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This reminded me of an X-files episode...

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posted on May, 3 2003 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by FoxStriker
Um. Don't go looking for aliens in Mexico, Trust me on this, You don't want to go there.

They'll find you, I have a lot of relatives down there, terrible stuff going on down there.

-UFO's a'pleanty
-Aliens will be walking around in the desert, and nobody cares.!!!!!!!

from the thread : UP has been Kidnapped by Aliens!

The Episode was called John Doe.

Doggett wakes up on the floor of an abandoned building to find a Crackhead stealing a sneaker from his foot. He chases the guy out onto the street, and realizes he is on the main drag of a dilapidated town. All the signs are in Spanish. He accosts the Crackhead for the shoe, but the man calls in Spanish for the police. Doggett tries to explain to the Spanish-speaking policeman that it was his shoe that was taken. Hearing an American accent, the cop requests Doggett's passport. Doggett is empty-handed. The cop then asks Doggett his name. Doggett, however, does not know the answer.

Doggett sits in a grimy but packed jail cell. He still only has one sneaker. A big man in the cell laughs at Doggett's predicament, informing him that he is in Sangradura, Mexico. Although Doggett does not remember his own name, he is sure that he will somehow get out of jail. The big man tells him that Americans come to this town to hide because they are on the run. For all he knows, a call to the American Embassy might just put him in an American jail. Later, Doggett has a vision of himself sleeping next to a woman. A little boy jumps on the bed, calling Doggett, "Daddy." Doggett jerks awake, finding himself still in the Mexican prison.

The big man, named Domingo Salmeron, is released from prison by his cohort, Nestor. Domingo offers to pay for Doggett's release with a job proposal. However, out on the street in complete freedom, Doggett turns Domingo down and starts to walk away. Nestor pulls a revolver on him, but Doggett disarms him and tosses the gun away. He walks off alone.

Doggett goes back to the abandoned building and asks the Crackhead if he also took his wallet or papers. The Crackhead produces a silver skull that looks like it was pulled from a piece of jewelry, and mutters the word "Desaparecido." Desperate, Doggett then goes to a cantina to inquire about Domingo's job. Domingo tells him that they smuggle immigrants over the American border and then gives Doggett money to rent a room over the bar. Doggett pulls out the skull charm, but Domingo claims he doesn't know what it means. After Doggett leaves, Domingo tells Nestor that Doggett only wants to remember, "same as all the rest."

In the dingy room, Doggett finds a crescent scar at each temple of his hairline. He does not know where they came from. He also sees a Marine Corps tattoo on his left arm, realizing he was once a Marine. Outside the boarding house, an old caballero watches Doggett through the window. The man is wearing a bracelet with the familiar silver skulls dangling off it. One of these skulls is missing.

At the FBI, Scully and Skinner apprise Kersh that, after two weeks of looking in Texas, Doggett was seen crossing the Mexican border. Reyes, who was raised in Mexico, is already in Texas investigating his disappearance. Against Scully and Skinner's wishes, Kersh decides to dismantle the search party and leave it to the Mexican officials. In San Antonio, Reyes interrogates a shady tractor dealer who may have been questioned by Doggett when he was investigating the disappearance of Hollis Rice, a bank vice president. Although the man feigns innocence, Reyes is convinced that he is part of a drug smuggling operation for which Rice laundered money. There may be some connection to Doggett's disappearance.

Doggett, meanwhile, has another memory flash of his son jumping on his bed. Doggett is snapped back into reality, finding himself in a Larga Distencia office where locals make long distance calls. He contacts a Staff Sgt. of the Marine Corps Public Affairs, pretending to be a Detective Ladatel who is trying to identify a victim. Doggett describes the tattoo, and the Staff Sgt. recognizes the regiment, promising to try to pin down the Marine's name. Suddenly, two Federales come into the building. Before the Staff Sgt. can say another word, Doggett bolts out of the phone office.

At a rusty garage on the outskirts of town, Doggett fixes an old bus for Domingo. Nestor eyes him warily. Domingo gives Doggett a Mexican APB flyer describing an American named Henry Bruck accused of murder. The description matches Doggett, and Domingo warns him to stay away from the Federales. Later, Nestor approaches the caballero who wears the silver skull bracelet at the cantina. They both work for the Cartel. Nestor senses that Doggett, whom he refers to as one of the "Disappeared Ones," is different. The caballero informs Nestor that Doggett is an FBI agent. Although he was not ordered to kill him, the caballero would look the other way if something were to happen to Doggett.

