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Satan verus the Seed of Life

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 11:07 AM
According to myth God cast Satan into Hell or the Abyss for his wanting to make all life worship him in retrospect of life being inspired by God to create for the purposes of life expanding into the unknowns of space to witness all that Creation had created in order to ensure that life continued to seed the Universe so that Creation herself would be remembered. Satan hates creation of any type that would lead the seed of life into the unknowns of space for the simple reason that Satan wants to be God or Creation herself so that he can feel the same power that Creation gave life and life gave back to Creation. But since Satan was not able to create but only destroy he conspired against Creation causing a great war in Space, Heaven, Valhalla the Abyss to rid the Universe of all that created. Because to create such devices, technologies, vehicles and philosophies regarding space exploration would mean that such monuments would give Creation and not Satan eternal power, as Satan would view such things of course. After being defeated Satan was cast from Heaven into the Abyss where his soul was spread out on many planets so that he could never again challenge what Creation had created.
One such Abyss is planet Earth. From the Good Word pages 663 the very first term is Abyss which has been defined as a place in the depths of Earth where demons are imprisoned until their final judgment.
In the sense of Creation the term Abyss would mean any place that is not of Heaven from which life is subjected to imprisonment by the forces of Satan so that such life would not conceive, devise, built or otherwise manufacture any device, technology, vehicle or philosophy that would so ignite the seed of life into once again rejoining the soul of Creation so that such seed would be seen before the Creator as an eternal monument to her Creation.
In layman’s terms Earth is viewed as the Abyss of Satan because of the many world leaders that have taken his mark and his spirit in their soul to create constant problems within the economies of Earth so that trite and irrelevant behavior amongst such world leaders will always make for excuses as the reason to not colonize the Moon or even attempt to colonize the Moon because once again the spirit of Creation would be unleashed upon him thus destroying his soul permanently on Earth never again to return and thus seeing his status even among his own angels less and less prominent.
There are various areas that Satan has constructed on Earth have given him almost seemingly infinite power. These areas are wars between two or more groups of humans on Earth where such leaders of these groups of humans often times whisper in the ears of humans that God has told that what he or she is doing is the plan of Creation. Unless such a plan involves expanding humanities seed into space through the creation of technologies, philosophies, vehicles and devices then the plan of the leader is the plan of Satan through which the human has conspired with Satan where Satan has given the leader power to make humans think of him as being instructed in doing what the leader is doing as being the words or thoughts of Creation.
Such power comes in many forms but the defining characteristic that can lead you to see through the veil of Satan is any form that keeps a human from looking into the night skies and asking questions about leaving Earth and colonizing space. Such burdens that will vomit from the mouth of Satan’s worshippers is that they will use catch all phrases to make your thoughts confused without providing for a proper response free of lies and snares of which Satan uses to ensnare humans to do his bidding. Other forms of the Satanic Voice can be heard by those who would say that the research into colonizing space is too expensive and that the money would be better spent on other causes created by Satan such as curing cancers, feeding the hungry all of which are snares created by Satan to keep humanity from once again expanding into space to rejoin with the spirit of Creation. Feeding the hungry is not a difficult task as there are many rivers and streams across the world that contains more than enough fish to feed every single human on Earth. Satan’s Voice would once again yell out the cost would be too much to pay humans to fish the rivers and streams. The cost is too much to process and transport the fish to feed the hungry. Let them die and be with God where they will never want of food or water again!
Other voices of Satan are those who say you are taking gods children away from him with your golden ship and that if god would have wanted us in space he would have placed us on the planets that he wanted us on.
Once again these humans are Satan worshippers because they despise the knowledge and intelligence that was gifted to humans to create so that Creations seed could be spread across the Universe. Satan uses his voice through such humans to put down other humans emotionally because like Satan such humans are without knowledge and only desire knowledge to make other humans view them in the light of being the defining characteristic of creation through the knowledge that they have read about but only apply and use to ensnare a human to make money on them and to take money away from them so that such humans will become depressed about talking about space exploration and only talk about things that will make the human bow their head before voice of Satan.
Such humans who despise any notion about space exploration and colonizing space are just as Satan is. They only want to use words to force humans to see what they have created, but only in their minds and not in reality because like Satan when humans look up and wonder and build to colonize in space such thoughts bring humanity from the Abyss and Satan’s grasp where only Satan can destroy with lies and innuendo by telling humans that you only have a short time here on Earth so do not worry about such things as space exploration because they take too long to think about.
I could go on and on with many examples but if a human tells you that your thoughts about space exploration are stupid, idiotic or thoughts that only a lunatic would think that is the Voice of Satan trying to keep your thoughts encased in his sphere of control because like I mentioned Satan hates Creation especially creation that involves knowledge of seeking out the unknown, to understand the unknown and too spread the Seed of Creation across the Universe which would put humanity closer to Creation as humans and not as a god would create. Satan wants all life to surround him because he wants all life to worship him so he can make life think that he is the creator.
Satan through his followers would also say that exploring space and colonizing the Moon and other planets or by creating orbital platforms would cause widespread chaos on the planet causing wars to erupt over who had the power to create such things above the Creator which would be untrue for the simple fact that the Creator can never be built over because the Creator is above all, through all and surrounds all at all times. Only Satan who was cast into the hells of the Abyss would say such a thing because unlike the Creator who is above all the seed of life can build above Satan thus placing the seed of life, humanity, in a higher place than Satan thus the seed of life having more power than Satan ever had even though at one time Satan was part of the seed of life.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 11:08 AM
The armor of Satan are those whose names come from numerous religious texts or from history who use such power to force other humans to walk beneath them as lesser only to empower the named who does not view space exploration as a worthy cause for humanity. Once again just like Satan who hates Creation or anything above him that is viewed by Creation as being more powerful such humans will make of you fools and idiots before them only to keep those of Creation from enlightening other humans to the goal of Creation only to satisfy their master, Satan, and his quest to keep humans from rejoining with the spirit of creation. Why does just like Satan such named people think that their names project power just because of their name. Power that like Satan is only used to keep humans tied to the ground where they remain depressed and are only told to worry about making money which will make them happy which is another weapon of Satan.
Earth is but a hell right now because of Satan’s desires through humans to keep humanity from reaching out into the unknown who causes humans to think and design devices that will give humanity near the same power of creation as Creation herself which once again puts humans closer to Creation in status then Satan.
The only way for humanity to defeat Satan is to look up into the night sky and ask questions. This
should be done three times a week or more. If someone comes telling you that you have not been to
church in awhile and your response is that you are learning about Creation through space exploration
and the person becomes angry and then reports you. Then that person is of Satan as they only want you
to hear the words that they hear which makes them believe that they have power and control over you
for their own ego and monetary gain still another device of Satan.

