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My UFO Experiences

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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:46 PM
I am going to share my UFO experiences here. I have already shared a number of my previous experiences, but you do not have to read those first to follow my UFO encounters. If you would like to read my other experiences, here they are in order of sequence: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Disclaimer: I am a Sensitive but have only experienced the supernatural by occurrence (I’ve never attempted to expand my perceptions or to connect to entities.) Also, I was never on any medications, illegal drugs or alcohol during these events, nor am I schizophrenic or given to hallucinations.

This began after my family had moved to a new home, which I believe had been haunted before we moved in. More about this place and my experiences there were shared in my thread about my demonic attacks.

Here I will be primarily covering my UFO experiences, which began at this time. As I stated in my last thread, I do not believe my frequent sightings to be coincidental; besides the fact that I have the Sixth Sense, these things seem to pop up just for me to witness them (although I am not always the sole witness.) I think that this first encounter will prove to you that these are not coincidental.

This began one Saturday night, shortly before my high school graduation. I was home alone, as I was a lonely artistic kid. My parents and sister all became sleepy quite early on this night and so by 10:00 PM I had the place to myself. I hadn’t seen “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial” since I was a child and I felt like watching it (on VHS.) I lay back on the sofa and began watching it. Soon, the same drowsiness overtook me and I fell asleep early in the movie.

I suddenly woke up. In the movie, the UFO was lifting off the ground, straight up into the sky. At this moment, I felt something communicating to me. This is difficult to describe. What I felt was something close to me, which I felt comfortable with and yet was never consciously aware of before. I felt it connecting to me, as if it was right next to me, although invisible. I felt that it was telling me (without words) to turn and look over my shoulder. (I will later describe a similar encounter with this ‘advisor’ entity.)

I turned and looked out the tall windows in our living room, behind the couch. Amidst the starry sky there was a UFO, lowering straight down and with an even speed. It had two small lights in the middle and large lights (four on top, four on the bottom) going on and off. I couldn’t tell if it was large and fairly close or gigantic and far away, but it looked big. When it reached its lowest point, the large lights stayed off. Looking like a regular plane now, it moved off into the clouds until it was gone.

Panicking, I ran around the house, turning off the lights. This makes little sense but I wasn’t being rational. I had a friend who was a big believer in UFO’s and although I was quite open to the idea, and had witnessed some pretty bizarre things previously, it still really shook me. I suddenly realized (or believed) that we were being visited by extraterrestrials from another world. I ran back to the windows and waited in the darkness. This is also difficult to explain, but suddenly I realized that it had been coming down again a moment before I noticed it. I was very bright and fully aware, despite this strange oddity. It’s almost as if a moment in time was erased or that my sub-conscious was temporally blocking it from my perceptions, or that it was being psychically blocked from my perceptions.

And so, it came down exactly like before: the big lights flashing on and off until it reached the bottom. The big lights stayed off and it moved away into the clouds like a regular plane.

This is where it gets fantastic. Suddenly a huge sphere of pure white energy shot down from the sky. I held still and calm, accepting on a spiritual level that something awful was going to happen but nothing could be done about it. I was expecting a huge explosion or something, as this huge ball of energy was shooting towards the ground. But nothing happened. Then, in under a second, it moved all over the sky and shot away: this happened so fast that it created a cobweb of light.

I was shaken to the core over this. I realized now that we were not alone. I ran upstairs to get someone to come down, hoping to have a witness to it. Only my mother would come down. We stood and waited for a time, but it never returned. My family wasn’t sure what to think of my story. I often kept my paranormal encounters to myself. They had had their own experiences as well, but this was bizarre.

The following Monday, my sister returned home from school (I did not have to go to the last semester of grade 12 as I already had enough credits to graduate,) with wide eyes. She told us that kids at school were describing the same exact thing I’d seen Saturday night. There is a lake up the road from where our house is where teenagers always liked to hang out in the summer time (or Saturday nights during the school year.) Some of these were people in my own class. One was a non-spiritual person and quite a skeptic of such things and another was quite the Christian person. These were not the kinds of people who would be open to UFO’s. I felt relieved, as now I had witnesses and my family believed me.

Not long after this, my sister and I began watching a reoccurring UFO which would move about the sky (this I also described in my demonic attacks thread.) It would appear in the sky as a normal star, holding perfectly still for 20 seconds to 20 minutes, then swerving about the sky for some time before stopping still again. We even knew an elderly couple who lived nearby who claimed they saw a star-like UFO moving around the sky “two out of three mornings” around 4 AM.

