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I have a very intelligent ghost that lives in my bedroom

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:31 AM
Now before i get into this, let me say i am very much a skeptic on
most things, ghost, ufo's, and as far as lizard people and crud like
that, so far from what i have seen, those belong in a comic book.

I have been part of actual paranormal investigations before, and
had some interesting findings, but most the time it was totally bored.
But there were the few times where things were enough to make me

Recently a friend and i decided to get a group together locally and do
some investigating this spring. There are many places that would be
good to check out. So right now we are in the planing stage, research,
purchasing equipment, and looking for more team members who are
skeptic as well as dedicated.

A little background on me personally, last fall i was not up to par and my
wife talked me into going to the dr to get checked out while i was at home,
with my job i would be gone 3-4 weeks at a time.( sucked but was good
money.) So after the first 2 doc's, i was referred to a capitalist.
my first meeting with this doc was not what anyone was expecting.
she looked at my chart's and test's and her first words to me were.
"You are not dead yet"... then went on to tell me i had around 2 to 3 years
max without a transplant. Seems my liver has had issues most of my life
but no other doc picked up on it. i am now running on 10% liver function.

Since that diagnosis, i have noticed little things here and there that were
out of the norm, but just wrote it off as me being worried, or absent minded.
But about 2 months ago, things started picking up..

It started with me lying in bed at night, and feeling the edge of the bed
being bumped, this went on for several nights. But i just ignored it and
rolled over and went to sleep.

Then it progressed to my feet being touched. Now i wrote this off as
muscle spasm's or small cramps, or me just not feeling well.
or not being fully awake, dozed off and dreamed it.
(when i lay down for bed it takes me at least a hour some times
two hours to fall asleep. Always has, the wife on the other hand is out
a few min. after she lays down. Oh how i envy her. lol)

This progressed after a few days to my feet being grabbed, normally
like someone took their hand and grabbed my foot from the end, i could
feel fingers/thumb on either side of my foot.
But i just shook it off, and ignored it when it happened, and made my way
to dream land.

This progressed to things being moved and dropped, it started with something
(never did figure out what) dropped on a glass top coffee table we have in
the corner of the bedroom. It sounded plastic hitting glass, but i could not
discover what it was.

The next thing was something small being dropped/thrown on the floor, i
got up and used the light on my phone to look around on the floor and
found a dime in the middle of the floor, i tossed it at the floor, and it was
the same sound. But i went to bed.

a night or two later, i was laying in bed and my name was called, a male
voice i would guess in his 30's. a little bit later something else was
said, but i had started to fall asleep by now and didnt catch it.

So i had the idea to try to record the sounds and see what i can get.
I used a program on my laptop, which i have used many times, took
my laptop in the bedroom, hooked the webcam up and got things recording..
watched for a min to make sure it was working fine. The next morning
i knew there would be good stuff because there were a lot of sounds,
so i got my laptop and went to the living room, and started to check it..
but when i got my screen saver to go away i saw my computer had crashed.
Now i have never had this laptop crash before. But i figured maybe it
was to big of a file for the computer to handle at once.

So the next night, i set it up to record, but this time for only 2 hours not
all night. When i awoke, i had the same results. My computer had
crashed again. Frustrated i gave up with that idea.

So a few day's passed, every night there is sounds of some kind, but
this night i was exhausted, we went to bed early, im talkin 7pm early,
i passed out fast and slept hard. we were awoken to what sounded
like cops banging on our closet door. Loud solid knocking. I yelled
some choice words and told it to be quiet. *LOL* not sure if it helped
or not, i went back to sleep fast that night and was out till the alarm
went off.

So i decided to try to get photo's.. i know ATS.. Photo's or no proof...
I bought a Sony DSC-V1 still camera used on ebay, great little camera
has a buttload of features, as well as IR nightshot. So i took it into the
bedroom and would try to snap pictures when i got the sound, but sadly
i got nothing with proof or even anything interesting on it.

