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Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans or Registration

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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 02:48 PM
Well, since im getting kinda tired of seeing so many anti gun, pro gun and 2nd amendment threads, this will be my first and last thread on the topic

It looks like there are even oathkeepers in the police forces across the country and at least one says that he will not arrest anyone with a legal firearm that breaks these bogus federal anti gun laws.
The oathkeepers are also coming out and asking all members of the police forces across the country to do the same thing.
Its a pretty good video by the way.

link< br />

In this video, Oathkeeper151, a New Jersey Police Officer who has been a member of Oath Keepers since 2009, makes it clear that he will not obey orders that violate the Bill of Rights. In particular, he says he will not be used as a tool of oppression against the American people who resist and refuse to comply with infringement on their right to bear arms, such as legislation or executive orders that decree they must register, get finger printed and photographed, like a criminal. He asks his fellow officers what they are going to do if that happens. Will they keep their oaths? Here is his own description of his video: In this video I ask my fellow Police Officers what they would do, if they were given an unlawful order. I also touch on the Assault Weapons Ban introduced by Senator Feinstein, and how this bill has the potential of putting us Police Officers in a very bad/even fatal predicament. I spoke to him on the phone and he made it clear that he is not afraid to take this public stand because this is what needs to happen. He says the peace officers across America need to stand up and let the people know that they are on the side of the Bill of Rights, and that they will protect the rights of the people. In one of the comments on his video, another officer had this to say: I’ll lay my badge down, stop doing what I love if someone tries to make me do something immoral or unconstitutional. Good video, take care

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