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The Vox Populi Pathogen

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 11:50 AM

The Vox Populi Pathogen

The film, V For Vendetta - one that is most likely familiar to, and a favorite of many ATSers, ends with a very powerful and compelling series of scenes. One of these scenes shows the masses of London, all dressed as Guy ( or Guido, historically ) Fawkes, in unity, as one, walking through a series of highly armed military checkpoints, erected specifically to keep them out. A visual iteration of vox populi, vox Dei ( The voice of the people [is] the voice of God ).

Since this film, the Internet group "Anonymous" has become closely associated with the visage of the Fawkesian mask and the spirit of collective anonymity and power embodied and inherent in the concept of a vox populi. However, one would be naive to assume that this concept, this voice of the populace, is limited to a mask, or a group, or the Internet, or any other thing or "ism" one can imagine. When one is discussing the vox populi one must understand that they are discussing, effectively, an organism. Humanity, as a singular. Each of us, merely cells that are created, live, and die, within the larger entity. Each of us is merely an aspect of the whole, part of that greater life form. Therefore any labels we seek to apply to it become immediately moot and irrelevant. We lack the perspective to address the vox populi as a whole. Ours is to merely add to it, while we are able, so that the voice persists long after our own notes have echoed into silence.

This is one way to view "us". As a collective organism. Advertisers, psychiatists, sociologists, and Governments see us in this manner - in the abstract and not the individual. This is why the Fawksian visage is compelling to us. It allows us to feel safe in the collective - and part of that greater whole. This ability is a great strength. It has kept us as a people, insulated for the entirety of human history. This organic collective that allows us to be more than individuals... to be a choir of voices, rather than just a singular song. To possess both individual and collective interests. This is our power.

It is also one of our greatest weaknesses. One that can now be quite easily exploited.

The Disease - Psychological Pathogenic War

When seen as roughly seven billion individuals, we stand as seven billion necessary and unique conquests on the road to the enslavement of the human race. Seven billion battles, taken one at a time. A daunting and logistically impossible task that has kept humanity safe since the days of Sumer, and possibly even before then. The few did not possess resources that empowered them to influence the many. Ideas, then, were only as effective ( or infectious ) as the methods of dissimination available. Heresay, public spectacle, rumor. Those were the weapons of propaganda for a very long time. Feed your enemies to a lion, or place their heads on pikes for all to see - and then hope that the people carried those tales, outward, to the larger world.

Technology has changed that equation drastically. Science now possesses the tools and the language to both see, and affect, the organism - the vox populi as a whole.

Simply put... where once the best a propagandist could do was to create a localized cellular disruption - to create a tumor - and then hope for it to metastasise. Now it is possible to directly infect the entire organism, or any parts of it one chooses, effectively, quickly, and decisively. Information as infection. A genetic manipulation of the vox populi, written in the DNA of words, cadence of speech, and emotional entrapment. Today a systemic intellectual virus can be injected into the vox populi with ease... the progression of the infection tracked... and adjustments made as necessary - to ensure proper result. The voice of the people can be both monitored and controlled - at nearly an instant pace ( Now trending on Twitter.... ). THIS is power. THIS is where the true war for the future of species lay. THIS is the battlefield.

This is the problem we must solve. The only weapon that we, as a collective organism possess, against the few who would seek to dominate us, is our numbers... is the vox populi. If it cannot be trusted, then we cannot possibly entertain the idea of battle. We cannot effectively defend ourselves.

Referring back to the images I began this dialogue with. If, within that army of Fawkesian masks, there is already infection... already disease in the body of the collective... then we never even make it to the soldiers to test their resolve. The organism dies before that moment of group determination is ever reached. We lose before we begin. We enter battle infected and broken. The outcome predetermined, and only the painful death left to endure.

A cancer of the mind, that takes the vox populi and turns its very cells against one another. A disease that exploits each cells unique attributes and makes the immune system, of the collective, attack its own flesh.

Divide and rule - no different from any number of cancers or viruses, in reality. A disease that causes the host to attack itself.

Rich v poor, black v white, Christian v Muslim, right v left, man v woman, tall v short, fat v skinny, gorgeous v unattractive, smart v strong... the list goes on and on. The disease is easy to see and all of us - today - are terminally infected with it.

