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Sunday News: Kerry Gets Nod from Washington Post and Six Other 2000 Bush Backers

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posted on Oct, 24 2004 @ 01:09 AM
link - Daily Endorsement Talley

Senator John Kerry continued his raid on newspapers that backed President George W. Bush in 2000, grabbing six new "flip-flops," as well as The Washington Post. However, Bush got a real prize in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch.

In gaining the Orlando Sentinel, one of the switches from Bush, Kerry completed a sweep of major papers in top swing stage, Florida. [KEY]

In another surprise, the Detroit News, which has never endorsed a Democrat, and backed Bush in 2000, announced that it would sit out the 2004 election, not happy with either candidate.

The Washington Post, whose editorial page offered strong support to President Bush on the U.S. attack on Iraq, on Sunday endorsed his opponent for president. The paper said it found much to admire in the president's first term, and much that gives it pause about Senator John Kerry, but on balance, the Democrat "has staked a stronger claim on the nation's trust to lead for next four years."

The moderate Chicago Sun-Times and the Los Angeles Daily News, which backed Bush in 2000, also endorsed Kerry.

Bush did manage the Columbus Dispatch and although all 9 editors of the Cleveland Plain Dealer were ready to endorse Kerry tomorrow, the Publisher had other plans...

Meanwhile, E&P has learned from several sources at the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the paper's nine-person editorial board decided earlier this week that it wanted to endorse Kerry but Publisher Alex Machaskee, who has final say, has decided on Bush. The paper backed Bush in 2000.

This has caused consternation in some quarters at the Plain Dealer, with sources telling E&P that the endorsement editorial, which was expected to run Sunday, was put off.

Overall Kerry has picked up a total of 17 papers that backed Bush in 2000, while losing two from the Gore column to Bush. The latest 6 reversals toward Kerry should be newsworthy (finally) depsite the 24/7 cable news efforts to keep this a "horse race" down to the wire.

Circulationwise, that means...

Kerry now leads Bush 70-58 in endorsements in E&P's exclusive tally, and by about 11.9 million to 7.1 million in the circulation of backing papers.

And Rove is running out of outlets for unsubstantiated smear (now that Sinclair has been smited with a dose of reality).

Don't expect the Bush camp to take the endorsement news graciously though. They've got one outlet left for a Monday morning rebuttal of misinformation and mayhem.

The Moonie owned Washington Times. Look for Karl Rove's latest dump to be wiped up by their front page on Monday.

Then when you see crap flies hovering over the Politics & Scandals forum, you'll know it's made it's way here.

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posted on Oct, 24 2004 @ 02:11 AM
First an endorsemet of Kerry now this gem?

GOP officials who talked to Bush-Cheney campaign leaders said the leaders had grown more worried about Ohio, Florida and other key states where Bush lacks a lead with just 10 days until the election. A poll by Ohio University's Scripps Survey Research Center, completed Thursday night, found Kerry leading 49 to 43 percent among registered voters, with a margin of error of five percentage points.

Sen. Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.), campaigning with Vice President Cheney in northwestern New Mexico, told the crowd the GOP ticket will lose the state without a lopsided local victory in San Juan County, because of heavy Democratic activity elsewhere in the state. "Without a huge margin in this county . . . we can't win this election," he said.

One Republican official described the mood at the top of the campaign as apprehensive. " 'Grim' is too strong," the official said. "If we feel this way a week from now, that will be grim."

It was the third time in eight days that Bush had devoted an entire day to campaigning in Florida, and the dramatic stagecraft underscored the conclusion of his aides that -- as in 2000 -- the election will once again come down to Florida.

Bush-Cheney Campaign Leaders apprehensive? When has anyone in the Bush camp EVER been apprehensive about anything before? Resolute, stubborn, horribly misinformed....yes, yes, yes...but apprehensive?

Pray for "grim."


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