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We are crap on a Type Two Shoe

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posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 12:33 AM
What do you call a thread thats about a speculation?
A whisper in the mind.....that grows into alaming coherance....................
My God!
We arent being contacted because these beings are already type two civilisations of some description, and they really dont give a # about humans at all.......
UFOs dont talk to us because they arent interested in what we have to say....period.
They have found humans mutilated like the cattle, sheep, deer, moose and elk we have heard about...Not many, ive heard about...
Possibly twelve or so in Brazil,One at least in the Nevada desert,a US air force corporal.....and the vague rumour of the same in the Hudson valley of NY.
Does the farmer ask the cows when its time to ship them?
Do the loggers worry about the anthills they destroy? much less ask the ants anything at all.....?
Then theres the story about the scientists who answered a radio message out of gannymede,
asking for a morse code translation of the origonal which they couldnt figure out.... The answer forthcomming was simply
"We werent talking to you."
So.........the implcations of this realisation, and i think it falls not far from the mark in reality.....are staggering....
The" space brothers" arent comming.....
They dont have any plans on a rescue, (and theyd rather record the whole thing as a completely natural event when the human race destroys itself or is destroyed by whatever fate awaits us.)
Should that be in the cards theyll watch.......
I must say at this point im really pissed about it too.....Because obviously they have samples of every possible dna on earth....and will farm them again at some future date on some undiscovered planet far away........Meanwhile leaving a perfectly fascinating bunch of humaniacs to fend off the end and struggle against the deep to the last breath....
Though this may make rivetting intergalactic entertinment, and lead the charts in GRAND SCALE rREALITY, TV
.......We are the unfortunate actors in the drama.....
Isnt there some way of illustrating this two tiered civilisation thing definitively TO THE PEOPLE?some real tech clincher that cannot be denied or debunked?
The Pictures of vast ships mining the rings of Saturn I thought may make people come to, but it faded into obscurity....
like the black knight satelite, and the TV broadcast in rural england,....The seven mile high tower in the moon?.

The upshot of it all is that mankind is now faced with the task of slipping into the intergalactic society, like mice creep into a building.....very gingerly.......
We will be ignored and trampled upon if we do not get our intelligence act together and share what is already known with humankind....Only in this way can we hope to unleash the potential of the human race as a whole upon the problem of dealing with the situation as it stands....Not too soon either....the window of opportunity is always closing....
Somehow we must become able to infer the principals of the alien science with the multi-intuitive potentials which have heretofore been held in check by those who apear to posses the skills...Remote viewers, and sensitives of all descriptions along with theoretical scientists and engineers have to find common ground from which to unravel the aliens most visible secrets, as well as their modes of thought.
The solar system is for some reasons unknown as yet, a magnet for visitors who seem to have no desire to speak with humanity publically. Perhaps a jump off point for the transit of interstellar, or even intergalactic space?
If we cannot get their attention,
can we at least try to get some of their technology?
Rather than keeping humanity in ignorance, wouldnt it make far more sense to enlist the public in the search for the stars?
The PTB have really nothing to tell us..... maybe the aliens havent payed them any attention at all?
Perhaps the biggest let down of all is that we are not menaced by any extra solar enemy, but rather we will have a hard time overcomming the alien indifference to our existance!

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 01:23 AM
Very droll, and most insightful. Love the thread title.

You know, I've heard that Ganymede story for many years. At first I found it hard to believe, for one simple reason: All the braniac thinktanks in and around DC and the best they could come up with was Morse Code? Never mind that it was already the computer age; never mind that Sagan had already far trumped Morse Code with his pictogram scheme years before!

But then I realize that you can have all the braniacs you want, and they'll still come up with an idiotic solution designed by committee, reinforced by groupthink.

So I'm more inclined to believe it now. No surprise that the Type Twos consider us backward and uninstructable. We are not worthy....

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by stirling

Been reading Vonnegut have we?
It's an intriguing perspective, just don't get stuck in it.

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 06:15 AM
I try to keep my mind open but things definately seem to have been at impasse for so long now, that there is obviously a hitch.
I cant seem to quite fall into the Dulce,base, underground railway,eisenhower treaty scenario......
You would think the elite would be using such a convenience....but they apear to be still using the same ole same ole to get around the earth.......
The contact stories are interesting too but little conrete ever comes of why doesnt one of these contactees come up with any new invention or principal?Something that will be benficial to us ?
Then theres the telepathy would seem to me that total control of the earths elite would be entirely possible through it.....Why not?
It already apears that we are ruled by false information, lies and deciet.....But it seems thats an earthly trait...
No I am beginning to think we are far from interesting or special.....just some vermin on a small blue planet they happen to have an interest in using......

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 08:10 PM
Maybe the next civilization over isn't that much more advanced than us. Enough for the beginnings of interstellar travel, but not enough to have all their problems figured out. They might come to earth when their planet is dying or running out of resources. We could be faced with alien refugees. I wonder how we'd respond to that. Probably not well.

I saw District 9 the other day, ok movie but interesting idea.

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 08:44 PM
Humans do tend to think of this in human terms. That almost certainly leaves a large hole in the logic of ETs and contact. I have trouble believing that humans are near the top of the heap.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 07:58 PM
If they're actually out there, zoo theory seems like the strongest case.

They stop by only because it's like some hybrid safari park and living history museum of what it's like to be planet-bound. Dangerous enough where you don't want to get away from the spaceship much, but since the universe is a big place it's worth observing since there may always be some kind of novel or new things to learn about. Also the tag and release, etc. just to keep tabs.

We're not quite vermin though, as we really don't get in the way. We're simply the local wildlife aliens would experience when they visit. Now if we got to the point of being spacefaring ourselves and refused to play nice, then it would be another story. It would make sense that is the thing that sets off the red flag. The process of elimination wouldn't be that hard for them if they're that far ahead.

Nukes were the last thing of major interest to them, a big environmental and technology stage impact. But I think we're coming upon another major waypoint as a technological species. This internet thing we're using right here and now to post and such is the very thing that can get all humans on the same page. Yet it seems some people are actively trying to break that, since it takes away a lot of the power they have to exploit everyone else. A meta-societal convergence could be coming, perhaps not the singularity but close enough if humanity can make it work. (Afterall, meme-space is meme-space, regardless if you're American, European, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, African, etc. Something greater about recognition of the human condition that could eventually push aside governments and "-isms".)

Economics would also be on the track for a memetic thing that shows whether or not a developing technological species would be on the path towards being space-faring. It affects the bias in short-term vs. long-term thinking in decision making, which in turn affects drive or ability to go off-world. Depending on whether a society thinks it's better bring back returns or spread out, it ends up choosing between the evolutionary paths of specialization or diversification. Guess which one would have a stronger tendency to remain planet-bound?

Now whether or not aliens are reading these posts, who knows? But it would be fun to imagine.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 08:32 PM
I can imagine that the advent of nukes may have destabilised dimensions we are not aware of.....
Or even threatened this dimension in some unknown fashion but with a severely negative outcome....
It would beehoove the aliens to put the brakes on our nuking the planet any further....
To my mind they have warned us many times about ICBM launches.....(Malmstrom AFB and others as well......)
Suppose we launched a phoney nuke rocket and watched to see if they stopped it or brought it down?
The proof would be right there wouldnt it?
I believe that nukes are a wrong turn in our developement, and that there are better ways of getting energy for power as well as warfighting.


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