Some will say that knowledge cures this infection. That englightenment is innoculation. But I disagree, sadly. Knowledge is a live virus cure for ignorance and the disease of propaganda. But, as such, it is also inherently infected by exactly that which it seeks to remedy. When one seeks cure, one never knows how toxic or infectuous that live virus cure is. One can never be sure if its purity and efficacy. Thus, one might "cure" one infection with knowledge - blind to the reality that the cure to one strain of the virus was the vehicle for infection with another, divergent strain. One would have to assume that there is pure knowledge out there - a legitimate and effective cure. The problem lay in the fact that, as an aspect our or condition - a cell within the body - we can never recognize that which is best for the whole. We only possess the ability to see that which is best, or most appealing, to us. Perspective. That is the key, and the catch. For a body to function properly different cells require different things. Any disease that exploits this fact is highly virulent and dangerous indeed.

Propaganda is such a pathogen.

Sad that those who develop and infect the vox populi fail to see that they, too, are part of the body they [underline]seek to infect.[/underline] They fail to see that the fate of the whole includes them - for a single cell, nor an organ, survives beyond the death of the body. Many fail to see this truth. They lack the intuitive wisdom to understand the whole - the entire organism - and see themselves as separate from it. Because of this they fail to understand the implications of causality in their actions. They poison the well without stopping to consider that they, too, will thirst and be, eventually tainted by their own works.

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 11:50 AM
Maybe they are short sighted. Maybe they simply do not care. A human life lasts but a short time. Maybe, for some, the idea that the body - the vox populi will survive them is more than their morals, or minds, can contain or be concerned with.

Regardless, they do their work, and the organism is infected. We are infected. We are all carriers of a deliberately and opportunistically engineered pathogen. Some wear their leprous infections with pride. Most are silent carriers, not only unaware of the infection that rages within, but actively in denial of the symptoms they, themselves, show, from time to time, of that infection. Cells doing what cells are meant to do - carry on as best they can. Each living, to one degree or another, under the mandates of the "selfish gene". Each lacking perspective understand the whole.

When one considers the above, along with the crumbling and decaying fringes of civilization around us, anger and revulsion are the natural and proper emotional response. The pain of recognizing the vox populi is stark and sobering. When one removes self and ego from the equation - the coldness and rusty edges of the world around us come sharply into focus. With the insulation provided by self and distraction removed, one can begin to see the machine that surrounds us. The industrial, clinical callousness of it all. Just numbers in a system. Random cells, within an organ that we can barely comprehend, making up a body that is beyond us... Given the complexities involved in this thought, and the brutally shattering effect upon the id and ego... one is left but to feel empty and lost. Frustrated. Rage is to be expected.

To be born, an infected aspect of a diseased body in a decaying universe. It's heavy stuff. It's enough to drive many of those who ponder it to the brink of sanity... and beyond.

But then to realize that there are others, equally as fallible and infected - seeking to further the disease? Seeking to kill the whole, the vox populi - without regard or concern for anything other than the preservation of their own egos and illusions? Rage is no longer to be expected here. It is implied.

... and this is why violent revolution will not suffice nor work. Because it is implied and it is already prepared for and exploited by those with malignent interests. Revolution is the immune system, and this pathogen, this virus, is prepared. It will turn that immune system against the body and use it to attack itself.

It already has, many times over. It always will. Today, due to science, even more effectively than ever before. The disease is now weaponized and it is incredibly efficient at what it does.

The symptoms of this pathogen are easy to see. Bias, hatred, racism, judgment, and selfishness... just to name a few. It is in our natures to notice the subtle differences between one another. This is natural and healthy. It is a tool for comparative reasoning and perspective. It gives the body... the vox populi... greater genetic diversity. Diversity is a key to the long term survival of the whole - as it allows for parts of the body to survive, even if others perish. It is a good thing for humanity. Yet it has also been used, in conjunction with ego, as a base for the live virus infection we face today.

