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Schools need more privacy in locker rooms and showers. Period !

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 12:44 AM
I always thought there should be some particians in school showers as well as locker rooms. Some kids are not comfortable with their naked body and I think it would be a good idea forpeople to take this into consideration. Some people are worried about the Sanduskies of the education system and I think we should start with privacy in the locker rooms. I beleive it is highly inappropriate for an adult teacher to be around naked boys in a shower, man, woman, gay or straight. Very few of the guys in my PE classes took showers, simply because they didnt want to share their personal parts with the others including me.I would really like for this to be the new standard in schools. If anything to protect the dignity of self conscious or overweight kids. Not to mention, in junior high school, some kids develop faster than others and its not fair to expect there not to be embarassment. In my school showers were not mandatory, if they had been, I would have dropped out. I hope that no school forces kids to shower in PE.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by jazztrance

No one can force you to take a shower after PE, but it is good hygiene.

And if the fat kids are embarrassed about being fat, it should give them some incentive to get into shape.
It could always be worse, sometimes in the military you have three people having to share one shower head, now that's awkward.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:22 AM
I was under the impression that showers were all separated now...

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:27 AM
Kids shouldn't be too pampered. Later, in the gym or even harsher, in the military, they will share those anyway.

Why induce shame about nudity into them? Well, I guess, as long as you can't even look at a speedo without blushing or making a (stupid) joke within a movie, the US are just too prudish.

Enjoy your freedom without clothes, its way more fun that way! Listen, even your beloved God created you nude, so why be ashamed?

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by jazztrance

I agree... I hated PE when I had my period and would wag the lesson because I felt too embarrassed, there is no privacy and the PE Teachers used to just walk in whenever..

s & f from me.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:34 AM
The way we are bubble wrapping kids is pretty bad for their growth in my opinion.

Its things like the change rooms after PE that help you become a balanced adult.

Also, its up to the schools to ensure proper screening of teachers, but I do agree, TEACHERS should not be allowed in change rooms when kids are in there. I never once remember a teacher walking into my changerooms when i was in highschool!

Over here, they banned Kiss Chasey at school, hell I loved kissed chasey, sure I may have several lude felony conviction and several still going thruogh the courts (that I cannot comment on), but it definately made me less shy around the ladies. /s

With the internet now a days, there's nothing kids cant see. Thats why I dont understand banning certain movies, you only need google, liveleak or youtube to see the blunt realities of life.

Stop bubble wrapping your kids. For the last few hundred years kids have grown up and developed our world today, looking at the kids of today Im scared for the world of tomorrow!

Games using tennis balls and running on school property have been axed and some schools have prohibited footy, cricket, soccer and netball during lunch breaks.

The increasing number of bans on games are because of a fear of injury and subsequent litigation from parents.

But parents groups, education experts and some teachers have hit back, saying play is a vital part of a child's development.

edit to add,
a self concious over weight kid needs to focus on a much more serious problem. His future as an obese and unhealthy adult.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:36 AM
You werent getting enough attention or felt your profound thought couldnt be expressed in the previous thread and had to make another concerning the shower and locker room issue?


posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by Agit8dChop

I don't think it is bubble wrapping them... I went to school 30 yrs ago and I hated PE and the locker rooms... the PE Teachers were jokes and in Yr 12 when we were going to the pub and drinking... they were having sex with some of the girls in my class.

creeped me out, getting changed etc and some pervert with a degree can walk in at anytime.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:20 AM
I wont ever put my kids in the brainwashing institutions.

Balanced adults? LOL

I think yall are in complete denial and are suffering cognitive dissonance.

It is absurd to think I will give partial legal custody of my children to some random weirdos.
Yall should be ashamed for putting your kids in the mind control institutes.

Sad but true.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by Agit8dChop

I am very disappointed that you are lying to yourself.

Public school does not produce balanced adults thats utter fantasy.
One of those blatant denials we tell ourselves to pretend we arent selling our kids into state slavery.

What is really being produced are greed oriented sex maniacs who refuse to question the lies they are fed and have few ethical considerations.

Look around.
Tell me these people are balanced agian....

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

like I said, todays kids are very very different from my day and age. I do not blame teachers, I blame technology, fast food and parenting skills.

But, School is a required part of adult life. However, they do need to upgrade the classes, for a example a

' common sense ' class.
or perhaps
' modern day' class
' adult life lessons ' class

but to place schooling in the negative catergory like you are, is a little to far in my opinion!

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:40 AM
Any school that I went to the showers in the locker room were non-functioning. No one ever took a shower. I went to four different schools and this was the case in all of them. You wouldn't even have the time to shower regardless.

I think school showers are a thing of the past.

