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Control your future? Only if you try!

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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 08:24 PM
We are a product of our past imagination of our current self. I read on here years ago that all we know is what has been told to us through education in various forms. It was said that nothing happens unless it is first conceived in a mind at one point in time.

I can not deny the overwhelming truth of this form of thought. I have tested this theory over time and found it to hold truths i have never known. I have done things that are considered great by many including my former self. I have been looked up too and admired. Yes bad things happen to me and how do they effect my theory?

I simply chalk them up to other peoples will and power of thoughts on the future vs my power of thoughts on the future and it seems to fit tightly into place. Time and time again i have overall in my view of my current situation lost many great battles but i am still here and have overcome more than conceivable for most. I do not feel i'm above anybody just that we can all benefit from understanding that we create our future through our current knowledge and understanding of what tomorrow holds.
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