Even with seven billion Fawkes masks, covering seven billion faces, we would still fragment. We would still break off into tribes and factions. We would remain ripe for divide and rule. Even if for no other reasons than accent, voice, or stated thought. Even if we all sought to be as generic and alike as possible - fragmentation based upon nuance would occur. This is the truth of things. This is an aspect of the diversity that helps us survive, and it is the single most important tool in the enemies arsenal. Exploitation of difference is the mechanism of the pathogen. It is the terminal aspect of the disease.

The weaponized aspect of this can be seen daily. Everywhere, Even here. We all fall prey to our own perspectives and paradigms. We all voice our beliefs and thoughts in an attempt to reach out to others who might share them. We seek out those voices that tend to harmonize with ours. This benefits the chorus of the vox populi and is natural. The unnatural and abhorrent comes when a willfully infected aspect of the whole seeks to create disharmony by tightening and tuning those collected choruses... leading them off key... changing the very structure and stability of the endless song.

They fragment the voice. They turn chorus into caucophony. They so disturb the vox populi that it ceases being a harmony. Where there is no harmony, there is no unity. Where there is no unity? Well, a house divided cannot stand.

This is why Governments have, since the dawn of time, spent untold fortunes seeking to understand the mechanisms of that voice. Toward learning how to manipulate and tune it. Because they understand that the key to their control and power is to make sure that we never sing the same notes at the same time. That we never all get the same tempo and tone. That we are, forever, out of tune.

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 11:51 AM


I realize that this OP has been uncommonly abstract and unsourced. For that I do apologize. Reporting upon things is easy. But ideas? They can be much more troubling and difficult to manifest into words. So, forgive me for this indulgance... it is simply something that I needed to put down here. If for no other reason than having it available for future reference of the abstract concepts discussed.

My personal belief is that we are headed for an ill fated revolution in this world. Whether it will be one of violence, or of culture, or of ideas, I cannot say. I simply feel, very strongly, that it is inevitable and will likely happen sooner, rather than later. There is too much imbalance, currently, for things to continue on as they have. History tells us that such imbalances usually signal great change. It is my heartfelt opinion that we are approaching such a point in history. A nexus between one set of paradigms and another.

This thought scares me because we are not ready. We are not one voice, united. We are currently a caucophony of noise and, if we try to unite - the disparate notes will simply cancel one another out. Those who seek to exploit us will not even have to lift a finger. They won't even take notice when it happens. They've already introduced their weaponized pathogens into our minds and souls. They know us to be infected and infectuous. They are vain and consider us nothing more than a zombie hoarde.... a leper army. Nothing to fear - as the body is sick and frail. If we try to rise-up to stop the malignant cells among us? This illness will simply cause that immune reaction to lead us into attacking one another as well. We will prove to be our own downfall. That is if we haven't already missed our window for change - having been so focused, instead, upon one another - and not the bigger picture.

Either way, our failed ( or missed out upon ) uprising will only serve to further the discord and disharmony.

The saddest aspect of the words I am writing here is this: If you are reading these words, there is no cure or resolution to be had. We, all of us. are, to one degree or another, already infected and contagious. Even if we have the best of intentions, we carry the pathogen within us and infect all those we speak to with our own, unique, mutated strain - even as they infect us in return. No matter how "well" we may become, on an individual basis, we are still always going to be carriers... Typhoid Mary's - spreading the germs no matter how much we wish it were not so.

Some will read what I have written here and talk about God. Others will possibly speak of the Western world, or of the rising Eastern one. I imagine a few will simply say "bollocks" and little more. The truth is none of that matters at all. Religions, nations, cultures, races, even ideas come and go - as time passes. They are secondary to the endless song of the vox populi. While these issues may impact the structure of the song, they did not start it, nor will they silence it. It is its own organism and will live out its natural life span - regardless of what individual cells do or do not do.

Having said all of the above, I do not feel pessimistic about the fate of the vox populi at all. Not by a longshot. Infections burn out - even the most virulent kinds. They have a lifespan and carry the characteristics of a collective organism as well - just as the vox populi does.

It is my belief that the song will outlive the infection.

In the meantime, we can have take measures to assist in the healing of the whole. If we were dealing with the common cold, the answers would be obvious. Simple prophylactic and sanitary measures. Don't sneeze on others, wash ones hands often... be aware of the contagion. Make a conscious effort to avoid spreading it. This is no different. Not at all. Our children will sing off key because we, and the others around them, will teach them to. The same with their children.

