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GOAL - Call to Action - Massachusetts new proposed gun reg's

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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 04:57 PM
First thread.

I searched, and didn't find this.

I thought I'd share what my little state has up it's sleeves as far as new gun control goes. I found this info off the GOAL (Gun Owners Action League) website. It's a Massachusetts off shoot of the NRA. Honestly, I really don't know what to say about some of these ideas, it's just disturbing.

(Had trouble to get the bullets to copy/paste with "quote", so I'll just post it like regular text)


Governor Deval Patrick, Representative David Linsky (D) Natick, and many others are in the process of, or already have filed new legislation which will severely restrict our second amendment rights while doing NOTHING to solve any real issues.

Once again our state legislators are committing "Blame and Punishment" of Massachusetts gun owners.

Among the many things our legislators are proposing:

•10 round magazines loaded with more than 7 rounds, punishable by more than two years in jail.
•Magazines containing more than 10 rounds, punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
•Potential confiscation of lawfully purchased long guns and high capacity magazines (greater than 10 round capacity).
•A complete ban on semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features. (AR type rifles)
•Up to 2 ½ years in jail for receiving more than 1 gun or magazine in a 30-day period.
•Mandatory large capacity guns storage at gun clubs instead of in home.
•Lawful private sales recorded on FA-10 forms will no longer be allowed.
•Ban "high power" ammunition. (there's been no definition provided as to what that is)
•Expanding local licensing authorities discretion to deny or restrict licenses to all guns including FID cards.
•Mandatory insurance for all firearms owners. (see link for more info)
•New proposed sales tax aimed at firearms/ammo purchase. (this has not been clarified)
•Mental and physical health waivers to be signed upon applying for a gun license
•Creating new crimes of assault with a firearm that requires no physical action by the lawful possessor

Here are the links to the info, from the GOAL website, to include the proposed legislation.

GOAL - Gun Owners Action Leage

Governor's Proposed Legislation

There is more links and info on the GOAL page, but this post gets to the gist of it.

What happens next???


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