Those who are named and seek you out and climb the ladder of space exploration and promote space exploration are true Saints and Saviors as they know the story written above as well and will not seek you out to make of you a Satan worshipper for their own self-centered power.

Satan was said to have been given power over a certain number of life throughout the Universe by Creation. This is also a lie of Satan and a disguise because Creation knew that Satan would try and trap life to make life worship him instead of creation creating and exploring space.

When a human tells you that what you are doing in regards to space exploration not being what you told to do or believe in they are once again Satan worshippers and only want to keep you from rejoining Creation through space exploration.

If any human makes you feel bad because you are a proponent of space exploration and readily study various knowledge bases of space exploration or tells you that everyone can’t be a space exploration enthusiast that we all have to be something different where such difference is what the person tells you to be then that is once again a Satan worshipper and like Satan only values the power to keep others down and before them in the same Abyss that Satan cannot escape from.

And like the Spear of Destiny that pierced the side of Jesus and set Satan free from the depths of his prison so too shall the Spear of Destiny be used to destroy him forever. Because when I look at Earth and the Moon I or any planet with a moon or sun that has orbital bodies around it I see the Spear of Creation showing humanity the way at all times, through time and above all else Satan.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 11:21 AM
Ok kayyyyy.....
erm, since you have time to do so, would you mind terribly adding some blank space between every few lines of your posts? I think I'd like to read your theory, but the wall of text is blinding.

I'll comment on it once I'm able to read it. Thanks.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 11:39 AM
Wasnt it satan that tempted eve to eat the apple to have the knowledge to be as god to even begin to develop the technology to explore space. Maybe thats our problem we have satans arrogance and want to be as god. We tamper with genetics, reach for the stars in a way saying we can get to heaven on our own, we try to replicate god particles and we judge man like god judges us. Imo a great portion of scientist are athiest. Ijs

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Dryson

Are you thinking that if you leave Earth then you can escape Satan? I don't think the fallen angels are bound to Earth, just this realm - this universe.

Also, you should change your thought patterns some times. I'm not saying give up on the space exploration concept, just think of other stuff a bit more. When you dwell too much on a concept that others do not share, it will drive you insane. You need to find some concepts that you can share with others that are more common.

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