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Astro-Diagnosis : A Guide To Healing With Astrology [Rosicrucianism]

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 01:01 AM
The majority of this thread is based on the works of Max Heindel, and Augusta Foss Heindel. There will be a few notes from myself outside of the quotations. Firstly, we will give you a bit of a background as to who Max Heindel was. If you notice any similarities to your own illnesses, please speak up and report it so that others of us can test the efficacy.

He was born into the noble family Von Grasshoff, which was connected to the German Court during the lifetime of Prince Bismarck. The father of Max Heindel, Francois L. von Grasshoff, migrated to Copenhagen when he was a young man and married a Danish woman of noble birth. They had two sons and one daughter. The oldest of these sons was Carl Louis Von Grasshoff, who later adopted the pen name of Max Heindel.

The father died when the eldest son was six years of age, leaving the mother and three small children in straitened circumstances. Max Heindel's infancy was thus lived in genteel poverty. His mother's self-denial was carried to such an extreme that her small income was dedicated to private tutors for her sons and daughter, so that they might eventually take their place in society as members of the noble classes.

Heindel left home at the age of sixteen to learn engineering at the ship-yards of Glasgow, Scotland. As Chief Engineer of a trading steamer, he traveled extensively, and eventually found himself working on one of the large passenger steamers of the Cunard Line plying between America and Europe. From 1895 to 1901, he was a consulting engineer in New York City. During this time he married, the marriage being terminated by the death of his wife in 1905. A son and two daughters were born of this marriage.

In 1903, Max Heindel moved to Los Angeles, California, seeking work. After attending lectures by the theosophist C.W. Leadbeater, he joined the Theosophical Society of Los Angeles, of which he became vice-president in 1904 and 1905. He also became a vegetarian, and began the study of astrology, which he felt gave him the key to unlocking the mysteries of man's inner nature. He met his future wife Augusta Foss around this time. However, overwork and privation brought him severe heart trouble in 1905, and for months he lay at the point of death. Upon his recovery he said he was more keenly aware of the needs of humanity. He said that he spent much of the time during this illness out of his body, consciously working and seeking for the truth as he might find it on the invisible planes.

From 1906 to 1907 he started a lecture tour, in order to spread his occult knowledge. He began in San Francisco and then went to Seattle. After a course of lectures in that city he was again forced to spend some time in a hospital with valvular heart trouble. Upon his recovery, still undaunted, he once more took up his work of lecturing in the northwestern part of the United States.

His father died while he was pretty young, and his mother struggled to put him through good schooling at the time. Being raised by a single parent is tough, a fact I can attest to. He eventually attended some lectures by prominent Theosophists which sparked his own interest in Theosophy. He took courses in Astrology, which is pertinent to this thread and it's premise. We should examine the remark regarding his heart illness, and out of body travels during that subsequent time till his recovery.

Covered in his work, "The Occult Principles of Health and Healing", Max covers the various 'bodies', such as the astral, desire, mental, emotional, and etc. This would indicate that Max was a proficient astral projector.

In the fall of 1907, during a most successful period of lectures in Minnesota, he travelled to Berlin (Germany) with his friend Dr. Alma Von Brandis, who had been for months trying to persuade him, in order to hear a cycle of lectures by a teacher in the occult field called Rudolf Steiner. During his short stay at Germany, he developed a sincere admiration of the personality of this knowledgeable lecturer, as later shown in the dedication of his magnum opus ("esteemed teacher and value friend"). He sat in on several lectures and had one or two interviews with Steiner and he could learn about occult truth from the founder of later Anthroposophy, but at the same time he understood that this teacher could not help him to advance along the path of spiritual development.

It was then, with his mind already made up to return, feeling that in vain he had given up a big work in America to take this trip, that Heindel reports to have been visited by a Spiritual being (clothed in his vital body). The highly evolved entity that visited Heindel eventually identified himself as an Elder Brother of the Rosicrucian Order, an Order in the inner worlds formed in the year 1313 and having no direct connection to physical organizations which call themselves by this name. As he afterwards mentions, the Elder Brother gave him information which was concise and logical and beyond anything he was capable of writing.

