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Scholar Status and You (2018 Updated)

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:17 PM
Scholar Status and You

On ATS we have various statuses that member's need to achieve in order to participate in certain forum's. For the writing forum they need Writer status for example, for the debate forum they need Fighter status and finally for the research forum they need to achieve what's known as 'Scholar status'. Without the status, you simply will not be able to post any contributions to any threads in said forum's.

To achieve Scholar status - which is only to be achieved upon the acknowledgement that an effort to maintain it will be needed, you first of all need to PM either DrumsRfun, eriktheawful, or one of the Super Moderators. We'll do what we can to give you the appropriate status enabling you to participate in this forum as without it, as I have highlighted above, you won't be able to post. So please, do not attempt to do so as others before you have.

Please remember though that If you do not do the following, you also run the risk of losing your scholar status thus losing the ability to post in this forum.

(1) Upon receiving Scholar status we expect you to be posting in a research project, one you have either created yourself or one you have been accepted as participating in, with-in around 4 weeks or your status will potentially be removed.

(2) If a research project is not completed all participants will potentially lose their scholar status.

The research forum is about setting a higher standard on ATS. It's here so keen researchers can show off their work and in turn bring us that little bit closer to finding out the truth in regards to their chosen topics. It's not solely about achieving a new status and It's not about posting one-liner comments which add nothing to an existing project either. This is here to set the higher standard.

So, bearing this in mind and if you think you're ready to fully participate and take on a project working towards bringing quality content here, and after reading our Research Guidelines thread of course, please do feel free to PM one of us and we'll see about upgrading you to a scholar. To look for member's to take part in a project you have in mind, or to look for a project which need's member's, this thread will be able to provide everything you need. Just please do remember to take this status seriously though as If not, you'll surely lose it.
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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:39 PM
I'm already dedicated to moderating the debate forum - but I'd love to participate in a project or two somewhere along the way.

posted on Jan, 27 2013 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

And I'd love to see what you can come up with in the future too, and I'm sure others will agree.

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 10:30 PM
Here's to higher standards.

While it's great to have freedom to roam the forums, it's also great to be able to participate in serious on-topic research without all the "noise", and to have a set of mods dedicated to getting back to the standards of in-depth fact finding in a post restricted forum.

Glad to join in.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 02:06 PM
And here comes another board that I'm going to fall in love with !

Some projects have already started and I am seriously impressed. There is a new project in the works that will come to life very soon and I find it exciting and extremely challenging !

Looking forward to see other members take this forum in their own hands and skyrocket it to the highest successes as it has been seen in the Debate and Short Stories boards.

The quality of content on ATS, for those who know where to find it, makes all other similar websites pale in comparison. It is an honor to be here !

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