As for the ‘advisor’ entity that I referred to, which I believe had woke me up and then directed me to turn around so I could witness the UFO; I had had another experience where it played an obvious role:

I failed to mention in my demonic attacks thread that there was a night (before I had moved to Toronto and first became possessed by the demon,) when I woke up in the night. I felt this ‘advisor’ presence beside me, urging me to look out my bedroom window. This is even harder to explain, but I knew exactly what it was telling me: “Want to see what a demon looks like? Go to your window and look out.” It never spoke a word, I just felt (somehow received) its meaning on a deep level. My mind just naturally interpreted its meaning in words. I didn’t believe in demons, although I felt something was outside my window and I certainly did not want to see it. I turned away and went back to sleep.
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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:48 PM
I began looking for UFO’s. I enjoyed night walks anyway, and so now I would keep an eye out for UFO’s. Usually I’d just see them at the corner of my eye, or couldn’t be sure if I was seeing a falling star or a spacecraft. One time, as I stepped onto our deck, I examined what was probably a military craft, when right above it—for just a second—I saw a UFO shaped like > shooting through the sky. It was made of pure white energy, fragmenting on the top and bottom ends. It appeared only from one point to another, as if invisible flat walls were guarding it from view, except at the very moment when I happened to be looking in its direction.

The supernatural quality of this, coupled with what I’d seen previously, forced me to wonder if this really was futuristic-like alien technology or merely entities that were acting like crafts (sometimes planes, sometimes spaceships.) During this time, I would stand on a bridge along a trail (an old railroad track) overlooking a beaver dam. The moonlight would help me to see them, although the beavers would pound their tails in the water once they noticed you (to scare you away.) I loved watching the beavers swim, and also I found this an enjoyable place of escape where I felt like reflecting upon my life and even found inspiration for story ideas (as I am a writer.)

But during some of these nights on this small bridge, I would sometimes see what appeared to be a large batwing in the sky. This wasn’t that high above and never moved that far away from me, and I always had the feeling that it was watching me. It would just appear, and later disappear. It was black as black can be, although transparent and semi-transparent in places. It would move slightly, but never far from where I stood. I felt intuitively that it was from another dimension, as the look and purpose of such a thing defied all reason, and its non-corporeal nature was obviously otherworldly. It didn’t look very pleasant, and yet I can’t say that it seemed threatening either.

On one cloudy, foggy afternoon, I was home alone. I was walking around outside, lost in thought as I often am. I noticed the batwing again, not far away, as if examining me. This would be pretty much the same spot as before, only that I was facing it from a different angle, and so it is possible that it merely manifested in this one spot. But I still felt that it was examining me. It fragmented just before my family arrived home, and for me this was evidence that it didn’t want to be noticed by anyone besides me. I’ve never seen it since.

A couple times, while driving with a relative, I would see a white Frisbee-like object in the sky (in broad daylight.) It would move slowly about the clouds and then disappear within them. By the time the driver would look, it would always be just out of sight. It’s hard to even guess what this object might have been, and I can only say that it appeared large and physical. I’ve also seen ‘falling stars’ which shoot more sideways than downwards, as well as one which swerved over the sky (much like the star-like UFO I mentioned before, only this was lower and really looked like a shooting star, except that it wasn’t moving fast enough to be a meteorite and was swerving back and forth.)

While I lived in Toronto, I had a couple bizarre encounters with what appeared to be man-made UFO’s. I’d mentioned before that sometimes entities can play tricks on you, and knowing that UFO’s can shape-shift I cannot be positive as to the validity of what I witnessed in these particular cases. They may have been entities which had shape-shifted, or elaborate hoaxes. All I can say, with complete honesty, is that I could see them in perfect detail, just as well as I see my hand right now. And as with other experiences of mine, circumstances seemed, as if by design, intended for my eyes alone.

The first encounter was while I was doing a salesman’s job. I was upfront and polite, and so I made for a poor salesman (the good ones were all pushy and manipulative.) I was being driven by my crew manager; an older man who was a very sly, sharp man. On this occasion, it was just the two of us. We were driving on a sunny morning, just leaving the city of Toronto. We were approaching the old airport, which I knew because he pointed it out to me. He added that the military had bought it years ago. It looked abandoned, almost like a condemned building which no one had touched in ages. The grass wasn’t even mowed.

