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Shots Fired On Campus - A Video of Safety and Options

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:44 PM
(This was a hard one to choose a forum on. If another is more appropriate, move as needed)

Good evening my fellow members,

I had no intention of writing another firearms/active shooter thread today. I wrote one earlier and put a couple hours into it, all together. As I posted that one and looked at the Newest Topics area to confirm it had submitted properly and was visible to all, I saw the first of the Houston Shooting threads hitting ATS 'wires' as it were. The timing was entirely coincidental and unintentional but in a warped way, it highlighted the need for what that thread discussed. It deals with the measures and counter-measures a facility, city or Government can take in advance to prepare for and shut down a spree killing event before it's gone the full distance for destruction.

When I arrived at college today to begin my classes, I was greeted with this video playing first up and to start my afternoon. It's a sobering thing to open a class with. It's also, saddest of all, a necessary one given the seeming spree of copy-cat crimes and media focus on every shooting with more than 3 victims.

That seems to be the reporting threshold right now to make a purely local story into a national one. I wonder if that reporting is encouraging borderline people to commit these much worse crimes? Whatever the cause, it's for people with a specialty in that field to determine.

I'm sharing this here because it makes sense. The steps outlined with the knowledge shared is valuable and it may present ideas and perspectives some haven't considered. The most critical difference between survivors of ANY disaster and those who perish is very often advanced thinking and mindset during the crisis. Whether that be a fire, flood or violent attack as we've been watching happen across our nation.

Here is 'Shots Fired On Campus' for the benefit others may derive from it. I pray the information this contains is never actually NEEDED by any of the ATS membership. However, knowing the information this shares could make a difference if the unthinkable does happen.

* Please excuse the evaluation copy stamp that stands through the video. This is a commercial video and the stamp was necessary in the YouTube share is how I figure it got there. The one I viewed on campus did not have that. Nothing else appears different.

Comments? Feelings? Ideas to add to the material? All are welcome as these incidents seem to continue unchecked.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 10:29 AM
I don't mind noting here, at the risk of sounding a little whiny for just one moment, how sad this is. If I posted something about how the evil agents of the Governement were out shooting children in schoolhouses for pure entertainment and amusement? It would be a rocking thread with lots of activity until Mods shut it down (and rightfully so).

Post a video that may very well save lives and is currently being shown in some schools and colleges? Well.... You could hear crickets chirp a block away. Pathetic.... Absolutely Pathetic.

....and yes, I will take some cheese with that.

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