So... if we all make just some level of effort towards prophylactic containment? How man generations will it take for the first child to be born, at some point in the future, completely free of infection and with no prospects of later contamination? How long before a world with harmony can exist again?

The answer to those questions lay at the feet of every single one of us. What we choose to do, or to not do is directly relevant. The propagandists? What good will their diseases do them in a world filled with immune patients? In a world where the vox populi finally finds the right key?

Hate, intolerance, and the words that propegate division are the contagions. Be mindful of spreading them.


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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 07:24 AM
I think you're right, we're all infected with a mentality largely inserted by a group with whom we never directly interact.

I find it funny that the majority on this site, including myself, think there is a high amount of secret control of information and society; there are some sinister motives within the groups that exert this control; and yet when we seek to discuss the world with credibility there is no other option but to use the information provided within this system of control.

We have all kinds of notions about things like aliens, ancient peoples, royal bloodlines, suppressed technology, banking conspiracies, on and on and on. But when speaking to anyone who doesn't take such a leap of imagination, evidence is always at best circumstantial and more often non existent. Even when speaking among other conspiracists, all the evidence used is from the same information complex that is claimed to be so corrupt. I find it hard to believe that any can escape all of the obstacles to being a free thinker with a clear picture of reality.

This is one of the reasons, I think, that religious/spiritual advanced mentalities seem to often go hand and hand with political conspiracy. The original conclusion of conspiracy comes from a seemingly divine moment of creative inspiration, connecting dots that few seem to see. But the picture is still vague, and it seems the only path to knowing the truth may be seeking a form of high enlightenment, mergence with God, where things are found in something of a psychic manner.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 08:19 AM
Hate will only be banished once people have feasted enough on it that they become sick of it. Intolerance will only die once people realize it is a knife held to their own throats.

There is a cure for this disease, it is love.

I know this is true for me. I was deathly ill with this disease, on my death bed truly, and the only thing that kept me from a cozy casket 6 feet under was love. Real, unconditional, pure and complete love. The kind of love a mother has for their son, or a brother for their sister or a boy for his dog. The kind of love you have for a best friend or for god if you are religious, the kind of love you have when you meet that one person whom you never have to say a word to and they know you love them and they love you. The love you feel watching a sunset or seeing a flower bloom.

Why are so many so afraid to love? It terrifies us. We avoid it at any cost. We self sabotage when we get too "close" to it, many of us can't even use the word....we whisper and lean into each other and hiss "omg....he used the 'l-word'" like it's worse than a 4 year old dropping the F bomb. Relationships breakup over this "word" if used in the wrong way at the wrong just happened to a friend of mine. Love has been put on this pedestal, as some mythic holy thing, this sacred near unattainable state of being that we all want, but secretly fear. Why is this? I have many possible reasons, but what I do know is, if we drug "love" off it's pedestal, quit obsessing over it and just made it a basic part of our lives, I don't think this disease you speak of heff, would infect very many people.

In other words, if humans had a default setting, that default setting should be love.

Thanks again for the thoughtful post, it inspires so much in me and really makes me think more and look more deeply into things. Hopefully one day we will sing in harmony, and I am sure when we do, it will sound amazing.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 08:39 AM
The subject here is something that came across my mind a week or 2 ago
while wondering about what the NWO was really about and why humanity has
failed to slow down the train that is seemingly running pell mell towards the
end of the track.

Every authentic movement in response to government having too much power
in the US has met the same fate - they are infiltrated and turned away from
their original targets then mercilessly hammered down by the propaganda
machine. The Tea Party, Occupy, The Black Panther movement - all now exist
as examples of "extremism" to be avoided by the average person - or such is
the perception conveyed by the MSM. If you support any of these you're a
communist or a racist redneck or violent separatist - anything but a person
genuinely concerned with the fate of the Nation or the people.

When we reduce the elements of freedom vs any form of collectivism I have
found one constant and recurring theme; the right of the individual vs "the
greater good". In principle the United States was formed on the basis that
people derive their rights from God (or creator) and the government derives their power from the people.
This gives us: God>Person>Government.
In order to control us the paradigm has now been reversed to
This is why atheism can never be fully in support of our Constitutional
Republic as they refuse to recognize where our rights are derived from.
It should be easy to see why both Democracy and atheism are both
promoted by the PTB and the MSM. It is to replace God as the highest
authority with the will of the people or the "greater good".