And stranger: no one was around. Here we were, just outside the megacity of Toronto, and there was not one car on the road, not one neighbour watering his lawn or woman walking her dog. No pets! Nothing and no one; just lots of empty houses with well-kept properties. I did not notice this at first, or more accurately, the strangeness of it didn’t ‘sink in’ at first.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:50 PM
I was listening to the music playing on the radio and lost in thought when a large commercial-looking plane approached, lowering to the right of us, for the abandoned airport. I did not notice it at first, not until it slowed down to a ridiculous extent. My eyes turned to it. It kept slowing down as it neared the building. I turned to my driver’s-side window as we passed, which gave me a perfect view: it was all-white (with no images or letters,) and I could even see in through all the windows, and there were no passengers! What’s more, it made no noise that could be heard.

The plane came to a complete stop, midair, its nose just a few feet or so from the corner of the building! It was now when it dawned on me how bizarre it was that absolutely no one was in sight to see this. I turned to my crew manager and told him frankly (but with an excited tone) that a plane had stopped midair. He tilted his head back and laughed, presumably because he thought I wanted to ‘make him look.’ I said, “No, seriously..,” and tried to convince him to look. But he laughed again. He would not look! If he just would have turned, or looked in his rear-view mirror, just a glance, he would have seen it. What’s more, he must have noticed it coming down to the airport, and slowing down more and more and not making a sound. Again, he was a very bright man.

To this day I do not know why he didn’t look. Did he really just believe it was a gag or was he afraid to look? Did he notice it slowing down (which he must have) and just refused to accept it? How was it that NO ONE was around in this residential area, not a single car? And, in my naivety, I actually waited for the top of the hour so the news would report on the incident. I assumed that someone, somewhere must have seen it besides me and that such a thing was certainly newsworthy. The news came and went, as if all was normal with the world. I realized now, just as UFO’s were never reported before, that such things just didn’t happen (as far as the establishment was concerned.)

Some months later, at this time suffering from sleep deprivation and reoccurring feelings of being possessed (explained in my demonic attacks thread,) I was watching “The Fellowship of the Ring” in the theatre for the second or third time. Everything was fine until Lurtz (the Uruk-hai leader) appeared, ripping his way from a wall of bile and strangling an Orc. On this occasion, I felt very strangely, as if there was a separate presence either on the screen or reflected inside me as I watched the character on the screen. It wasn’t just an actor in a role, but a demonic presence which shook me, reflected by every groan and reaction of this Uruk-hai warrior on the screen. This rattled me deeply, although I forced myself to sit through the rest of the movie.

I went for a walk to relax myself. I missed the country, the woods and ocean. I walked until I found a small, contained woods in a rundown residential area. There were old condo buildings next to it, with a few cars parked. A fence surrounded the woods, but it was fallen at one point. I climbed over this and down a dangerously steep drop, grabbing onto twigs and roots as I went (I am an experienced woodsman.) I came to an artificial stream: it was relatively straight, the rocks neatly piled around it. This wasn’t exactly the earthy escape I was yearning for, but it was close.

I lay down over the rocks, and the physical discomfort of this did not bother me. I was suffering from much mental strain at this point in my life and I badly needed to relax. I closed my eyes and just listened to the running water. It was so soothing. The sky was darkening. I planned to leave before it got too dark, so I could still find my way out. In the meantime, I would savor every moment of being surrounded by trees and listening to running water.

After closing my eyes for a longer moment, I reopened them to see a large plane’s wing in the sky. This was physical and I could see the detail: it was dark gray, built of square plates crudely bolted together. Frankly, it looked like something crudely assembled from an old scrap pile of 1950’s parts. The odd part was: the rest of the plane was missing: I only saw that one wing. I sat ahead and looked more closely. I could see a wavy effect on the edge of the wing, where it would have met with the body of the plane. To one side of the wavy effect was the wing, to the other was nothing but dark blue sky.
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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:50 PM
I stood and watched as it passed into the city. It was travelling quite low and straight (low enough to crash into many of Toronto’s buildings if it wasn’t careful.) I doubted that this was legal. What surprised me as well was the silence: as with the previous plane, there was dead silence. The wavy effect pulled back for a moment, and I could see the edge of its body. A moment later, it pulled back down the wing, the wing thus disappearing as it did. Soon all I could see was the tip of the wing as it moved away, and soon this was gone.