But Last night i did... i was not awake enough to see it to well and the
sony has a little little screen, So i figured i would just view it this morning.
But i took several through out the night, and was laying in bed not sleeping
because there was to much noise, and had my camera in my hand with
my finger on the power button and on the shutter button and my thumb
under the bottom holding it on my chest.
Just before the alarm went off, i felt a jolt of static electricity go through
my middle finger and through the camera to my thumb under the camera.
my finger actually stung for about 1/2 a hour, although no visible marks.
I didnt think much of it, but when the alarm went off, i got up with the wife
and got a drink, then grabbed the camera and came back in the living room
to load the pic's on the laptop so i could get a good view of them....

surprise.... no pictures found... my camera had no photo's on it at all..
not just the ones i took last night, but the ones i took previously were
gone as well. I guess there was enough in that static shock to wipe
the memory stick. Good thing use the newer camera for pictures
of the kids and outings, i would be upset if those got wiped away.
(although i do have back up's of those, but still).

So apparently i am dealing with one highly intelligent 'ghost' or what
ever it is. I am not afraid, i dont get a sence of fear from it, but
i have to tell ya it is annoying when you are just falling asleep and
get woke up repeatedly. I have been exausted the past few nights
very little real sleep thanks to it being so loud.

I am trying to figure out a way to document it and investigate more,
but it seems the more i try the more it prevents me from gathering
any hard evidence.

I wish i had a camcorder , right now i dont and with christmas coming
up, it will be a while before i have the extra to get one. Kids think those
presents are important. And when you are on a tight budget.

as for the house, it is or was a new house we had it built, the wife
picked out everything for the house, so there is no residual or past
events in the house to cause this.

(more to follow)

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:39 AM
Damn! Great story! I guess my only suggestion would to be to talk to it. Ask its intentions and let it know yours. Tell it that you are going to record it just to get a better understanding of it. Make your intentions known. I dont know how they work but Its worth a try to just explain to it that you know its there and you are not frightened but interested in interacting. again cool thread!

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:47 AM

So its nothing from previous experience causing this.

I have many theories on ghost in general, and do more than
the standard run of the mill "investigators" who are basically
out just for the quick cool shot to get the picture or video or
evp and they are happy.

I tend to look past all of that and am trying to get to the meat
of the subject. the what causes it, what is it, how is it....
the real questions.

I have several projects i am working on for equipment to help
research and aid in the gathering of information. But on a budget
things move slow. (disability dose not pay much that is for sure.)

That forever loop hole in life, when you have the money you dont
have the time, but when you have the time you don have the money.

But i am hoping my most recent creation will generate a income and
allow me to make a little selling it online to other researchers which
will allow me to do more. i am working on a pair of glasses that
will allow people that wear them to see I.R. Light, without electronics
or all the equipment. If there is IR light present in the room they will
be able to see it, So my plans are to sell the glasses with a IR flash
light, thus they can walk around in total darkness (for normal range of
view for us humans) yet see everything as though its lit up with the IR
flash light. Making it safer for the investigator since they are not
stumbling in total darkness, and may give them a better view of
'ghost' as they are called. I should know by january if things are
going to work out as i expect them to. I am awaiting some shipments.

So anyone have any idea's as to how to document this 'ghost'.

after last night i am scratching my head, it seems to be very
very intelligent. What ever it is, and how ever it is...
the only thing i can honestly say right now is there is something
there interacting with us. It is not seen by the naked eye, and
is not limited to the dark. (i have had experiences during the day
when i was not feeling good and went to lay down for a bit.)

I know being ATS some are going to say i'm crazy, or 'ghost'
or what ever they are dont exist, but to those i say you have not
experienced it yourself, once you do, you will no longer doubt.
I know a majority of the time it turns out to be bunk, either the
person is a bit off up stairs, or there is a natural explanation for
it. But i have tried to rule out every thing i can with this one,
and have had it go on for way to long to be a wild tale.

i have many theories as to what they are, and they go way
beyond most. But i for one would love to slove this puzzle
before my time is up.

And my hope, is if i dont i'd love to come back as a ghost,
man i could have fun messing with people.....

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by Shneal

Sadly, i have tryed that as well.

I talk to it, fuss at it, some times when im tired cuss at
it. *LOL*

I am going to pick up a voice recorder this week
*ebay* and see what i get from that.. i may have
to go old school and get a real casset recorder so it
cant erase the memory.

But thanks for the input.