Nowhere in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence does it state
that such a concept of separation of church and state exists. This is a phrase
by Thomas Jefferson that has been misconstrued when it's original meaning
was that there should be no Official state church or religious ascendancy.
In my earlier years I fought for an idea that in the end is
counterproductive to our freedoms. I thought the religious right was going to
create an outright Theocracy back during the Reagan years. I published
underground zines, wrote editorials and was involved in some direct action
against certain religious organizations that I thought were a danger to the
American way of life and governance.

What I didn't realize was how the Republican party was using the Religious
right to gain power and simultaneously destroy the inherent religious
underpinnings of our Nation. They infiltrated the churches and seminaries
and reduced the work of God to the work of government. It replaced the
individual with the collective of the church and merged their interests with
those of government.

God or the creator as an intangible concept from which our rights are derived
has been reduced to a relic of mythology or the driving force behind fanatics
who would seek to kill us all. Even the concept of terrorism reinforces the
concept that religion is bad and even dangerous.
We were all created unique and completely individual, we are a product of
the creator and divine in the sense that we are indeed special and cannot be
replaced. The PTB would have us reduced to but units in a mob, a faceless
amoeba or a number on a tax form. They teach us that we have no power
unless we join such and such group. But for every group we join we give up
some of what makes us special and it becomes a bargain with the devil.

So where are we now? We live in a Godless state where greed and power
reign supreme but aren't we lucky that no one has to see the 10
commandments in a courthouse frieze? By removing religion and the concept
of God from our schools and public life entire generations have been raised
to believe there is no higher authority than the state and beyond that they
obey the influence of peer groups. We turn to each other for validation and
assurance that we are important and in doing so reinforce the very paradigm
that removes our real power.

V for Vendetta is dangerous in that while pointing out
the obvious evil of government control it invites the power of the mob as the
solution with each of us faceless in doing so. No, we shouldn't cover our faces
and join the group, we should stand tall as individuals created by the divine
power in the universe.

How did the messages from God become cannonized in to what we know as
the Bible or the Koran? Through revelation to the individual, the prophets
whose words were recorded and became the books that religion has been
founded upon. The message from the creator revealed through individuals is
essentially the message of Jesus that we are all born perfect and are aspects
of the divine, that we are all imbued with power by connecting with the very
source of creation. This, as people, not as groups.

When you have destroyed God you have destroyed the basis of our rights and
we become faceless sheep in the herd awaiting the will of the master.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

First, may I say you nailed it!

However, if I could ask you to consider, one more facet or idea?
What if it is not an external pathogen? What if we are genetically predisposed; programmed to identify these differences and divisions?
Whatever the means or cause, wouldn't it be beneficial to not have unity?
As farmers have discovered, diversity increases your chance of success. Competition makes us stronger?
United might we collectively all go over the cliff?
Is it possible for a undesirable trait or group to come out on top?
Hard to think so if you except how much has been involved in assuring the positive growth in the first place.
True victory might only come about when we recognize the value of our differences, to the point that we desire and encourage the growth of them?
How much value we assign to the differences might be the only guide?
Thank you so much, for your insight.

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:01 PM
Great insight. As a new member I am impressed with your essay. One thing I would interject is that the same communication technologies used by the oppressors are also readily available for the Vox Populi you discuss. As quickly as they can disseminate misinformation, the counterargument can be made as well, and to as many people. The information age is a double edged sword and the power it gives to the people has already put the ones in charge on notice.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

Hi Hef,

I do agree that we have lost our ability to come to any sort of consensus on anything anymore. The inability of people all around me to identify even the most obvious things as either 'good' or 'bad' for themselves is very disturbing to me.

I don't know when it happened, but it seems that the ability has almost been excised out of us, and everyone has been given a free pass on thinking hard about anything; and forget coming together to solve problems.

Like all that multidisciplinary science stuff we have been looking at on other threads; works good for them. But we are told to specialize. As Robert Heinlein used to say, "Specialization is for insects".

