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Recurring dream theme, odd & unusual for me...

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:33 PM
I've posted sporadically on this site for a couple of years about various dreams I've had, mainly dealing with natural disasters. So, even when some of the dreams seem or feel prophetic, they are, as a whole, not unusual "themes" for me. Every great once in a while, I dream of something that is totally different and has that feeling with it, that feeling like it's a glimpse of something. Usually when I dream the same sort of dream a few nights in a row, it means something. Last May & June, it was of men in tactical gear, black & dark blue, with combat boots, "picking off" people at night in a parking lot, where I myself got shot, felt the pain, everything. A member here, as well as my husband, also dreamed versions of that same theme, all within a day to a week of each other. 2 months later, we had Aurora. 5 months after that, Connecticut, and on and on. I'm not saying I prophesied this in any way and I don't think I dreamed it for any other reason than to be prepared for things like that to start occurring, like an FYI from the aether. Now, I get to my point of this thread, a series of dreams i've been having the past week.

I posted on this thread about how last week I had an unusual dream about stereotypical-looking "terrorists" in a dream. What I mean by stereotypical terrorists is the image that the media portrays them to be: Middle-Eastern, robe, head wrapped, the whole bit. In my dream, they were sort of planted, staged, to attack unsuspecting people in a park where people jog, have lunch, don't know where it was, but it is nowhere I've been. More details in the above-mentioned thread. Anyway, the whole thing was a ruse, started years ago, to frighten people into giving up some rights because of the search for terrorists. The dream was post-US gun ban, which happened and on a large scale. This was not a concern in the dream, because it had long since happened. That is, until the terrorists started running through the park shooting everyone and everyone was left helpless. This was the moment I realized that the terrorist fears instilled in us were meant to be from the get-go and that it was planned out that we'd get to this point because then we couldn't defend ourselves when the "terrorists" come back, which was the ultimate, real end goal of everything, even though they weren't really terrorists, if that makes sense.

Now for last night's/this morning's dream. It was strange, very brief, but very real. I was in my son's kindergarten classroom and the parents were there, though it wasn't my son's actual classroom. There was a bigger, maybe 11 x 13 white poster board taped onto the wall kind of low. On it was a line of roman numerals reading from top to bottom, one number on each line, 1-10. It was assumed that parents had to do this (for whatever reason), but we had to kneel on the floor in front of this board and recite the numbers in French. As I knelt, I had to put my arms over my head and touch the floor, come back up, and recite the next number. It was expected of us to only read to 5 or 6, and when I got to 6, I decided to keep going, although I knew it was wrong. Just that knowing French, I knew it was silly of me to stop since I had knowledge of the numbers. That was it and then I woke up.

When I woke up, I could not understand why i was dreaming of praying to the numbers like that. I've never seen how muslims pray, except for in movies, and I don't know why I would have had the subconscious thought of doing so.. it has not been in my mind at all, except for the dream I had less than a week ago. It occurred to me that this may have possibly been related to what is going on in Algeria, since they do speak French there, except that it felt connected to the first dream somehow. When I woke, I immediately thought of that. What would possible U.S. gun laws, fake terrorist strikes, and praying French Muslims have to do with each other? I'm wondering if maybe something is going to happen here that is going to play into either what's going on in Algeria or possibly even Mali, somewhere that has a high population of French-speaking people and Muslims. Add in the thing about the numbers, numbers written as Roman numerals, and it becomes weirder.

I've known people on here, complete strangers, who have shared the same dreams or dream themes as me in the past year, even past month, and was wondering if anything like this is on anyone else's radar in dream world? Regardless, felt the need to share. Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:03 PM
Oh, forgot one detail:

My mother-in-law, who passed away spring of 2011, was in my dream, in a second disconnected "scene". In it, she was reading a huge book, leather-bound, and I thought it was a Bible. It wasn't, though, it was a dictionary, and she pointed out 3 different words to me, asking me to say them. I don't remember the other two, as one was in a weird language, like Hebrew. The one word I do remember is:


This is not a word I've ever used and had to look it up. It means:

ac·qui·esce (kw-s)
intr.v. ac·qui·esced, ac·qui·esc·ing, ac·qui·esc·es
To consent or comply passively or without protest.
[Latin acquiscere : ad-, ad- + quiscere, to rest; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

1620s, "act of acquiescing," from Fr. acquiescence, noun of action from acquiescer (see acquiesce). Meaning "silent consent" is recorded from 1640s.

The meaning itself is interesting and even more interesting is that it is also a derivative of a French word. Maybe that's just a coincidence, but thought I'd mention it.


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