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POLITICS: Bush, Kerry Battle Over National Security

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posted on Oct, 23 2004 @ 09:07 PM
Campaign efforts today turned to National Security and the War on Terrori. Both Senator Kerry and Pres. Bush used their rallies in contested states across the nation. Kerry campaigned aggressively in the southern states today with his own plans for keeping America safe, whilst President Bush spent the day in Florida detailing the faults of the Kerry plan and criticised the Senator from Massachusetts for being "indecisive. With just ten days until the election both candidates are engaged in a bitter battle of words.

The President attacked Sen. Kerry with claims of "Election Amnesia" and "indecisiveness" and then went on to detail how Senator Kerry misunderstands the battle between Insurgents and security forces in Iraq. The President then went on to call Mr Kerry a flip flop for changing his positions on the Iraq war, a charge that the Senator has defended himself on countless occasions explaining he was for the war but is highly criticial of how the President handled its aftermath.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA)
"When this president had an opportunity to go capture Osama bin Laden or kill him in the mountains of Afghanistan, he did the same thing with that job what he did with your jobs: He outsourced it to Afghan warlords. And Osama bin Laden just walked out of a back door."

Senator Kerry took the oppurtunity to criticise the President on the failure to capture Osama Bin Laden and to deliver his own plan for National Security and the War on Terror if he wins this Novembers Presidential election.

Vice President Cheney spent the day defending the record of the Bush administration as Senator John Edwards launched fresh attacks on the incumbents policies and the current state of the Economy and Employment figures. Senator Edwards spent the day addressing rallies in Florida whilst Vice President Cheney spent the day in New Mexico

Vice President Cheney
"Our troops, our allies, our enemies mast know where America stands. The president of the United States must be clear and consistent."

John Edwards (D-NC)
"Look at what's happening at home while George Bush has been in office. Five million Americans have lost their health care coverage, 4 million Americans have gone into poverty, over a million private sector jobs have been lost."

Ironically, whilst on the topic of National Security, the airspace around the President was breached up to a dozen times by small private planes using a popular air corridor. Each plane was escorted out of the area by fighter jets from an undisclosed Air Force base.


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