Later, he found out that during a previous visit of the Elder Brother, he was put to a test to determine his worthiness to be messenger of the Western Wisdom Teachings. He recounts that only then he was given instruction how to reach the etheric Temple of the Rose Cross, near the German/Bohemian border, and how at this Temple he was in direct communication with and under the personal instructions of the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross. The Rosicrucian Order is described as being composed of twelve Elder Brothers, gathered around a thirteenth who is the invisible Head. These great Adepts, belonging to human evolution but having already advanced far beyond the cycle of rebirth, are reported as being among those exalted Beings who guide mankind's evolution, the Compassionate Ones.

He eventually made contact with a very popular Anthrosophist and Rosicrucian, Rudolf Steiner. Steiner had previously been a Theosophist prior to the schism in which he subsequently created the Anthrosophical society. He made clairvoyant observations into the astral plane with some of the teachings in order to expand his knowledge of astral and occult healing; much of which based in hermetic axiom "As above, so below."

While Max Heindel, eventually left Rudolf Steiner's Anthrosophy, and was adamant that any of his teachings would not be found in any other occult literature; there seemed to be a connection between their sources of information.

Current research on the connection between the two seers Max Heindel and Rudolf Steiner describes that "he[Heindel] felt that what Steiner was doing was not appropriate for America where pragmatism and clear linear thinking is predominant" and "that he did not find what he was looking for there (a Western oriented spirituality that was accessible to the general public)".

It is also described that Heindel's magnum opus [see following section] having a "more far-reaching body of Teachings" contains "information not otherwise available in the public domain or available without supersensible perception of an advanced degree".

This body of Teachings, Western Wisdom Teachings, was further developed in Heindel's subsequent investigations and works and it is not available in Steiner or any other source as it contains material and specific clairvoyant accounts "not be found elsewhere in any occult sources"; thus, it is concluded through the available sources that "The similarities are due to a common source to both men (Rosicrucian influences and teachers)".

Max Heindel eventually died in peace, described as falling gently into his wife, Augusta Foss, arms and saying, "I'm all right dear."

Last, it is worthy of mention that the work prepared by Max Heindel, has been, since then, continued through students of the Western Wisdom Teachings who, as Invisible Helpers of mankind, assist the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross to perform the Spiritual Healing around the world. This is the special work in which the Rosicrucian Order is interested and is provided according to the commands of Christ, namely, "Preach the gospel and heal the sick.""

Source: Max Heindel Wikipedia
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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

(Continued from above.)

Astro-diagnosis is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming it. This new science of diagnosis and healing is slowly permeating the medical world. It is a science which will not set aside the old school of medicine and diagnosis, but it is an addition to the old school The latter, we feel, will in time accept this newer method. At present many physicians are willing to cooperate with the newer schools of osteopathy, nature-cure, chiropractic, etc., and these open-minded men are ready to accept a more advanced method of diagnosis when it has been demonstrated to them as reliable.

Depending entirely upon outward symptoms in locating disease and relying wholly upon the action of medicine have cost millions of lives in the ages past. But man is now becoming too enlightened, too broadminded to stick stubbornly to old methods which have been proved by many mistakes, by the sacrifice of many lives, to be inadequate. Medical science with its improved instruments, the X-ray, iri-diagnosis, blood tests, etc., has made great strides toward better methods of diagnosis. But the time is not far hence when it will be generally conceded that to know in advance where human chain is weakest, to understand by the science of the stars where the practitioner may look for trouble, is by far the best way.

Doctors will then arrive very quickly at the cause of disease, and they will also know what methods will be best to effect a cure. When they can use the key to the soul, the horoscope, they will find the treatment to which the patient will respond. They will also know the character of the patient, whether his will is weak, and whether he is negative or emotional. They will then be guided in their methods of treatment according to the information thus obtained.

