and wear it round
when your last tear hits the ground
you can laugh when all else fails

and so it goes just on and on
and round and round again
what remains to think upon
is nothing pure and plain

it ends up where it all began
all tangled up in blue
so bitter ends the perfect plan
I had for me and you

with shallow words i try to paint
an image of a fallen saint
but him im not, and me he aint
so i won't drag it on

my soul it turns and drifts away
my body burns right where i lay
even though i'd like to stay
i must be moving on

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 11:34 AM
So close

my true love is my mirror
and her soul expects perfection
but even as she draws me nearer
i can't touch my reflection

her face it falls and breaks apart
and tears begin to flow
not from her own beating heart
but from the one who knows

scars run deep and fears fly high
valleys low and mountains tall
burned upon her paper thighs
and written on my walls

love's a word and trust's a lie
the demons whisper soft
strangle out the hope until it dies
and then we'll count the cost

so close but distant as can be
from here onto eternity
as lonely as the deep blue sea
i'll never find the you or me

the words i speak are pure and plain
and naked as the sky
but when she hears my words they change
and twist into a lie

the push and pull of endless sighs
that same old tragedy
the universal laws apply
of mass and gravity

fractured fists and bloodied hands
from beating on the walls
money melts and breaks the bank
from these unanswered calls

heavy holes they empty for
a grave thats fresh expecting
dead flowers gather round the door
that no ones been collecting

so close but distant as can be
from here onto eternity
as lonely as the deep blue sea
i'll never find the you or me

i rip and tear the only thread
that she leaves out for me
i sew it straight into my head
the truth i choose to see

i break the sacred vows i made
when our time first began
i pick apart the game we played
and puncture every plan

i hit the glass and watch it break
to see my lover shatter
i watch love burn upon a stake
and wish that it could matter

the pain that i am feeling
and the pain that i've created
the needle turns upon itself
and i become that which i've hated

so close but distant as can be
from here onto eternity
as lonely as the deep blue sea
i'll never find the you or me

For Townes

by the moonlight i wander
to the old crooked stream
and i gaze at the crystal reflection
the sky and the moon
like a child in the womb
unborn and untainted perfection

when the water is still
and the sky isn't filled
with clouds for the vision to sullen
theres a peom unheard
and a lesson unlearned
from a time before memories were swollen

from cradle to grave
to time we're a slave
and its over before I start singing
surely i'm told
in the hills there is gold
so friends, you better start digging

false thoughts will strangle
the uneasy mind
til the mirror of conscience is broken
and the only true words
that will ever be heard
are the ones that can never be spoken

well i loved a child
and i courted her wild
i fell for the sin of her beauty
but the scars on her heart
drove us oceans apart
and she swears that she never knew me

a lover will never know
peace of mind
as the spring will never know autumn
the fire in her eyes
and the ice in her soul
kiss the wind as her lips turn to poison

there's a broken old man
with a fist full of sand
and the dust in his bones starts to aching
I echo his tune
by the light of the moon
and he writes the songs that im making

in the dirty old stream
there's a ghost from a dream
and only he knows where i'm going
but clarity comes
as sure as the sun
will rise as the river is flowing

Failed to be Human

i could write a million songs
and walk a million roads so long
but never find the simple words to reach you
i could tell you how i've tried
burned a million bridges wide
but then i'd have no lessons left to teach you

i may be shy i may be young
but till i'm done just hold your tongue
i may have the answer that your seeking
i tell you friends i've seen it all
towers rise and kingdoms falls
the secrets in the silence that i'm speaking

when the wise man speaks and the foolish hear
his words words will fall upon deaf ears
but the ones born blind will hear just what he's saying
when the preacher preaches to the choir
voices praise and fuel desire
but when the beggar begs attention they're not paying

the devil's touch i know it well
no one asks and no one tells
with malice minds a new born child they smother
people turn their face in shame
and hate that which is not the same
but no has the right to judge another

i wish you well if you find your way
until then just live for today
everyone's just trying hard to make it
listen friends i tell you true
i can still see right through you
if i looked you in the eye i would be naked

walk a mile in some wooden shoes
then sing to me about your blues
and i will be the first one there to hear you
nothings ever what it seems
it falls apart right at the seams
and nothings all we got to cling on to

livings mostly killing time
and throwing pearls before the swine
butcher birds will swoop down to collect them
vultures pick at a rotting corpse
the bandits beat an old dead horse
I for one among you still respect them

through the door take a look inside
the empty halls of an empty mind
no shape or form and all is an illusion
when talking ends for talkin's sake
and sleeping eyes begin to wake
all will see they've failed to be human

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 11:35 AM
Love you more tomorrow

now that i've got you here
let me borrow your time
please lend my your ear, my dear
for these thoughts in my mind

you see i've fallen again
like i always do
and it seems in the end
that its always for you

I'd like to walk all the way
through your joy and your sorrow
its true i love you today
maybe i'll love you more tomorrow

please say that you'll stay
you can leave when you're ready
i don't want to tie chains
on a burden so heavy

maybe you don't feel the same
maybe i'm not the one
but i won't hide my shame
or turn from you and run

maybe i've said too much
i know that's unfair
i can still be your crutch
for the cross that you bare

just the warmth of your smile
every once in a while
would mean the whole world to me
my darling don't you see

that I've fallen again
and i swear that its true
and it seems in the end
that its always for you

you know i'd walk all the way
through your joy and your sorrow
its true i love you today
maybe i'll love you more tomorrow

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by Tasmanaut

Absolutely amazing my friend.

I am in absolute awe right now.

Thank you so much for sharing your work, it is lovely.

Peace and love

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 12:38 PM
thank you for stopping as you were passing by. Its scattered and its hazy on this ship right now, I haven't slept well in weeks. I've blown all concept of trust patience through this period. The girl, she slipped away, but i've got these songs to sing now

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 10:26 AM
I have a book of poetry available called


To find it, it is important to include the S Rob part.


This is a book of short stories.
Available in various sites but at the moment easiest to find on Amazon.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 06:15 PM
This thread will be discussed on the ATS Live Radio show Out of the Box.

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NoRegretsEver, Above Board, Wrabbit2000, and Druid42
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