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Split infinities - or what would you rather have?

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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 11:15 PM
Split infinities are similar to good -vs- evil.

Would you rather have a world where everyone on this planet can choose and worship in a faith of their choice or would you rather have religions that punish a poor man with no money to feed his family, no social services available and no food banks by cutting off his hands thereby making him incapable of ordinary work because he stole a loaf of bread.

Would you rather have religions that behead and imprison citizens for conversion from Islam to Christianity or the opposite where all religious faiths are honored and welcome to participate in the various societies on this planet?

Would you rather have evil tyrants or kings who decide at their whim who lives and who dies, who shall have civil rights and those who are denied them - it matters not what race or ethnic group you belong to - shall that tyrant have the right to ethnically cleanse your people. Or should society have laws that all people have God given rights to respect, honor and a life of dreams to pursue?

Islam does nothing to curb their extremist counterparts - Sharia law is man made - Buddhist law is man made, Christian laws are man made, Democratic law is man made - which of these espouse the true meaning of the words of love from God to mankind. Some only partially pass the litmus test many fail those tests miserably by touting one religion above another.

How about financial people whose intent is to steal as much money (or what passes for money) from the poor suckers. Is that old saw true - a foolish man and his money are soon parted. But to modernize this saw one would have to state - any person who makes money must give it to the rich by fair or foul plays. It seems to me foul play is the going thing and it applies to our governments who do not operate in a transparent humanistic way.

For an example a politician who says I am not after your guns but then proceeds to use EO to ban / curtail the ability of citizens to obtain and carry guns. This same government appears to be in cahoots with those who wish to remove millions of world citizens through any means available - poisoned air, poisoned foods, unjust detainment a or the tasering of already subdued citizens using the shield of " I didn't want to touch him there was too much blood everywhere "' arresting the victims of a crime rather than the criminal saying I was afraid for me and my partners safety so I shot and killed her. Known offenders used to hide in a school and now the police pepper the building with shot killing 80 children at the wrong address.

Where family pets are shot and killed because the pet was trying to guard his family and home from a cop intruder.

Where TSA pat downs happen in public with intrusive anal and vaginal probes. Where cops can punch you in the face and tag team you down the ground but if you did this to them all holy hell would be unleashed.

Only in America where the black spouse of a colored politician denigrates our flag by saying "All of this for a stupid flag" Where that stupid flag led to her being able to be the black wife of a colored politician and state her own opinion publicly whether anyone likes what she said or not.

In a country where whitie hated blackie and blackies hated whitie many years ago and now days people have moved away from those stereotyped statements - the logical slow pace of evolution of attitudes

In a world where all governments want population control but absolutely fear equality for gay persons.

Why that would be like admitting Hispanics and Indians are people too.

Maybe we are becoming more like the Untied States of Chinese-America.

Or is it like Russia where the president can use drones to kill citizens without impunity - oops sorry I forgot America already allows the potus to create a kill list of political opponents.

You can appeal to the creator but he isn't listening and for dang sure your government is not listening. And they sure as heck have no understanding of their oath of office tossing it out the window for money.

I will end this rant with whatever happened to honest people, honest politicians, honest police officers where the letter of the law was dispensed equally to all and where the meaning of that law was respected.


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