This main introduction is of a strong note: at no time should this be used in place of modern medicine, but practiced in addition to. The synchronicity of both can give new insights to the illness, and its best possible cures.

When the medical men, the scientists, the occult scientists, and the astrologers have reached a friendly understanding, when the budding discoveries and the broader thoughts of man are no longer at variance with each other, then humanity will know that the terrors and the pain of the operating room are things of the past. Then buoyant health will be universally enjoyed, for mankind will be taught how to live in order to avoid suffering. The doctors will be just as anxious to keep people well as they now are to help them to recover from disease. The time is not far hence, we believe, when the government will feel the necessity of paying doctors a yearly salary to teach the people how to avoid the pitfalls which lead to disease.

Something I can agree with for the most part. Unfortunately, I don't believe Heindel foresaw the path of corruption our government would take after his death. I do however believe that when Science and the Occult come to a mid-point we will solve a lot of unanswered questions.


When Aries, which has rule over the head, is on the Ascendant, we have a person whose actions are impulsive and aggressive. He acts and speaks quickly. An excess of life force is generated by these people. This is intensified when the dynamic Mars, which is the ruler of Aries, is also in Aries on the Ascendant, or when the life-giving sun is there. When these planets add their vital energies to the Ascendant, we have a person who is very apt to dissipate his forces. people who express Aries very strongly are apt to be quick of temper of an explosive kind, but will not hold spite.

Those with Aries on the Ascendant, or with the sun or Mars there, are quick to anger but also ready to forgive. Aries rules the head, the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, the upper jaw, the eyes, and the face. The nose, however, is ruled by the martial sign of Scorpio. Aries is hot, dry, and inflammatory. Aries people with a slight cold or disturbance of health may have a very high temperature. In illness their fever will often be from three to four degrees higher than that of the persons born under the watery of airy signs.

Under planetary afflictions these people are subject to brain fever, dizziness, nosebleed, neuralgia, inflammation of the cerebral hemispheres, and diseases of the brain and face. They frequently suffer from a rush of blood to the head. The will of the patient plays a great part in the success of healing. People under positive signs are most likely to respond, for they make personal effort to help the healer, while negative-sign people are prone to follow the line of least resistance and to be neglectful in following the instructions of the healer.

Aries signs are likely to be short tempered and fall prone to inflammation of the brain through fever, dizziness, disease, neuralgia, etc.


Taurus has rule over the region of the neck, the ears, palate, larynx, tonsils, thyroid gland, lower jaw, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, and cervical vertebrae, vocal chords, carotid arteries, jugular vein, and the pharynx. The Taurian is very stubborn and tenacious. Taurus being a negative sign, when a Taurian contracts a disease, he holds on to it tenaciously. He has great fear of sickness, and on account of this fear he makes a poor doctor or nurse, whereas the Arian, being under Aries which is a positive sign, will go into a sick room without fear and quickly throw off the disease.

If you have a patient who has Taurus rising or the sun in Taurus, never let him think he is much ill, for his fear of sickness will often bring on a spell of it. The Taurian has a tendency to take on flesh in middle life. Being short and thickest as a rule, he becomes very fleshy about the neck and base of the skull. This has a tendency to cause the swelling of glands, tonsillitis, quinsy, and various diseases of the organs of the neck; also polypi.

Taurus signs will be prone to throat disorders, and have the tendency or capability to become a hypochondriac. Being a negative sign, Taurus is less likely to assist the doctor by following through with the treatments; another thing I can attest to, my sister is a Taurus,


Gemini has rule over the arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, thymus gland, upper ribs, trachea, bronchi, capillaries, breath, and oxygenation of the blood. The Gemini person is subject to nervous troubles. Gemini being one of the common signs, a person born with this sign rising is often very careless of his health and habits, and on this account we find more tubercular patients among Gemini people than among people of any one of the other eleven signs. Gemini being classed among the positive signs, the Gemini person can, if he is given the least bit of help, often throw off a disease. The diseases to which Gemini is most subject are pulmonary troubles, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, consumption, pleurisy, and nervous disorders.

