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Sid Vicious

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posted on May, 7 2003 @ 12:05 PM
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows who Sid Vicious is lol? The Sex Pistols are my favorite band...

posted on May, 7 2003 @ 12:12 PM
Of course! Please dont tell me his death was a conspiracy........

He killed nancy most likely, id have killed that nutty bitch too. Poor sid.........a little #ed in the head. But Frank Sinatra couldnt have sang it better

posted on May, 7 2003 @ 12:15 PM
Wasn't he a pro wrestler eons ago?

posted on May, 7 2003 @ 12:16 PM
You answered your own question. Unless you are asking who played him in the movie and that would be Gary Oldman.

posted on May, 7 2003 @ 12:25 PM

Originally posted by astrocreep
Wasn't he a pro wrestler eons ago?

There are/were to Sid Vicious...

Sid the rocer and Sid the wrestler...

posted on May, 7 2003 @ 03:00 PM
The sex pistols were the dawn of a new era in music, pity that heroin addict was at the head.

But still got to give him credit for someone who could literally only play 3 chords, he had a great ragged voice.

Anachy in the UK is a great song and I still find myself singing along to Sids nasal whine when I hear it.

Sigh, punk was a great time in music, so much more fun than those effeminate pretty boys and their gangsta rap...

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 12:34 AM
Lol...I was talking about Sid, the bassist for the Sex Pistols (or used to be).

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 02:27 AM
Sex pistols, The Exploited, Dead Kennedys, and The Clash etc. rock punk.Punk rulz and is not dead,especially the 80's stuff.

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 04:01 AM
I saw and met Sid on more than 1 occasion, when they was touring, and everything people say about him his right!

he swore alot, spat at fans and was brilliant!


[Edited on 8-5-2003 by blackwidow666]

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 04:22 AM
Wow blackwidow, really? That is awesome if you really got to...

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 04:40 AM
thank you punkbunny

and yes i did really meet him, he loved his drink and sadly his drugs as well.

Nancy was wicked as well, they was both out of their heads most of the time

it was sad when he killed Nancy, but not a shock though


PS: I was young once (although my son doesnt think so)

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 08:39 AM
I think somebody's confusing the late Mr Vicious with the very much alive Mr Rotten (Lydon).
This was the very boyhood of Estragon!
Seriously, if you've never seen the video of Sid doing "My Way" go for it.
And "Never Mind The B**l*cks..." still sort of stands up.

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 08:40 AM
And while I doubt if Mr Vicious was aware of 3 notes let alone chords: the rhythm section of the Pistols were actually pretty solid and heavy.

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 08:53 AM
haha jr, said he used to unplug sid's bass while his wasnt watching because he couldnt play what so ever...

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 02:37 PM
Whatever happened to the dead kennedy's?
They were a great band that just disappeard off the music scene...

posted on May, 8 2003 @ 10:53 PM
bah.....I'd rather sith through a slim dusty marathon than listen to the sex pistols...

OH I'D LOVE TO HAVE A BEER WITH DUNCAN.........and so on...


posted on May, 8 2003 @ 11:12 PM
Ah yes, Net-C "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables." I recall that they vanished around 87-88 after one of these band-disputes, that so afflict popular musicians, between Mr Biafra and the others.
Strange how the punk bands, despite their faith in anarchy, were so susceptible to arguments about money.

posted on May, 9 2003 @ 03:07 AM
Blackwidow, that's really cool you met Sid (and Nancy), thanks for sharing that. Yes, it was sad when he killed Nancy.

posted on May, 14 2003 @ 05:22 PM
Estragen. You took th epost right from under me.

JOhnny rotten (J,Lydon) vocals
Sid Vicious (john beverly, simon richey) Bass (didnt play chords, in concerts had a roadie playing his notes, which he never realised)
Steve Jones (guitar, wonderful guitarist)
Paul cook (bladdered drummer)

From All accounts from people i know who met the PIstols, Sid was actually a really nice lad before Nancy came along but John was always a little cnut!!!

Courtney love is what Nancy was, they are both evil, disgusting human beings.

posted on May, 14 2003 @ 10:17 PM
Sorry, triple-s; but when Estragon is re-living his misspent boyhood: caution flies to the wind, decorum is as dust and pogo-ing takes over.
"Never mind the Classical Scholarship..what about..."

Virgin did a good-value re-release which may still be available
for listings
but -despite the excellent production: CD's just don't comapre with vinyl for the Pistols: search the 2nd-hand stalls cyber-punks of the future.

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