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Presidents of the USA and their Dark Secrets

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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 06:58 AM

Today I have decided to make a light-hearted thread about "secrets" of some of the presidents of the United States, most of you will know of these secrets and some of you may not, either way I hope you enjoy this light read

Did JFK have counterfiet money printed?

"If you do that they will kill you", Joseph Kennedy is supposed to have said to his son five months before that fateful day in Dallas, but the 35th US president would not be deterred. In 1963 John F. Kennedy signed Executive order number 11110, a presidential decree that basically allowed him to bypass the Federal Reserve Bank and print money.
Backed by US government silver reserves, over $4 billion-worth of small denomination notes were produced by the finance ministry. In order to understand the consequences of this action one must examine the curious financial system of the US.

The banknotes do not belong to the US, but rather to a group of private banks which together formed the Federal Reserve System orthe FED for short, It is common knowledge that theUS borrows this printed money at interest from the FED, this is why 'Federal Reserve Note' is printed on the top of every dollar bill,however on Kennedy's notes it appeared 'United States Note'. Although Kennedy's money was not exactly fake the FED called it this as it was an all out attack on their power.
It is noted that after the assassination of Kennedy the first official act of his successor Lyndon B. Johnson was to take the 'counterfeit' money out of circulation.

Did Andrew Jackson condemn Native Americans to death?

Anyone who buys anything from Native Americans had better not pay with a $20 bill because he or she won't be getting any change. The reason for this is that Andrew Jackson's face appears on the bill.
Jackson isn't the most popular of figures among the indigenous peoples of America, as the 7th president he was responsible for the largest ethnic cleansing in the history of the country, during which he expelled 100,000 Natives from their homelands. As a soldier Jackson had already acted mercilessly towards the natives, killing and exiling large numbers of them, and as US president he signed the "Indian Removal Act", which was effectively a death sentence for thousands more.

This law permitted the relocation of Native American tribes such as the Cherokee,Seminole and Chickasaw peoples in order to create territories for white settlers. In return, the Natives were offered areas what is now known as Oklahoma with the government bearing all costs of the resettlement.

Understandably, many tribes did not wish to trade their lush green lands for a dusty old prairie, so Jackson sent in the army. Native Americans were then rounded up, held in camps and then forcibly relocated under gaurd.

The move was so rapid and so badly organised that an estimate 25% of those deported died of hunger, hypothermia or exhaustion. This sombre chapter in US history is known as the Trail of Tears.

Did Theodore Roosevelt order a Massacre?

The victory of the US in the Spanish-American war signified America's emergence as a global power. A former colony, the country had now become a colonial power in it's own right, with places such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Phillipines being ceded by Spain to the USA, however the people of the Phillipines didn't want to submit to a new colonial power and they fought back.
When Theodore Roosevelt was sworn to office the Phillipine-American war had been raging for two years already, Roosevelt had been in office for not even a fortnight when he heard the terrible news that 50 US soldiers had been killed on the island of Samar. This being the biggest single military loss since the battle of the little Bighorn 25 years prior, Roosevelt ordered General Jacob H.Smith to "sort this mess out once and for all" thus leading to the massacre of thousands at the "Balangiga massacre" namely most being civilians.

Smith was quoted saying to his troops, "I want no prisoners. I wish for you to kill and burn; the more you kill and burn the more it will please me." Smith was noted for being a brutal man having played his part in the Wounded Knee massacre, was this the reason Smith was chosen for the task?
It is noted that when the General was court martialed and found quilty of this massacre Roosevelt reprimanded and retired Smith.

Was Reagan an FBI informer?

From Hollywood actor to the most powerful man in the world.
In 1981 Ronald Reagan was voted in as the 40th president of the USA but he had also a darker side to his character. In the years following WW2 he spied on his fellow actors in Hollywood for the FBI, reportedly under the codename T-10. Film actors were part of the Screen Actors Guild union and in the mind of the former head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, every union was a secret society of communists. As the head of the actors union from 1947 to 1949 and from 1950 to 1960 Reagan provided the FBI with 54 files about actors that he and his first wife believed were communist sympathisers. "At this point Hoover must have known he found a loyal ally in Reagan," says US historian Seth Rosenfeld who discovered this connection. "In return, the FBI actively supported Reagan's political career right up until presidency."

Did George Washington start a world war?

The history of the USA begins with George Washington. The first American president was integral in shaping modern-day America from what was then a British colony. He was a military leader in the war for independence, a liberal thinker in the creation of the constitution and a shrewd ruler. But he also had a dark secret.

At the age of 22, when he was still a British Officer in the American colonies, Washington was involved in an incident that is still debated by historians today. He and his troops had been patrolling the border between French and British territories near the French garrison at the Fort Duquesne.
In May 1754, the French sent a diplomat out to secure the territory, but Washington ambushed the Frenchman, the French negotiator and up to 13 of his soldiers were killed.

This incident caused theFrench and Indian wars in North America, which culminated two years later into the Seven Years War (1756-1763), A bloody conflict between the great European powers of the time. Many historians consider this the first world war as it was the first to be fought in America,Europe and Asia. But why did Washington give the order to attack? The French troops who survived claimed that they were targeted killings. As outlandish it may sound, the question is did Washington already have a plan to drive a wedge between Britain and France? since it was the Seven Years War that weakened the colonial powers to such an extent that the War for Independence could be won.

Was Guantanamo Bay created by William Mckinley?

Guantanamo is a particularly controversial place for American presidents. George W. Bush the first 20 prisoners who had been identified as "illegal fighters", arrived at the military base on January 11th 2002. Since then more than 500 people have been incarcerated there without charge, many of them innocent and all far from any legal counsel. But the Guantanamo enclave, on the southern tip of Cuba is already over a century old and dates back to a war of another US president: William Mckinley.

What triggered this war was the explosion of an American warship moored off Havana on Febuary 15th 1898, which killed 266 crew and generated a wave of hate towards the Spanish, who were believed to be responsible. Wether it was an attack or an accident is still not known. The fact is however, that after the disaster, Mckinley asked congress to deploy troops, but was he just looking for an excuse to go to war?

It is not only Cuba who still remain convinced that this is the case. With an inferior military, Spain had no way to oppose the USA in the conflict that followed.
Years later Cuba was granted independence on the condition that it inserted the 'Platt Amendment' into it's constitution, which allows the US to intercede at any time. The indefinate lease agreement that then US has for Guantanamo Bay also stems from this episode.

Credit goes to Wonderpedia Magazine and the respective writers/publishers from whom this is a work of and/or based around.
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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by RAY1990

President Lincoln also ordered an massacre of Native Americans! Lincoln probably did more damage than most US Presidents.

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

Their will be more to come
just waiting on a mod to make sure I am doing nothing illegal in terms of posting external information


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