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The Biggest Conspiracy

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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 01:17 AM
Satan is the leader of the beasts; he uses his angels to manipulate them. The beasts are the kings, or rulers of the nations of the earth. Satan uses beasts of nations to manipulate the people – making them to believe that everything is in their hands. They promise a good life, economic wealth, peace and freedom, security, food, medical care, clean water, etc.

The false prophets, who come in sheep’s clothing, are inwardly ravening wolves. These Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, Apostles, Evangelists, powerful man of God, general overseers, spiritual fathers and mothers, perfect masters, Jehovah witnesses, founders of churches, reverend fathers, reverend doctors, spiritual leaders, bishops etc. While they hold these respectful names, they just feed the people with lies and confusion; with so many different religions, churches, customs…etc. it’s no wonder why so many are misguided… I’ll bet Satan loves this freedom of religions stuff.

What I have come to believe is your body is the temple of the most powerful, after all he created it; the Soul, Spirit, and Holy Ghost is within you, follow your heart and faith and don’t be a follower of men. In the END it’s what in your heart that counts…
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