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Cop Watch - These Streets are Watching (Full Version)

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 06:38 PM
This film caused me to feel many different emotions. It is a roller coaster documentary filmed throughout various cities in the United States and even though I am Canadian I feel that I can relate since the same thing is happening over here to a lesser extent.

This is not a "cop hating" thread, the purpose of this thread is to share this documentary with my fellow ATS members to give them an in depth view of the police state many of us live in. There are even portions of the video that show the good police out there who do try to make a difference but it also focuses on the epidemic of police brutality that has plagued the United States and it discusses the increase in these incidents and how the citizenry are fed up with it and offers some solutions to limit and regulate this type of activity.

It mostly focuses on different groups of people and their intentions on keeping the police accountable for their actions with various community groups.

The video is 53 minutes long but I suggest you watch it if this issue is important to you, I also suggest you share it with your friends and family as everyone needs to see the reality of what is going on in the streets, not the watered down version we are told by the media and police spokespersons.

There is a small amount of foul language but nothing too serious and due to the hard hitting facts in this video I feel that it needs to be seen. There is a lot of police brutality so if you are unable to stomach live recorded acts of this type of abuse perhaps you should not watch.

It's an eye opener, and a lot of this is no surprise to many of us since we have experienced ourselves but I hope you enjoy it, or at least find it informative because it is difficult to find joy within the contents of this video but at least it offers some tips on how to protect yourself.

The video description will probably describe it better than I ever can so here it is.

These Streets are Watching is a 50 minute video on police accountability in three communities; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley. The video documents incidents of possible police brutality. Independent filmmaker, Jacob Crawford, weaves three cities responses to police brutality into a single tale of community empowerment and direct action. The film conveys basic legal concepts that can provide practical help to groups and individuals seeking an understanding of their rights when dealing with police. The film is divided into sections that explain citizen’s basic rights, tactics for documenting police activity and ideas for further action and organizing.


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