I graduated in 2009.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I am going to have to agree with you there muzzleflash. See, I went to a major public school for the greater part of my highschool career, maybe the largest in Portland Oregon, and it was so crowded. Now, it seemed to me that they just used blanket teaching for everyone and didnt allow for much sway in the devlopement of a child's opinions, kind of robotitizing us it felt like. Now, I really messed up my highschool career in that place, mostly due to hanging out with the wrong crowd, and abusing alcohol heavily. Now, after I severly screwed up, my counselor reccomended me to a allternative school within that same district. Once I got there, I could tell right away that this was the place that the district just dumped all the delinquent kids. Nearly everyone either did drugs or acohol, and most of them didnt care at all about progressing their education, rather to just screw around and get a diploma with the least amount of work possible.

I did not fit in here, since I actually enjoyed learning and I turned out to be one of the brightest students in all my classes. When I was there, I noticed something strange, that I didnt really realize how strange until after I graduated. I noticed that the teachers there were trying to tell me something, and I was a tad to naive to notice at the time, but I guess that they just hoped somone would get the messege.

So, it starts with my US government teacher, who was the most blatantly obvious about it. First of all, he showed us some scenes from the Matrix, that at the time seemed completely uncorrelated with US government. However, after my venture into alternative topics, I understood the prevalence that the movie had on learning about the US government. He also was the only teacher I had ever heard of that covered the JFK assasination very heavily and with such depth, that it seemed obvious he believed it was a conspiracy. Another strange thing he did was test us all on how liberal or conservative we were by giving us questions that both sides differed on. Now, after that, he gave us another test that tested on a much broader range of values. After we all input our values from the second test, he made us realize that those who were normally stark opposites in terms liberal or conservative, actually agreed on most things. I also now realize that our English teacher was rather different in the way she taught compared to the other school. She was so open about what we could believe. Heck, on 420, she even gave us a lesson on that silly little plant I wont mention the name of. We also had debates in the class about the same topic, and she generally agreed with my views and favored legalization. I could tell that there were many other opinions she held that were against the status quo that is routinely shoved down our throats. Anyways, sorry for rambling, I just thought I would point out that not all schools were like that. However, mine is probably a special case, since the district really didnt give a crap about this school. I wonder if anyone else had teachers who did what mine did, and looking back, I now realize how clear there messege was.....question everything

Cheers, Renegade.

Edit to stay on topic: I am going to have to say that I agree that there should be a seperation between the showers. Not because I think kids need to be more sheltered, but because many plain stunk in gym because they didnt take showers for fear of being judged for the state of their private parts. Not to mention that the last thing people need is another reason to be bullied, it is already rampant enough.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:08 AM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop

But, School is a required part of adult life.

No it is not.
Most of the great scientists that gave us the so called modern era were home schooled.

You are just desperate to find any excuse to justify brainwashing kids with complete falsehoods and inaccurate facts. Stop defending slavery.

This entire debate over privacy in school is nil anyway, because parents who sign joint custody of their kids to the state are little more than cannon fodder in the end.

Pick freedom and truth or face the slavery and lies.
Its quite simple.

Oh but $$$ is so important!
No its not.
No amount of $$$ is worth giving your kids up to state indoctrination.
Id rather suffer the poor mans fate, at least I can live with myself without the need to lie to myself about virtually everything.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:52 AM
reply to post by jazztrance

i dont know what school you came from, but were im from the teacher sat in his office during shower time, and come out a couple minutes before the period was over, i never had a adult watching me shower. as a kid i was weirrded out a little showering with my class mates but got over it quick, it was either smell like gym class all day or take a quick two minute shower and not be the stinky kid, i think your over thinking this whole thing.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:33 AM
With this going on, and its beyond shocking. Unbelievable and could never expect this to be happening in the modern world in any first nation country, but ummm....the locker rooms are less important. Most US states need to be dealt with by some very angry parents.

SHOCKING - Kids Tortured & Mistreated In American Schools

Maybe then the locker room.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by jazztrance

I have nothing more to say to what you have written apart from that I agree with it entirely. When I was at school I was not happy with my body, so avoided PE entirely by never bringing my kit to school. I ended up writing lines of text instead as a punishment. If there had been some privacy, I would have taken part every time.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 06:03 AM
It was awkward. I was probably the last to in the class to reach puberty, had legs like tampon strings and never got picked for teams anyway. So I always had an excuse to sit it out.

Whether I was never picked because I was a massive geeky uncool scrawny get, or because when I did engage in sport someone ended up in the nurses office is anyones guess. I was fairly lethal with a hockey stick and rounders bat though.

But yeah, getting picked on for still having a training bra at 13 wasn't really my bag. It's not like they didn't have enough to pick on already.

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