Once again, I concur entirely. I am a Gemini, while I may not get sick often, it was usually bronchitis. From the time I was 11 till I had my enlarged tonsils removed at 15, I was constantly sick with bronchitis. Now I only receive an occasional sinus infection a year. Which I attribute to the fact I use to see an ENT doctor to remove the blockage.


When we have a horoscope to diagnose for one who has the watery and negative Cancer rising, we may look for one who is low in vitality; one who is very timid yet loath to follow the advice of others. Cancer people are apt to do the opposite from that which they are advised to do. They are also full of suspicion, and on account of lack of faith in others they are difficult to reach; but when their faith has once been established, they are most loyal and ready to cooperate.

A little praise or appreciation will often win them over. They are unduly sensitive, and when hurt do not forget it readily. When the sun is in this watery sign, the native has more vitality than when it is rising, for the sun is the giver of life and energy. Cancer has rule over the stomach, diaphragm, the mammae, upper lobes of the liver, thoracic duct, eumification, peristalsis, the pancreas, gastric vein, and the serum of the blood.

The afflictions which may be classed under the sign of Cancer are indigestion, hiccough, flatulency, dropsy, and sclerosis. Cancer people are very fond of food and are usually hearty eaters. Consequently they are often afflicted with diseases which originate in wrong diet; especially do we find this so with the people have Saturn in Cancer. This planet has a restricting influence, and wherever he is found he robs the corresponding organ of its fluids. When in Cancer he gives a desire for pastry and sweets.

The more I seem to study this, the more it seems to ring true. My aunt is a Cancer who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and is quite fond of her sweeteners. She is a stout woman to say the least, and while she has lost a lot of weight as of late, was a hearty eater when I first knew her.


When we have to deal with a patient with Leo on the Ascendant, we have one with great vital energy, one who will not readily succumb to disease. The Leo usually puts up a brave fight to overcome without calling upon others for help, but when he gives up, he is usually very sick; he recovers rapidly from illness, however. His pride will not permit him as a rule to become a charge upon others.

Being a positive sign the greatest handicap to the Leo is impulse. He feels he must do everything with a very great amount of energy, which is detrimental to the health of the parts of the body ruled by this vital sign: the heart, aorta, vena cava, dorsal region of the spine, and the spinal cord. The sun, which is the life giver, rules this sign of Leo and also has rule over the vital etheric fluid coming through the spleen, which is the gateway of the solar forces. Through the spleen the sign of Leo draws its strength largely.

We find those born with this sign rising very vital and full of force, especially if the sun is also in Leo; but by the destructive use of their surplus energy they are often afflicted with heart trouble of various kinds, also spinal troubles. They suffer frequently with disturbance of the spleen, which has an effect upon the activities of the blood, causing an excess of white blood corpuscles, which are destroyers and not policemen of the blood stream as medical science claims.

My father is a Leo that is currently suffering from Atherosclerosis. He is quite stubborn and refuses to ever complain about being in pain. He was raised with a rough childhood due to the times, child abuse was not yet law. He does have some spinal trouble for which he is receiving attention.


Virgo is a feminine and negative sign, the second of the earthy triplicity, and has less power of resistance that the fixed sign of Leo. Virgo may stand considerable strain, however, being of a nervous and wiry temperament; still when the Virgoan gives up, he finds it very hard to rise and shake off an illness. Being of a negative disposition he is apt to let circumstances rule him, and does not assert his will power to overcome.