This gave me a moral dilemma. This plane was flying into Toronto, very low, invisible and without sound. It was obvious to me at the time that this was a spy plane. I felt an obligation as a citizen to report this. 9/11 had happened a short time prior to this encounter and for all I knew something was being planned for Toronto. But I didn’t know where to call, and so I would have asked for “a number to report UFO’s” which would have led to an embarrassing discussion with an operator, followed by an embarrassing discussion with whoever I reported this to, who probably would have thought I was just some nut.

If, however, this was part of a Canadian project, I might have then been visited by Men in Black and have been put on a ‘watch list’ or something. As I’d already witnessed an experimental plane returning to the old airport (now a secret military base,) it seemed likely that this was just another of their top secret experiments. Both planes showed no (visible) identifiable markings and neither produced any (detectible) sound. For better or for worse, I decided to keep this to myself.

These last two experiences have me wondering, at this point, if they were even as they appeared. At the time, they looked as real as anything I’ve ever stared closely at. I would have sworn to their being real, and I even would have taken a lie detector to prove this fact. Now, however, I have doubts. They might have been incredible illusions, or even entities that took on physical forms. Or, they may have been exactly as they appeared: experimental aircrafts which defied what technology I believed we were capable of.

We do know that Hitler was planning to build flying saucers:

And then there is weather war technology:

I am just pointing out that it is possible that ‘futuristic’ technology might exist in certain covert projects which the public is unaware of.

Whether these last two crafts were as they appeared to be or not, the coincidences cannot be ignored. It seems that something (perhaps that ‘advisor’ entity) is steering me in certain directions. Either that, or certain occurrences happen merely so that I (or/and others) may experience them. I know that the latter has sometimes been the case for me in regards to the paranormal, but I am unsure how that works in regards to ‘real world’ technology or events.

Please feel free to ask questions, share opinions, any insights you may have or your own personal experiences. I do not mind skepticism, so long as we are all honest. I don’t have all the answers unfortunately, only experiences.
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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by LoneCloudHopper2

Reading your other posts now, I have had a few experiences similar to yours. Took me awhile to decide to share it in a thread. This picture came to mind while reading this.

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by LoneCloudHopper2


And I thought I had been through some strange experiences!

Mine happened like yours. Seemed it was usually for my eyes only, although my cousin shared some of them.
At least you had your mom to believe you, and some others to witness some of the UFOs.

No one in my family believed all the strange things that happened to me (except my cousin), so I eventually stopped telling them and just kept things to myself. I felt really alone, and afraid most of my young life.
(My experiences are in my thread in my signature.)

What year(s) did this happen, if you don't mind sharing?
S&F on a great thread, OP!
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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by SyntheticPerception

The message actually does apply to me, as I've often felt that I do not belong in this world and that I have no business mingling with people or their affairs. Someone close to me eventually got through to me that I have as much of a right to be here, to be who I am, as anyone else. These days I do try harder and I fit in better, but it always takes an effort.

I'll check out your threads shortly!

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by sled735

Yeah, my family did believe me after my sister came home to report on the other witnesses, but afterwards they questioned why it was that I was seeing so many UFO’s. Although I was looking for them, I was finding the coincidences rather interesting myself. There were many experiences earlier in my life that I've kept from them, and the majority of the things I've talked about in my threads I've never told them (just a few close friends who were very trusted.)

I'll get to your thread shortly.

Well, the first experience would have been in 1998 (the year I graduated.) I lived in Toronto between 2001 and 2002. I think the first man-made UFO experience was in 2001 and the second was either late that year, or early 2002. Most of the others were in the late 90's, but others were after I returned home (since 2002.)

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 02:33 AM

Originally posted by LoneCloudHopper2
reply to post by sled735

There were many experiences earlier in my life that I've kept from them, and the majority of the things I've talked about in my threads I've never told them (just a few close friends who were very trusted.)

I have two who I tell some things. Not everything or they would think me even nuttier!

Well, the first experience would have been in 1998 (the year I graduated.)

Sweet I graduated in 98 too.

You are talking about high school yes?

What happened two years ago? Just guessing

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posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by SyntheticPerception

Yes, I graduated high school in 1998. I was just happy to get out of there.

Two years ago? In 2010...nothing special that I can think of. Why?

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