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I have a story to share.

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 06:56 PM
This happened last night so I want to get my thoughts out fresh.

I was stressing last night about driving my daughter to school. It's a 20 minute drive but the heat stopped working in my car. *sigh* I had replaced the Thermostat 3 months ago and it was all working fine. I live in the North East and we just got the winter snap. It is very Very cold at the moment.

I start thinking how can I get a new car? I don't have the credit I once did nor would I want to take out a loan for one if I did. The interest is just rediculous and since I'm not a rich person the builds stress. So after she goes to bed I ponder for a bit then off to bed I go. Well tonight I have a very vivid dream.

The dream was about me taking my 4 year old daughter to school. In it I am taking her to the bus stop and she gets on without her coat. Since the bus is warm I reason to myself that she can ride the bus without a jacket, I can run in grab get in my freezing car and get to school before she gets off. I can put it on her then she is good to go.
Yay! Go me....

So, I run inside grab her jacket and fly out the doors only, to my surprise, there is no car. Shocked I tell you, just shocked. So I run back inside the house, only it's not my house, it's my sisters. I'mgoingon about someone stealing my car, daughter no jacket and it is colder than a Mo'Fo outside! For whatever reason I lean over into her face and say loudly and sternly: "CAN I BORROW YOUR CAR?" For context me speaking like that to her would never happen. But what was surprising was her response. She didn't look at me and shook her head no. Now again for context, my sister would sell a liver just to feed one homeless person. I also think it was because of the unusual behavior from my sister that caused me to even remember my dream.

What does it all mean? Well let me tell you what happened today. I will post this first.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by masta12d

Sometime dreams are just dreams, they are a way of processing things we only halfway think out during our waking hours. Sounds like you are stressed over what you cannot control. So just relax and realize you are doing all you can right on time.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 07:09 PM
So I get up and take her to school (no not the school bus)
I wrap her legs in blankets to take the bite out of the weather. "Brilliant" *blush* and off to work I go.

On a break I call that carlotta place know full well it's highway robbery but life's life. I leave a message and continue on my day. On my way home I start thinking about my dream but specifically my sister. I mean I unnderstand why I would dream my car is gone or stolen. I mean that's accounts for the heat not gone = no heat, meaning either way it's useless. My daughter going to school without a jacket is also about her coping with the cold. Me forgeting to give her her jacket however, I'd imagine represents me needing to deal with the car not having heat. Since it is stolen then the fix is to get another.

By the way this car is really beyond repair. Needs new front axle, heating core, among others.

So I call my sister which I never do and I proceed to tell her about the dream. I also explain that for the reason for the call is I couldn't help but think you specifically was significant. Like somehow maybe she knows someone who is selling a cheap but working car, Her response to me is:

"Well I don't know anyone selling one but I am."

"Of course you are!"

It's not a perfect car and needs work also but it has heat and it runs. Who wants to call the coincidence? Anyone who says that we are nothing but meat sac's are dead wrong. There is a duality within us, we are all connected to source. We are all source. We are all interconnected. We are spiritual.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by masta12d

I love it. That's beautiful. I think the dream was basically as you interpreted it and your sister ? I'm glad you called her because it sort of just verified everything and now look, you are about to get a better working car. Things like this happen to me as well which is why I can relate to your experience. I call them stress dreams because I always have them when something is heavy on my mind. Then, whatever I dream about , ends up happening in real life.

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