Virgo is the natural sixth house sign, the house which has rule over sickness; hence when Virgo people once get into the clutches of sickness, they are apt to become chronic invalids. Therefore though such people make excellent nurses, they should be advised against this vocation and avoid sick rooms and hospitals, for they are like sponges and every ready to take on the disease of their patients.

Virgo rules the abdominal region, intestines, the lower lobes of the liver, the spleen, the duodenum, and the sympathetic nervous system. The afflictions which may be classed under the sign of Virgo are determined largely by the planets which may be afflicted in this sign. Cramps in the intestines, wind, colic, malnutrition, diarrhea, constipation, peritonitis, cholera, dysentery, worms, catarrh of the bowels, and appendicitis may result from afflictions in Virgo.

Same deal; ex-girlfriend recently had her colon removed, along with her appendix.

These lase few signs, however due to editing timer limits I will simply copy and paste. If you'd like, you can read the book in its entirety for more information.


Libra is one of the signs wherein the sun is weak. The sun is symbolized by Sampson, who is minus his strength, for Delilah, who is the feminine Virgo, has shorn him of his power, which was in his hair, representing the sun’s rays. As the sun enters Libra, it changes from north to south declination; and as Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, the sun’s rays at this point, the crossing of the equator, are weakest. Libra people on this account are not always able to rise above physical conditions. Their moods waver like the symbol which represents the sign, the scales. At one time Librans are up in the seventh heaven of happiness and optimism, but at the least mental disturbance they may drop to the very bottom of pessimism and despair. Idealism is well developed in the Libran.

The Libran patient should, if possible, never be discouraged in whatever he has set his heart upon doing, for shatter his ideals and down goes one side of the scales into the very deepest discouragement, which often causes ill health. The Libran should cultivate equilibrium. Physiologically this sign rules the kidneys, the lumbar region of the spine, the skin, the ureters, which are the tiny ducts running between the kidneys and the bladder, and the vaso-motor system. The afflictions from with the Libran is most likely to suffer are Brights’s disease, lumbago, disturbed urine. The disease depends greatly upon the planets afflicting: if Saturn, there is a scarcity of urine; if Jupiter, an excess, etc. Nephritis, eczema, and diabetes are also diseases from which the Libran is likely to suffer very deepest discouragement, which often causes ill health.


The martial, watery sign of Scorpio is one of the least understood signs of the entire twelve. Scorpio produces a number of types. Usually the Scorpio person is of a secretive, timid, retiring nature, one who does not talk of his affairs. But there is another type of Scorpio who is ready to argue at "the drop of the hat," holding our for his point, and he can become very cruel. He usually has an explosive temper, which may, if the horoscope has afflictions, undermine the health.

The greatest danger to the health of the Scorpio, however, comes from the generative organs and the ducts through which the excretions of the body pass, such as the urethra (the small canal through which the urine passes from the bladder outward) and the colon, including the anus. The bladder, the sigmoid flexure, prostate gland, pubic bone, the red coloring matter of the blood, and the nasal bones are also under the rule of Scorpio.

People born under this sign make good healers, surgeons, doctors, and nurses. But there is often a cruel and tyrannical streak in the Scorpio, and the desire nature is strong, sometimes sensual. Low desires often bring excesses, which may cause the following diseases, expressing themselves according to the planets and the afflicting aspects: syphilis, hernia, scurvy, fistula, piles, inflammation and falling of the womb, uterine troubles, stricture of the prostrate gland, and nasal catarrh.


The Sagittarian is usually the most gentle and easily cured of all patients, for with his frank and kindly nature he is most trusting and ever ready to follow all the instructions of the healer; but he will also respond to every negative suggestion. The healer may have given constructive advice and left the patient feeling encouraged, but should one of his many friends (for the Sagittarian is usually very popular and good mixer and therefore attracts many friends to him) suggest sickness or tell him that he is looking bad or give him some other remedy to follow he is very apt to accept the suggestion. The result is that he often retards his recovery.

