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Election panel censures Likud-Beytenu over pop singer’s performance (Israeli propaganda?)

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 08:42 PM
Ok, we all know who the western war mongering Zionist crusaders are and I'm sure it's no surprise that Netanyahu, who vowed that what he would do first after being re-elected PM was "stop Iran... has won his election.

...but this is just sick!

Not only did he break break the law by arranging this performance, that he will probably not receive any punishment for, but he paid this girl 20,000 to sing two songs... one of which she is hailing him as "THE BOMB"

The bomb? Seriously?

Everybody knows that one of the most unstable, corrupt and war mongering countries in the middle east are the ones with too many damn nukes.

They want to tell Iran what to do and what not to do over really flimsy evidence that is being consistently denied by intelligence analysts... yet he breaks the law to have this girl serenade him for his campaign by calling him "THE BOMB"

Are there not enough psychiatrists in Israel to go around or something?

The people who have voted this man in are simply sadistic and eager for some violent excitement... or they are just plain dumb.

This man has a wet dream and it involves a nuclear weapon and Iran.

I'm trying to find the name of the song and the exact lyrics but the fact that this was so important to him to go against his country's own laws are enough for me to see that YET AGAIN, he's dropping hints and letting propaganda fly left and right and it's all a great big power trip to him. He's so full of himself he can't even keep it under wraps.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:41 PM
Freaking ridiculous!

I just clicked on the thread about Netanyahu winning his election that is in recent posts right now and it only has one reply so I'm guessing most on the site do not see what is being laid out before us... and that despite any seemingly distant relationship between our current prez and Netanyahu, the US is STILL very much on this path leading to a huge war with it's stance on Syria (however quaintly it wants to play it down) PLUS the international battle between major currencies that is inspiring our government to print more bills with very little backing, which devalues the dollar and causes our inflation yet the employed do not get raises to balance this out and causes competing nations to do the same to balance it off because now we have more in circulation and so they must retort to that... because the value of goods has now inflated next to the dollar, but they would be losing out with their currencies paying for those same goods because then THEIR currency would be overvalued... compared to ours... yet it would be for the same goods.

I'm not sure if I explained that well but I tried... maybe some one else wants to elaborate... ANYWAY

We are lunging down a destructive path trying desperately to keep the "second world" (non-allied or perhaps we would now call them the BRICS) countries from topping the "first world" countries (allies) in economics...and that is why we have been concentrating on and picking on the third world countries... which were considered the undecided countries... usually mistaken for impoverished countries because many of them were but some are not... like Sweden, Ireland and Finland. (Ireland most likely due to being sick of the crown)


Regardless of what we think is happening due to what is being said... if we do not STRAIGHT AWAY step off the necks of countries like N Korea, Afghanistan and Syria... you can bet your ass that we are still war mongering because of the almighty dollar and that there WILL be more violence in the middle east, not less...and there will be few measures to pave the way to clean energy.

WHY?... because the dollar is the only reason we are there to begin with.

You see... after ww2, Iran was once an ally and we put a hell of a lot of effort to make both Saudi Arabia and Iran OUR PARTNERS... Not the AXIS partners.

Clearly we lost Iran and that is our whole beef with them.

Saudi Arabia is betraying Syria... Why?... Because of it's partnership with US... yet EVEN SAUDI ARABIA is doing more business with China these days.

SO... hey can sugar coat it all they want but we should not be there... no matter what the prez says, TPTB have put too much effort into the war path to back down now. LOOK for it... EXPECT it.

and if the power goes out, they will likely try to play it off as having to do with the 2013 solar flares but it's much more likely to be the dept of energy bulldogging the American people and the people in government and power that are trying to back down from the war path. That we will be our punishment even if some "high ups" come to their senses.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:48 PM
Oh... i almost forgot the point i was trying to make when looking at the other thread.

There was a banner that came to the top of the page while ON that thread that said

Sign the petition to STOP IRAN... and it showed a picture of Ahmadinejad and said something else about the US-ISRAEL petition.

Those were Netanyahus exact words that I mentioned in the first post on this thread... and there you have it, in a banner ad across the top of a ATS page.

That is what I was talking about. (Ridiculous)


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