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Ancient Manifest - We can all dream

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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 09:46 AM
Its a little long, but hopefully it will transport you, I felt inspired to write it last night, I thought the ATS crowd might like.

Every single person on earth, is forced for one week to discuss.
Why one hundred percent of us are stuck here trapped for life,
Unsure of whether it is a reality or nightmare, but as we stand around in silence
We see no reason to perpetuate violence, as discussion ensues
What a surprise, our goals are similar, and the means by which we achieve them are each other
Aside from animals there are no others.
But wait a sec, we see a small group of men forming a huddle in the shadows,
Easily noticeable by all, kuniving to gain power.
How do we feel, first we agree they have balls.
Then we hang them upside down, one by one and skin them all,
Extinguished with extreme prejudice, in front of all who remain to witness,
The example is ample motivation to correctly conduct oneself in our nation.
Agreed upon common goals such as food, clothes and shelter.
In unison massive projects took one day to begin, in seven days it would end.
Which leaves part two to unfold for eternity.
As decision are made cannot be built on slave mentality,
If everything is what everyone has, all agree there is no reason
For any human being to violate another, families vanish we become sisters and brothers.
Anyone brave enough to break the law will face.
From the hands of our own, which is actions and decisions and punishments we condone.
On everybody equally, given that everything is given, therefore he who oversteps
Will not be forgiven, immediate death without remorse, stadiums are civic centres,
Where factions of all families and members must attends to discuss on equal footing.
The balance of determination manifests communication.
Non hierarchical formation, the basis is life peace and liberty.
Creative abilities start to become seen in brains that grew with new time to think.
Will not be seen as possession of self but power to put back in to the whole to enjoy itself.
Advanced brain technology to move blocks and control weather
Is just the beginning of infinite potentialities.
Imagine what might be possible using ninety percent of our brain.
Instead of two or five which we currently sustain.
As we remain a single entity of individuals who seek sex and love
The joy of which will not be lowered by a controller above
Because our minds will seek that which brings us happiness, restricting greed and lust,
Which no longer exists as we all share the common bond of love.
We can all die knowing our implementation is done, and motivation to teach
Will reach everybody to seek the all which is what exists openly.
Uninhabitable lands are mythical places with giant faces and bodies so large
Humans that follow us fear to find them, knowing that they’ll starve
On arable soil, growing food and processing oil.
No snow just sun abundance and fun, travelling on horseback
No chemical concoctions, an array of good and naturally natural options.
Our diets increase levels of feel good chemicals to satisfy our day to day.
Exploration of system in place, such as this, and since when did skin matter.
Being that ladders now exist to easily climb over our discrepancies,
And laugh because it never was important anyways
A building will never see the light unless everyone's allowed in.
Aside from your personal sleeping quarters at night.
Every level of society interchangeably, rotates, with a duty to observe all in a circle.
Anyone caught interfering will be dealt with swiftly..
And if you get caught in agreement of receiving such matters, the same fate applies; beware.
Leading us to perfect harmony between our bodies and our properties.
Attention is placed upon sects of philosophers and MCees who entertain and discuss.
The knowledge that they possess, which we all might aim.
Local medical men tend to ailments commonly cured by fail safe mechanisms.
Due to our diets contributions and lack of pollution.
Our bodies cycles, and natural rhythms are in precision.
In ownership and balance of this planet that we live in.

posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Kapablanka

I tried to read your post...3 times. Each time, I got lost on the wall of text. You really need to break it down into *readable* paragraphs. If you are going to spend so much time on creating a thought provoking thread, you'll do a service to all to make it easy to read. You'll get more feedback too. Just giving you a little tip. Hope you don't take it the wrong way.


posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Destinyone

Good call, I agree. I didn't even think of that due to the fact that I wrote it in on paper first because I was having a vision, leading me to quickly transcribe it.

It is a little weird and interesting perhaps thought provoking, shame.


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