Therefore it is necessary for the Sagittarian patient to be placed under the care of someone who will protect him from adverse suggestions. Sagittarius rules the region of the body directly surrounding the hips, the sacral region of the spine, the coccygeal vertebrae, the femur, the ilium, the iliac arteries, the sciatic nerves, and the ischium. The Sagittarian diseases are locomotor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, and hip disease.


The sign of Capricorn is an earthy sign and ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorn people do not yield to disease very readily. They are of a wiry, persistent, and stolid nature, and will suffer considerable pain before they will succumb to illness. But once they have given in to sickness then they are just as slow and stubborn in holding on to it.

They sometimes become hypochondriacs, and the healer must use most diplomatic methods to break up the crystallized condition with which these Saturnian people clothe themselves. The most unfortunate part of it is that if a Capricorn who is in this mental and physical state is aware that anyone is endeavoring to help him, he will resist help and close up against the friend who thus approaches him.

Capricorn people ae super-sensitive and very retiring. They often form habits of entertaining gloom and despondency, which have a deteriorating effect upon the health. The sign of Capricorn has rule over the knees, the skin, the joints, and the hair. The skin of a Capricorn person is often sallow and dry. The disease to which Capricorn is subject are exzema, syphilis, leprosy; also dislocation of the bones.


The fixed and airy sign of Aquarius is under the rule of two planets, the melancholy, fearful, and overanxious Saturn, which is ordinarily termed the planet of obstruction, and the impulsive, heedless, emotional, and hysterical Uranus. While Aquarius is a fixed sign which endows the native with a strong will, still when the Aquarian is afflicted by adverse aspects between certain planets, especially Saturn or Uranus when they are strongly placed in the horoscope, he is prone to develop extreme gloom, pessimism, and sensitiveness, or he is rash and responds to the emotional Uranus.

These varying moods frequently result in ill health, which too often takes the form of nervousness. Aquarius being a mental and airy sign, its natives are wiry and ambitious, and are prone to overdo. They can never measure their strength until the body is strained to its very limit, therefore when they do give up they are usually in a critical state; but they will give the healer every opportunity to help them, for they are ever ready to cooperate. Physiologically the sign of Aquarius rules the lower limbs and ankles.

The diseases with which the Aquarian may be afflicted are varicose veins, swelling of the legs, and nervous diseases of various kinds. One indication that the Aquarian has when the nerves begin to get weak is extreme sensitiveness of the skin. There is a crawling sensation felt all over the body, as if little insects were crawling on the skin.


Pisces is a watery and common sign, and the people born under it are of a lymphatic and negative nature very fond of luxuries, which too often lead them to seek a life of ease; in later life they are prone to take on an excess of soft, flabby flesh, which leads to ill health. The Pisces people respond very readily to suggestions, whether they are good or evil, and they will also respond just as quickly to the influence of the healer. Do not allow anyone who is of a too sympathetic nature to visit the Piscean while he is ill.

Of the oversympathetic type there are too many in the world today, who think it a social duty to call upon every sick friends and encourage the ailing one to talk about his disease, and then extend to him, oh, so much sympathy! The Piscean person will enjoy the visit of the sympathizer, but when the latter has gone, he usually has a relapse and must quickly send for the doctor or healer. He should be placed in a very cheerful room, with a cheerful attendant, and a sign on the door, "No sympathetic visitors allowed."

The Piscean is prone to drift into the habit of drink and the use of narcotics, especially if we find an affliction of the moon and Neptune in the horoscope. Pisces rules the feet, the toes, and the fibrin of the blood. On account of their fondness for good food and an easy life Piscean people are subject to gout and the swelling of the feet.

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas


ARIES - Brain, cerebral hemispheres, cranium, eyes, face, upper jaw, internal carotid arteries

TAURUS-Neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, axis, external carotid arteries, jugular veins, pharynx, thyroid gland, cervical vertebrae.