If a society can't agree on what is good or bad for itself, it's really just a mess of people.

That is probably why all the emphasis on controlling the new frontier, the new media in which culture is growing new culture, you know, all that DARPA stuff. As you say, we can't have folks forming any kind of consensus now, can we?

Usually the really successful cultures that pull off what I am suggesting have a common language and religion. I mean, geez, how well would a computer program do if it were written in a bunch of code that all had it out not to agree with each other.

So yeah, not good. I see it come out in funny ways, too. It is not natural for folks to behave all atomized and fragmented like that, so when they do have the opportunity to come together over something, especially something within the 'moral' realm' they go completely ape-#, gushing all over themselves.

I think that the most curious example of this is child-molestation and pedophilia. When a case related to either goes public, you hear the most tremendous outcry, particularly from the men, who start to behave like a lynch mob. And this is despite the fact that 90% of the molestations occur at the hands of someone the child knows, loves and trusts. It seems the statistics would suggest that our inability to make group decisions regarding even the most fundamental behaviors occurring within our society has made symbolic hypocrites of everyone.

So yeah, enough out of me.

Another great thread, Hef.

You write the songs, as Barry would say.

OMG! Check this out...

C.A.O.S.: Can't Agree On #

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

Sad that those who develop and infect the vox populi fail to see that they, too, are part of the body they [underline]seek to infect.[/underline] They fail to see that the fate of the whole includes them - for a single cell, nor an organ, survives beyond the death of the body. Many fail to see this truth. They lack the intuitive wisdom to understand the whole - the entire organism - and see themselves as separate from it. Because of this they fail to understand the implications of causality in their actions. They poison the well without stopping to consider that they, too, will thirst and be, eventually tainted by their own works.

And how are the words you spread any different.. All truths are relative and the whole is undefinable in words..

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

Hey Heff, did you have some kind of heads up to this Portland shooting, I just read reports on the Shooting thread that the suspects were wearing the face mask from V for Vendetta. J/K anyways, but kind of weird if this is true that that is how they are dressed shooting up the mall.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 06:41 PM
Best thread ever read (here). I share your perspective (also comparable with Gaia-Theory; in fact it's a simple systemic point of view) and "the" (or at least my) only solution is "live". Follow your own agenda, seek allies, unite the people and be flexible to adapt and crush enemies if it's necessary (That might be my "true neutral" alignment here).

Life is unstable, fragile and a pursuit of balance. It shouldn't be black vs. white, man vs. woman, poor vs. rich, tall vs. small, brain vs. brute - it should be "and". And maybe it should also be "and and vs" (instead of and vs vs). Accepting human nature and making best out of it. At last I try. For myself, my significant others, family, friends, community, country and mankind at last. Not every day, not in every single move, but "and".
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 08:57 PM
Beautiful thread.

Now, I don't mean to be that hopeless optimist you refer to above (there's another oxymoron to add to the list
), but I differ with you on the point of all "songs" being inherently diseased. I think good common ground can be struck if we can all get behind the principles and practices that support Life and Liveliness. There are still plenty of stories out there that speak to that, and we can pick up the tune and broadcast it, both here on the WWW soapbox, as well as within our own little sphere of family and community.

If a healing process is inevitable, why could it not begin with those who are sensitized to the discord? Perhaps those who can isolate the ravages of the disease within their own microcorpus are essential to composing a countertune to cure the unsound macrocosm.

Additionally, I don't think overspecialization is the problem: quite the opposite. The trend is toward a rapid homogenization of career paths and education. But, it would appear that people are born with a variety of aptitudes which if recognized and encouraged result in happier human beings.

We are meant to specialize, but all our institutions push us to generalize. There simply aren't as many types of niches to be filled, as only a very narrow spectrum of human activities are assigned any economic value. Obsolete functions still long to be expressed, and it results in a lot of cells turning cancerous.