Scully eludes Kersh and goes to Reyes in San Antonio. They learn that someone in Mexico has been trying to track down a former Marine with amnesia who matches Doggett's description. When Reyes recognizes the name Ladatel as the Mexican telephone calling card, they run a trace on the call.

Later that night, Nestor comes to the garage where Doggett is working alone, underneath the bus that is suspended by a lever jack. Nestor looks at him and says, "See you in hell, FBI." Doggett reacts to this, but Nestor pulls a revolver out. Doggett quickly flips the lever and rolls out from under the bus. The bus falls on Nestor's foot, and he screams in pain. He manages to pull his bloodied foot out and looks under the bus for Doggett, who is gone. Doggett jumps out from the roof of the bus, and Nestor is shot in the resulting struggle. Domingo arrives at the garage an hour later and finds Nestor's body. Doggett asks if Domingo had sent Nestor to kill him. After Doggett pulls the revolver on him, Domingo reveals that Doggett is a "Desaparecido," one of the Cartel's disappeared ones. Doggett realizes that they took away his memory, and Domingo tells him that it can never be retrieved. Suddenly, Doggett experiences another memory flash of his son jumping on his bed. This vision, however, is speeded up. It ends abruptly, and Doggett winces in pain. Domingo notices this and grabs the gun from Doggett's hand, putting it aside. He then begins to mercilessly beat up Doggett.

On Ciudad Street in Mexico, Reyes bribes a police officer for information on Doggett. He leads her to a funeral parlor, but the body there is not Doggett's. Reyes sees the same crescent scars that Doggett has on this dead man's head.

At the cantina, Domingo reports Nestor's death to the caballero, knowing that this man most likely gave Nestor the permission to kill Doggett. The caballero does not believe that Domingo said nothing to Doggett. Suddenly, the caballero's eyes glow reflectively like a cat's in the dark. He sinks his long thumbnails into Domingo's temples, in the same spot as Doggett's crescent scars.

A beaten Doggett wakes up on the floor of the garage and sees Nestor's dead body next to him. A rental sedan pulls up, and Reyes comes in. Doggett, who doesn't recognize her, grabs her gun arm in a lock and spins her face first into the bus. She identifies him, and herself as his partner, but he is still unsure of her. A group of Mexican police cars pull up. The local officers draw their weapons on the garage, ordering the agents to exit the building. One of them is the policeman that Reyes had bribed. As they wait, Doggett asks Reyes what his son's name is. He can see the boy's face, but can't place his name. From the look on Reyes' face, Doggett remembers that Luke was kidnapped and killed. He breaks down just as the police begin to fire. Reyes tries to hold them off, but she must revive Doggett from his emotional breakdown. He tells her to get in the bus, which he backs out and smashes into the police cars. The bus topples over, and the policemen descend upon them. Suddenly, the Federales arrive with Skinner and arrest the Mexican police. Doggett and Reyes are saved.

Doggett returns to the cantina and questions the caballero. He knows that the man works for the Cartel and somehow stole his memory. Doggett pieces together his still-hazy memories, explaining that he tracked banker Hollis Rice there. Doggett knows that the caballero did the same thing to Rice as he did to Doggett, but the caballero does not understand why Doggett would want to remember his pain. Defiantly, Doggett says, "Because it's mine." He walks out. Out on the street, Doggett remembers Luke waking him up to show that he could ride his bike. Reyes comforts her partner about having to relive his son's history. Doggett tells her that it was Luke's memory that saved him, and he will take the bad memories as long as he can also have the good ones.

Does anyone know of any strange stories of Mexico that relate to this? I've heard there are a lot of Satanic Cults near the border towns and Mexican Voodoo cults, sadly I don't know much about them, and I also have heard a many things are controlled by the Cartel.

[Edited on 3-5-2003 by Lysergic]

posted on May, 3 2003 @ 12:06 PM
Yeah I remember that episode. It was in the last season of X files. Pretty good episode too.

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