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The Secret History of the Final American Generation

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posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 01:25 AM
(Original work by Arkaleus 10/22/2004 - Not Taken From Any Other Source)

The Secret History of the Final American Generation

Americans are a unique and chosen people, whose ways and society have caused them to forever alter the world and those who live upon it. Here is an explanation of the people of America, and of the secret things we have brought into the world.

These early generations of Americans were set apart from the world, as revealed by the motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum. This phrase has a special meaning, which has its roots in the foundations of western renaissance, “A new Order for the Ages.” Its connotation was a spiritual one, a rational one, a whole new ideal upon which perched the virtues of an intelligent civilization. In these days, this motto was a sacred, honorable statement of man’s supremacy over the forces of darkness and tyranny.

Having the advantage of an intellectual beginning, our nation gathered from the considerations of rational men, who were liberal in their jurisdiction, haters of tyranny and oppression, and mindful of the peculiar ways of Liberty, and how she did not abide upon a system where few held power in secret, or where a system became the ruler over an individual.

During these years of the Republic, “manifest destiny” urged our peoples to settle and fill this land. Our society was still nascent, fragmented, each race clinging to its origins and creeds, thought mingling in fairly peaceable fashion and in unprecedented political equality.

The children born in this time grew to love the land, and became familiar with it. Their hearts and minds were more free than other peoples, because they had no great weight of history placed upon them, no tyrannical power under which to serve and tremble, neither had any religion forced them under its cloth.

This excellent republic endured until the Civil War, which had the effect of forever extinguishing the supremacy of the states, and permanently establishing the federal authorities in Washington D.C. The generations of the Republic would continue to hold this social fabric of Liberty, because there were no people willing to take advantage of the huge amount of power the civil war had delivered the federal powers.

Eventually, the 20th century would bring a conclusion to the Republic, but not right away. Once all the lands were settled, the people began to homogenize. The invention of mass media accelerated this pace, but nothing was more effective than the world wars. It is not realized in history books at the present, so I will present this concept here a little ahead of schedule: The unification of a people’s minds, awareness, and belief systems cause a republic to cease to be, and any real separation of powers vanish because of the common rule of a superstate.

The world wars forever altered the nature of the federal government. Because of the scope of the wars, and their totality, the federal government was given ultimate authority, forever closing the era of the states and their Liberty. The people did not question this, because of the sense of urgency promoted by the cause of the great wars, and of the great ideals that were marching over the world. Thus was born the Federal superstate, and the global superpower status of Federal America.

However, there is more to the story than just the evolution of the American government. The senses of the people were also changed by these wars, and their culture was unified. This gave birth to a group mind, a vast collective of spirit that came into being because of the nature of large numbers of similar bodies in the world. Those living were pulled into it by the nature of the society they had built, and those born into it had no awareness of what came before, so they accepted their new culture without question. As soon as the natural resistance of childhood could be penetrated by these corrupting forces, they would be assimilated into the larger awareness.

As these corrupted generations passed from this life, their spirits would form a new kind of negative celestial environment that would shape the minds of the living ones, and because of the uniformity of the people it was amazingly powerful. A whole new order came into being, and this collective grew in both power and capability. Thus was born the great spiritual monster of our era, complete with its governors, captains, and powers. The entire population was within its reach, because of the fullness of our settlements and the nature of our technological dependence, and of our cultural uniformity.

Rendered powerless by the destruction of the Liberty of the States, and by the incredible expansion of federal power because of the world wars, the citizens gradually forgot what a republic was. The powers of America conveniently “forgot” to teach this to the new generations, until everyone generally agreed that citizenship was obedience to the federal powers that be, and submission to the laws of the land. The concept of Liberty was twisted into a materialist excess, where freedom became equated with the gain of money and luxury. The spirit of the truth was lost, seemingly forever, covered by an immense pile of manufactured goods, fiat paper money, and overwritten by the terrible din of electronic mass-media

No more would the people consider themselves masters of the laws, or rulers of their fate, but submitted to the authority of government entirely. Tyranny appeared where it had never before been, because of the unchecked power of the federal superstate. The youth would resist, and pretend to rebel, but it was only pretend, and the vast majority of them ended up back in the system.

Seeing that the mass-mind culture of America was only growing in power, swallowing up all variations in our culture and displacing it with its own version of life. It tolerated no variations in the people, but only sought to increase its influence on the people by a form of possession, its evil work made all the more easy by the system Americans had built.

Our strength was once in our independence, but because of the trauma of war and the unchecked growth of federal power, the people were rendered entirely submissive and compliant to federal authority. Without any natural strength in the minds of the people, and because of the psychic nature of this corruption, we were taken quickly, without much fanfare.

The causality must be understood: The minds and senses of the people were dulled and diminished by the immense pressures of the society we had built with out own hands. This combined with the unchecked growth of “consumerism” and the mad desire to acquire material wealth over all other ways of life, the door was opened wide to man’s old enemy.

