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Are we recovering?

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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 10:17 PM
All I hear on the news is that we are slowly recovering...but tonight on the local news they said 5 local businesses are closing their doors for good. 5 businesses this week? We are constantly checking homes in our area...we had hoped to move to a bigger home...we have been checking realtor dot com for the past few years and there are so many homes still listed...from three years tells me homes, at least in my area are not selling. There are hardly no new listings..just same old homes from years ago.

So why are they are they saying one thing when so many of us are seeing a completely different story on the Main Street? It hurts that so many of our local biz are closing..I already feel like I live in Podunk...and with more and more closing...all we'll have left are crickets!

I watched WSIL news ....I know there are a few locals on here....

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 10:43 PM
Well, we ARE slowly some indicators. They're just not as tied to the reality of the rest of the nation as they once were. If you're looking at Wall Street and related economic indicators in isolation to Main St. and the closures of business from coast to coast for years now? Well, It's a pretty decent time to be had. Gold is high, the market isn't doing too bad ..and certainly healthy enough to make good money for those who do that for a living and know how to play it.

Of course, tell Ma and Pa Kettle there is a slow but steady recovery and Ma might beat you with a broom stick to see about knocking some sense into ya while asking if you've lost your mind or something.

It's all in who is looking and what they're looking at, eh? Heck, I can even take Bureau of Labor Stat numbers right now..tonight..and either show you a story of PROFOUND recovery mixed with just a few blips of hard times ... Or the cliff's edge to the next great depression. The latter is far easier since I'd have to REALLY cherry pick the crap outta things to pull of the recovery bit but I know I could. I've seen the numbers since the start of the month and...if the right ones are picked out of the rest? Well.... (shrug) Do YOU feel like you're recovering?

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 11:51 PM
You are seeing the illusion of a recovery, the money the Fed is printing is propping up the stocks, eventually this type of medicine is going to have side effects:

High Inflation
Risky US debt
Interest rates will rise
Property value will decrease
Bond will be almost worthless
Job Market will get worse

Taxes are getting higher, job are not coming back to the states, The White House refuses to set a budget, Our war machine continues, government spending is out of control, etc…


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