It gets more interesting every day ,
i dont mind it, but i wish it had a schedule so i could get
a good nights sleep once in a while *LOL*

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by severdsoul

haha hell yeah. I dont mind that kind of stuff either. I have had a lot of strange things happen to me throughout the years. I wish i could think of something that would help you out more. I think the cassette is a good idea. My mom when she was young lived in a house that was VERY haunted. To the point where SHE saw them, doors would open the SLAM shut, music would play out of thin air.. # like that.. One time her and her brother came home to an empty house and the attic door was down.. Her brother went up and peaked up there and they had a Santa face decoration that lit up.. Well it was completely lit up without any power to the attic!!! crazy stuff.

Goodluck and keep me posted. Im interested in what u find out

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by severdsoul

Dam great story!
I can feel your excitement in your words.

It's not a toy, to show and tell, it's someone/something else trying desperatly to talk to you!
If you want answers you are going to have to find a way to communicate. The fact it fried your photos means it's just for you. There will be no show and tell yet.

Listen closely friend and have fun

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by AussieAmandaC

Ya, i came to the conclusion it wanted to communicate
the first week or two, just have not figured out how
to accomplish it yet. Seems everything i try is not

As loud and obvious as it is getting i know its getting anxious
and upset a bit because there is no communication. which
i cant say i blame it, i am getting just as frustrated *lol*.

I have seen the "franks boxes" and considerd them as more
a toy than useful and really something that works, but the past
few days i have been thinking i may look into getting one and
try it. Nothing else is working.

The only draw back is , its going to be a while before i can
get one. which means more frustration for it.
Hopefully it can wait a while.

my only real concern is it gets to frustrated with me and
moves on to the kids.. in which case that would not
be acceptable.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:16 AM
How old are your kids?

Also, just pop out your phone and do an EVP session with it, or get a digital recorder.

You could do the automatic writing thing too, if you're into that sort of thing. Doesn't sound like you are, don't blame you, neither am I.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by severdsoul

I'm surprised it keeps messing with you if you aren't afraid at all. My experience with "ghosts" is that fear is the main goal for them. The things that happened to me were intentional, and carried out by an entity that was well informed as to my feelings, intentions and thoughts. Things that happened, sounds, things moving around by themselves, pictures falling off the walls, people walking heavily around in my bedroom while I sat in the room below late at night (nobody else in the house), feeling someone, something sit on the bed beside me, brush against me... all this seemed to happen at the opportune moment, or in response to my thoughts, etc... It sounds crazy, I know, but it scared the hell out of me and I felt that that was the sole purpose.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

My son is 13 and my daughter is 10.

*LOL* I wish, my phone is so old, i'm lucky it takes pictures...
i'd upgrade to a smart phone, but the provider i use there is no
service for them where i live.. part of the price to live out in the
mountians. But one of these days they will upgrade the towers
and i'll be able to get a decent phone.

I've seen the automatic writing and read a little, but it's hard to
base that as anything other than subconscious taking over.
I try to approach everything from a scientific aspect,
rather than a believer's aspect.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by severdsoul

Yeah, I've never been able to get over the absurdity of automatic writing.

Just go to walmart or walgreens and grab a quick digital voice recorder for like 30 bucks. They're nifty little devices.

Anything stressing your kids out lately? I don't want to be like OH YOU GOT TEENAGERS, MUST BE POLTERGEIST TELEKINESIS LOLOL but, it's possible, I guess.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

ya know, i have thought about that just to consider all
optons of what it could be, but have not noticed
anything unusual. Most of their stress has come and
gone with me being sick, sure its a constant worry but
for the most part they have come to accept it.

Ya, i stopped by kmart last night, their selection
sucks, looks like its ebay for a voice recorder,
since walmart is a 2 hour trip.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 03:16 PM
Liver disease is no joke. May I ask, were you a heavy drinker? Is it a form of hepatitis? I'm just curious as you've said you have more experiences the worse you feel. Could the experiences be directly related to your ailments. Our bodies do some really weird things when we are sick.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

I agree, Liver disease is no joke, and no fun at all.
Yup, apparently i picked up hepatitis C in my early 20's
when i was on fire/rescue. Saving someone on a call
i got a cut and contracted it, or at least that is the only
thing we can narrow it down to.

Nope, never a heavy drinker, i'd have a few beers on the weekends
or when i was home from work (every 3 weeks or so) but nothing
heavy and nothing past beer.
But that all stopped the day i was diagnosed.

You know i have wonderd that, if some how my body was creating
this, but have not come up with a way to test it.