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

No. Crowd has many heads but no brain. But yes, it's easier to control. One voice is stronger than many when the idea is right. You don't read about crowd's voice in the books.
The battle is not where you see it. It's spiritual battle. With few more big players behind the scenes.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

Sorry, but I couldn't read your post but diagonally, super fast, to the simple fear of the OP being a fear porn propaganda... ;-)
This is all but a bad way of thinking. Fear is to be fear, cause fear will stop you in your tracks. Stop you to do, to think or whatever.
To fear something, is to realize it, in the sense of making it real.
So my fear of your post being a fear porn is my own, making your post just it: a fear porn propaganda...
Running in circle is mad mad world.
I am an optimist. Just like Iceland, the whole of the people can and will react. I think it will be easier on a smaller scale, but the organism will defend itself.
Once the genie is out of the box, there is no turning back.
Just like a candle can fight the darkness, truth will win in the end and will make its way.
And the truth shall set you free.

Love is all you need.

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:09 AM
You seem to be inspired by the nonsense of that movie. There is not one example in history where a government has laid down its arms and allowed themselves to be walked over (and then dismantled) by protesters. Infantile in its naivety.

Sensing difference is not a flaw, nor a "contagion". That is progressive ideology taken to extremes. It sounds to me that you are interested in doing the TPTB's work for them. They have been working hard to erase cultural distinctions between people. And the idea that differences should be erased and people should think and unite as one entity is the same foolhardy thinking behind Nazism, Communism and modern Liberalism.

So I really see no value in your theory. What we need is enlightenment through more individualism and less cookie cutter zombies who are brought up as mindless, uneducated consumers and unwitting political tools on the trash beamed into billions of living rooms.

Good luck on the Christian v Muslim example. I'd like to see you explain that to an Islamist who wants you dead. Or the rich v poor example when you are robbed at gunpoint while walking through the roughest neighborhoods on your quest for peace. I know you think all strife is created by a nerfarious agenda inflicted on an otherwise peaceful humanity. I think, to the contrary, the real world shows the true nature of humanity. Your solution of ending strife and discord by turning us into clones absolutely will not do.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by SteveR

Would you please direct me to the part where I suggested turning people into "clones"? Or where I used any terms such as "cookie cutter zombies" or "mindless, uneducated consumers and unwitting political tools".

In the OP above you'll find no suggestion of, or push for any sort of purity, whether it be racial, gender, religious, or otherwise. In fact the OP celebrates the differences between unique individuals and cultures. In fact it says:

The symptoms of this pathogen are easy to see. Bias, hatred, racism, judgment, and selfishness... just to name a few. It is in our natures to notice the subtle differences between one another. This is natural and healthy. It is a tool for comparative reasoning and perspective. It gives the body... the vox populi... greater genetic diversity. Diversity is a key to the long term survival of the whole - as it allows for parts of the body to survive, even if others perish. It is a good thing for humanity.

This is not a discussion of that which differentiates men, but of what commonality they share. This is a conversation about ideals and thoughts - not about skin color or net worth.

And, yet, here you come, sneezing all over it and happily trying to spread the disease.


posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

Even with seven billion Fawkes masks, covering seven billion faces, we would still fragment. We would still break off into tribes and factions. We would remain ripe for divide and rule. Even if for no other reasons than accent, voice, or stated thought. Even if we all sought to be as generic and alike as possible - fragmentation based upon nuance would occur. This is the truth of things. This is an aspect of the diversity that helps us survive, and it is the single most important tool in the enemies arsenal. Exploitation of difference is the mechanism of the pathogen. It is the terminal aspect of the disease.

The most powerful recipe ever cooked up by the powers that be has always been to break apart tribal groups and fling them together in a multi culti pot. Stir that pot vigorously and soon no one will have a sense of being part of a community with mutual traditions and beliefs that are even worth fighting for. That's the beauty of "individualism", no one is strong enough to rebel against the pot stirrers and no one knows where to begin or why they even should.

Humans are like water, left alone they will seek their own level of comfort. This is not allowed, its against the law, it goes against everything the powers have taught us, we are to be dammed up with others who hate us ~ or damned up, to be exploited individually at the will of the dam builders.

And how is that working out for us?

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

Going to read this again,
It has always been this way Heff, except now, the magnitude and the consequences, will be astounding.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

How long before a world with harmony can exist again?


That world never existed, your questions and observations have been pondered by great minds since the beginning of time.

I guess that is one reason man has always looked for a savior, and some even look forward to the end of days,

To kill us/the virus,

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