GEMINI-Shoulders, arms, hands, upper ribs, lungs, trachea, bronchi, capillaries, breath, oxygenation of blood.

CANCER-stomach, esophagus, diaphragm, the mammae, lacteals, upper lobes of liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, serum of blood, peristalisis of the stomach, chymification.

LEO-Heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava.

VIRGO-Abdominal region, large and small intestines, lower lobe of liver, spleen, duodenum, chylification, peristalsis of the bowels.

LIBRA-Kidneys, adrenals, lumbar region, skin, ureters, vasomotor system.

SCORPIO-Bladder, urethra, genitals, descending colon, prostate gland, sigmoid flexure, nasal bone, pubic bone, red coloring matter in blood.

SAGITTARIUS-Hips, thighs, femus, ilium, cocygeal vertebrae, sacral region, sciatic nerves, ischium.

CAPRICORN-Skin, knees, joints, hair.

AQUARIUS-Lower limbs, ankles.

PISCES-Feet, toes, fibrin of blood.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:12 AM
Thanks for the info!

Question: Was there any info about those born on the cusp?

I find there is quite a difference astrologically with those born on a cusp, as I was born on one.

If not, no worries. Was just curious.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by Cherry0

Those born on cusps can usually portray illness from both signs, by being composed of both forces.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

Ah, interesting. Sounds like double trouble for some, lol.

I'll have to take a closer at those again and see what I can deduce from the info.

Thanks again.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by Cherry0

May help assist you in procuring your natal chart, so that you may go about decoding it properly.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

Thanks for the interesting read VeritasAequitas , the beautiful science,i could not agree with what you wrote,i see it everyday in my life.I am ruled by Aries,the cardinal fire and it sure sums me up to a tee.
My best friend is a Tauras and it sums her up perfectly,especially always having the flu when it gets cold and i never seem to catch it off her and not to mention plenty of other things that fit perfect,she is here laughing about the sensation part.I have often wondered if our bond was so good because we were so close in the houses. you know the pharse opposites attract.
I am reading a book called Astrology from Acient Babaylon to present day by P.G Maxwell Stuart and i believe you would enjoy it very much.
The salts are interesting also
The first zodiacal sign rules the first two cervical vertebrae and the head in general. The native are so exposed to both possible nervous break-downs and to panic attacks. It is an energetic sign, able to reprise fast but aggressive and releasing, thus being a prey to accidents and injuries mostly at the head. It also tends to follow frenetic rhythms bringing it to diversify its energies toward different directions, provoking a rapid yielding of psycho-physical health. As a reflex from the opposite Libra, troubles to kidney and bladder are likely to occur. Its mineral salt is "Phosphate of Potassium" (Kali Phosphoricum), aimed to rebuild cerebral cells and to simplify the correct emission of impulses to the nervous system.
This mineral salt is commonly present in onions, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, celery and walnuts, but it is necessary to eat these aliments not cooked, because the heat and the cooking eliminate or alter this precious salt.
The rest are in the link ,just incase i copied to much for a post. cheers again for the cool thread.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by lostgold

You are most welcome; considering that I'm entertaining a career of holistic health, this may be one of my diagnostic techniques.

posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 04:51 PM
Very interesting thread.

I've yet to read much of Heindel properly, this has re-sparked my interest, thank you

One of these matches me and my current health so cloesly that I had a little chuckle, but does he other methods for remedies and restoring health?