More people should get a blood test to make sure they did not pick
it up, it is said that one in 10 have hepatitis C, but its never detected,
i was just one of the lucky ones where it reeked havic with my liver and
destroyed most of it. Always wonderd why i never could put weight on easy.

Its a daily battle, and a uphill battle, odds are aginst me getting the transplant
a reality i have come to accept. I enjoy what i have and with what i can do,
not much else one can do.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Well then, for now you are going to have to rely on yourself for some healing, and it is possible.

Age is important for children as their hormones are at various stages of developement and can indeed affect the energies that visit your home. Teenage daughters hormones are very strong in this area, so it is good you have a short while yet before your daughters kick in.

May I suggest you start meditating and verbally laying down some ground rules for this friend of yours (if you feel the need to) and your house.
My children also experienced at the same time as me, but different, they were approached in dreams (and out of), I just listened to what they had to say and balanced that with what I know or have read, and pieces started to fall into place quite rapidly.

I love that you are curious rather than afraid, this is good.
Check out chakra and mind healing and do some work with your body (not necessarily physical), it will help to open a connection where you can try and understand what is possibly being conveyed to you.


this is by far the simplest and most comprehensive thread on chakras imo and should give you some ideas on how to commence if you're interested in some self healing.

and I use this site when I need to also, it's very helpful
Perhaps there is something there for liver problems too.

Most important information I can give you as a kick start would be to meditate on love, whether that's loving yourself (bodily) your children, your home, and all those things you can't see yet.
I believe that sending constant thoughts of love to your liver and acceptance of what is, will help you to achieve a level of health, while you wait for medical assistance.

In histroy it is interesting to note, that the dude who came down to Earth and gave us fire, was subsequently cursed to push a boulder to the top of a mountain, and have his liver eaten by the birds and to have it regenerate every day, for the audacity of helping us.
Just a piece of colourful info for you to file away in the useless drawer

Much love and luck to you in your adventure friend

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Interestting story. If the Ghost is as intelligent as you suspect then I suggest ask the ghost first if you can film him. If you get a good feeling back thats a positive response and have your camera ready again. Dont have the Alarm set to go off at all. The alarn may be a nuisance and thwart your chances.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 07:11 PM
Changed my mind. I'll post later.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 08:51 PM
Maybe the ghost doesn't understand the filming, and you need to speak out lout and the ghost know it's ok..or maybe something happened to the ghost when they died and they dont want to be know loke burned to death, and they are afraid it will show? ...otherwise, I'd go to Walmart and geta tape recorder . You can even wrap it up later after you use it and say Santa brought it ! Lol! ...have you lost any other firemen that were close to you? Maybe they are trying to reach out!

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 04:40 AM
thanks for the input guys.

Will do some reading on those links.

Nope we didnt loose anyone while i was on fire/rescue.
we lost a few people in a couple of fires, which is sad
but you can only do so much.

Ya i am going to have to try to get a tape recorder and
see what i get.

last night i was exausted and slept good, but i did get woke
up a few times through out the night.

once to banging noises, which i just rolled over and fell back
asleep, i was to tired to mess with anything.

and once last night i woke up feeling the covers being pulled
away from my back. like someone took one finger and hooked
the covers and was pulling them down. But i just pulled them
back up and went back to sleep.

before i fell asleep my wife was getting her feet played with
again, she would be laying there sleeping away and all of a sudden
she would move her feet up and twords me, like you would if one of
the kids were tickling her feet. That went on for a little bit with a
few noises over on her side, then i could hear noises twords the end
of the bed, but i fell asleep quickly.

I think what ever is causing this is bugging her so much to try to get
her attention as well, who knows maybe she can communicate better.

actually writing this thread i feel a little silly, something you would expect
kids to write, but oddly enough it is what is happening. it took me a while
to believe it myself, i figured at first it was just my mind playing tricks on me,
or i was just tired and imagining things. But its going on 2 months now
kind of a long time to imagine something. Hopefully i can figure this out
before long. Last thing i want to do is cause things to go out of control and
it get worse.

well back to bed for me, was up with the wife while she got ready for work.

as tired as i was, it was just going to have to wait a day.

It has me puzzled and curious as to what is causing it..

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by severdsoul

What is your thought on the Christian side? No go or ?

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