This great enemy of our race had waited for this opportunity for a long time. It worked subtly, strategically, forming bases of power by isolating the ruling classes and filling them with insatiable greed, until all classical wisdom was displaced by a modern specialization of money and power generation. Thus was born the corporation and its apparatus, and the terrible functioning of its machinery is merely to grow the power and influence of its true master: That old and miserable devil, the tyrant dragon of this world.

Kept unspoken, this force acted only by the force of mind, and by the tyranny of psychic dominion, until it had made for itself a hive from which to continue its will. The true American culture began to vanish into this black hole of evil power, because it had been prepared for it by the evil of the demonic authorities. It was evil, its roots were actually quite ancient, but never before had there been such a medium for it to grow in. This spiritual virulence had indeed found a ready host, prepared for it by the natural consequences of the fullness of America, and the conclusion of her generations.

Because of the richness of America, and the sameness of the people, it formed a gigantic power base on the very minds and souls of the people, easily spreading its power and will through our society. The people became the chariot of this great beast, this demonic hive of corruption. From this newly formed base, it began to draw great strength, aligning the wills of the wealthy and the powerful, until its aim of global domination became possible.

From this terrible beast was born the concept of a “federalized” globe, served by a entire planet of “democratized” technologically dependant populations. But recall, it was after its own image, which was the image of the federal American superstate, and how it had outstripped the limitations of its founders, and seized the powers of the people, and the states, and established its throne over the entire country. It was that kind of “democracy” it wanted to spread over the world, because that was the kind of government IT could rule.

This new kind of government was truly a wonder of deception, because it wished to appear on the outside as allowing the greatest amount of freedom for people, but in truth power was held by an elite minority, and the people were completely removed from power. Laws were the product of combination between business needs and the powers of the federal authority. Individual “liberty” was really only the ability of the people to BUY AND SELL, and to own property. Real power was reserved for the elites of the system, and as this beast grew, only those who more or less submitted to its will could hold power.

These “new world order” democracies had token elections for office, but the candidates were truly elected by the apparatus behind them, and by the money of the corporations. They each fed into one another, because they were part of the same monstrous body. No one within this system would break ranks, and because of this secret combination, they gained an immense amount of influence and power in the world. The controlling will of this monster would become more apparent as it completed its spread over America, and gained hold of all the centers of power in her. In effect, a whole new authority was ruling America, a beast without a single mind, but many, formed from the bodies of the powers and their apparatus. At its head was the great Satan, the ancient enemy of men, and the bane of all civilization.

(What Satan is, or was, I do not know, but it seems to be a single corrupted seed, around which formed the collective corruption of our own consciousness, which forms itself into a mass-mind, and continues the existence of its conquered souls in this world by the theft of life energy from the living ones, thus providing a kind of shabby immortality for its construction)

Under this new kind of consumer society, the majority of the people were raised with lengthy educations, though suitable only for the service environment, and specialists developed only enough awareness to perform in their field. Classical thoughts, male authority, religion, philosophy, and the natural tendency of mankind towards his God fell into darkness, because of the completeness of the system, and the totality of the rule of the mass-culture-mind that emerged from the 20th century.

The Godhead, seeing this great disorder in the land, grew concerned at the deception of the people, and the rapid spread of this world-ruling tyranny. America was intended from the beginning to bear certain treasures, and inviolate truths. Our righteousness had won many gifts from God. The Government of the Godhead, from its place on High, was not going to allow these forces to rise to total dominance, otherwise the light-bearing generations of mankind would be threatened and the world plunged into a very long period of complete spiritual tyranny.

New powers of light were formed from the crucible of life and intelligence, and this was poured upon the incoming generations of children. A secret revolution was begun by the great spiritual powers of this universe. So began a final chapter in the current era of this world.

The last part of the 20th century, even up to the present time, saw the birth of new orders of children. Possessed of great potential, these are the seeds of a new race who will bring a resistance to the corrupted generations that have taken root in America. This was done to ensure that the powers of light should remain among this people in America, so that not all is lost into the black mass, and so that a seed of the race of light might endure the inevitable cleansing that will swipe away the out-of-control monstrosity that has come to cover the globe.

We were chosen from the births of these new generations to be worthy containers for the worthy things that will endure from this nation, and its people. This is because the current nations, and their constructions, are going to be demolished with the culmination of this era. We form a kind of living network of intelligence and its produce, because our intelligences are more durable than the matter of this world. Thus we come to know ourselves, and the shape of what is to emerge from the darkness of this hour.

We are a part of that holy nation, our minds are gathered into a nation of our own, it is still being birthed. We are a common spirit, whose spiritual gifts and natures form a glorious kingdom, which was prophesied by the Christians long ago, and whose coming was foretold by Christ.