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by The 5th

In "The Occult Principles of Health and Healing", he deals with some of the more indirect techniques that can be brought on by disturbances in the psyche and higher vehicles.

posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

i missed this thread until now. not to many are interested it seems which is a pity. i have some jounals, not much i regret, written by a medical doctor who died in the fifties i believe. he did not write a complete book which is a tragedy as his knowledge was extraordinary. i can vouch for this as i checked my chart against his teachings.
he was an occultist, homeopath as well and was sympathetic to osteopathy.
strength of a potential malady was strongly influenced by saturns square to moon or sun, but need not manifest if correct food and habits were maintained.

in my wifes chart she has saturn in cancer opposite mars in capricorn. a wide orbit but still has many stomach problems, cancer ruling any container, from a letter to a stomach. if she misses (saturn connected with chronos/time?)a meal, she is nauseus for 24 hours. and cold water helps her as hydrochloric acid is weak with saturn in cancer.

my son has aries rising opposite his sun in libra conjunct mars. he is 6. his 4 front teeth went rotten already. it turns out that each tooth has a meridean connected with an organ and those 4 front teeth connect to the kidneys. so it appears there is too much heat there with mars on his sun opposite his first house. the above doctor maintains it is enough if an organ is on a grand cross sharing with a malefic to be effected. hope i have explained this well enough.
with uranus, which rules spasm, failure or inefficiency in an organ may not be consistent so could easily be missed in a medical diagnosis.

i, being sagitarius, have hip and thigh (tensor facia latis muscle) problems as well as the usual foot in mouth disease


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I starred and flagged this for you because I know this is going to be a great read. I'll have to come back to it when my headache goes away.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:56 PM
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Thanks a lot for posting...I spent a lot of time researching the stuff for this thread through Max's books, and was a little disappointed that nobody seemed to take the time to read it, or even reply.

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Hi , i,have the moon in Aries, in the eighth house and the moon is the planet that is the point of a yod . The yod is between sun, third house ,pluto ,first house in sextile both quincunx the moon.I am sun scorpio but this moon placement and the way it is aspected ,has caused me to have three lots of head injuries. The first two from car accidents only need stitches lucky , the third was brain bleed and two opps.Lucky i am still here? .Anyway the moon in aries which rules the head, in the eighth house, which rules death,( amoung other things) combined with personal first house placed, life and death pluto, in a yod with the life giving sun ..... has meant i have nearly died from head trauma but did not . cheers 1%

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You dont always have to go by sun signs .If a planet or other sign has a strong influence on your birth chart,like ascendant or strongly aspected planet ect , you might look there for possible health problems. cheers1%

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It seems that this form of diagnosis is more correct than many know...Many physicians of the past were often very talented and practicing Astrologers, namely Paracelsus.

. Astrology was a very important part of Paracelsus' medicine, and he was a practicing astrologer — as were many of the university-trained physicians working at this time in Europe. Paracelsus devoted several sections in his writings to the construction of astrological talismans for curing disease, providing talismans for various maladies as well as talismans for each sign of the Zodiac. He also invented an alphabet called the Alphabet of the Magi, for engraving angelic names upon talismans.

Just about every individual I have encountered, have acquired the attributed illnesses and ailments, that are correlated to their Zodiac..

A few of the kids my age, I'm twenty by the way, say it's all horse#, and not true...What they don't realize is, most disease doesn't happen when you are so young and full of vitality. It is acquired throughout their adult life, and takes a toll on them in later years..Most of the people I have checked, past their middle age of late thirties, have been dead on.
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Absolutely,people dont realise how much info can be obtained from astrology that could be helpful in understanding themselves and others and their health and vocation and so on. I am not saying astrology is the be all and end all , but it is a very useful tool. Some people who bag it might be either frightened in some way or their thinking just isn't condusive to the concept and that's ok as we need all sorts . cheers1% What did i say wrong my karma points went down. i did not knock anyone or thing . i thought i was being inclusive oh well
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Most people think of astrology for the vague purpose of writing out nonsensical horoscopes, but it is much more complicated and in-depth than telling you what will happen during that day...It's not a prediction of the future, it is a tool used to help you prepare for any omens of the future.

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I'm a Gemini with asthma. I had pneumonia several times when I was little until I had my tonsils removed when I was 8; I only had it once after that. I know almost nothing about astrology, so I wouldn't know where to begin with helping myself using it.

This thread has quite a bit of good information. Thank-you for posting it. ^_^



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