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1982-Mike Douglas Show, Amazing Kreskin's -mentalist

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posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 09:57 AM
Strange, spooky maybe. I was researching something, in a old book that
was printed in the early 80's. There is a little commentary of this man
amazing Kreskin's (a.k.a. George Kresge, Jr.) He is a mentalist with telepathic ablities, and known as a magician. He was popular and still sort of is today. He makes some predictions of elections and other current events. He has been on the David Letterman show, Howard Stern and others.
What caught my eye in this commentary written in the 80's, is that he asked the audience, something. This again was on the Mike Douglas entertainment hour aired in February 1982, he gave some dialoge that was interesting, per the read. Than I continued to read on, shows q and a sigment of the show.. This could mean nothing, as most Kreskin's work was just well-calculated luck. Take the hypothetical exchange:
Keskin askes the audience: Does the date September 11 mean anything special to anyone?
The questions continue, but the topic finally gets droped. Again it was the year 1982.
Researched more on him shows that he was(possibly) related to a family
born in Salem, you can see this at
Also there is a sight that still has much of his current predictions listed.
I would like to see the Douglas show live and to see this man's face when he asked the audience that question.
Does anyone have any other information about this person or know anything?


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