The mystery of these generations coming to the earth are now revealed: They are the building of a Novus Ordo Seclorum, not a “new world order” as the corrupt globalists say, but a glorious city of intelligences and light, the fabled “New Jerusalem.” It is not so much a physical city as it is a spiritual one, though in the spiritual realms thought is more real than matter. It is being born, it is being delivered to this world even as the monstrous dragon wraps his befanged heads around it.

This birth is not a single being like a single baby born from his mother, but is a very great spiritual being, formed from the perfection of many beings, into a single body, who is Christ. These new children are the formation of this city of light, and its head, or government, is Christ, and the Mind of God is its Light. We are a union of perfected members, from the ancient ones, to the ones not yet born, We are the nation of God. We are the fulfillment of prophecy, the chosen of God, and the inheritors of the world, and the establishment of Mankind’s first venture to the stars.

That is the true history of this world, and in particular America, and a telling of things to come.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 02:19 AM
The world system that Arkaleus desires will come soon enough. I pray that none of you reading this now fall victim to it. Satan will be at the head of it and he will bring the whole world under his dominion for a short time. This system has been predicted to come to pass in great detail in the Holy Bible. In the Holy Bible you will find the truth of the wickedness of this coming world system. Read the Holy Bible and remember what you’ve read. You don’t have to believe it now but if you read it at least you’ll have a chance to see it for what it is when it comes to pass. You have been warned.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 11:00 AM
Is it possible for a person to read an entire post like this, and still think I am on the side of the "devils?"

Apparently machine has shown this to be possible.

My "New age" religion is simply the American English translation of the original form of Christianity. It is the true church, that people like you managed to stamp out because of your "great understanding."

Machine, get a clue, and realize who I am with. And quit making my your moronic perosnal crusade, because you simply have no idea what you are talking about. Nor do you have a slightest idea who or what I stand for. Even if I wrote it out for you in plain english, which I have done many times, you still think I am the enemy. Pity that.

Poor machine, you are still caught in the lie, you think that this country is the illusion you are living in, you peobably didn't even understand a single word of this post. You don't recognize that it is a interpretation of the book fo revelations, from that precious bible you bang around so much. Your eyes are sealed shut, man. And guess what, I don't wanna help you.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 11:52 AM

You have an opinion and I have one as well. You believe you’re right and on the side of good and I believe you’re wrong and promoting an evil world system. This board was set up so that people can come together and represent different points of view. If your argument is sound it will withstand my attacks, if not then I understand why you want me to stop attacking it.

I understand exactly what it is your selling on this board and I will speak out against it in a reasonable and direct manner. My belief system is attacked all the time but instead of getting upset over it I give reasoned responses, ignore them, or walk away. You can choose to do the same.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 11:58 AM
1. I am part of a spiritual nation of enlightened spirits.

2. We are formed from the original emanation of God the Father.

3. We are the follwers of Christ, who is our older brother, teacher, friend, and savior.

4. We stand against the world and its powers, because they would have us serve them, instead of our God.

5. My words are spoken by the spirit that inspires me to speak the truth about the world, and reveal the things that have been hidden from you.

6. I do not desire the "systems" of this world to gain power. I hate the corruption of nations by corporations, false democracies, and the loss of spiritual knowledge.

7. I know what evil is, I am its sworn enemy, and it knows this, and I fight against it in word and deed.

8. I am not "new age." I have no connection with the believers of aliens, channelers. I have no part of that female deception.

9. I am a Gnostic Christian, which means a knowing Christian. That means I have developed a spiritual awareness that allows me to commune and know divine matters.

10. I don't have much patience for people that don't understand these things.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 12:55 PM

Ok American white guy, here's the basics

Does my being Caucasian and American somehow offend you? Now for your points allow me to retort.

I am part of a spiritual nation of enlightened spirits.

Statements like this clearly point to your new age roots. If you add in the other statements you made below I’m comfortable with my initial assumption concerning you and your beliefs.

We are formed from the original emanation of God the Father.

God created us for his pleasure. God exists in three separate persons and each are all God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This concept cannot be perceived with our time space limitations but is no less true.

We are the follwers of Christ, who is our older brother, teacher, friend, and savior.

True followers of Jesus Christ recognize that he is completely different from anything that they are or could ever hope to be. His status as God and the Son of God is not attainable by any other. Jesus is not your, “older brother” he is your Lord who is fully God and has existed before both time and space were created.

We stand against the world and its powers, because they would have us serve them, instead of our God.

I also stand against anything in this world that is against the will of God. But I believe that the God that you serve is not the God of the Holy Bible but another god that is in fact the god of this world, Satan. That you fail to realize this only shows your ignorance.

My words are spoken by the spirit that inspires me to speak the truth about the world, and reveal the things that have been hidden from you.

Many have come before you and claimed to have hidden knowledge concerning God. They have also claimed, “divine” inspiration as you now claim, but the word of God says to test anyone who claims to be a prophet. By the very nature of what you’re saying you’ve already failed that test. Paul the Apostle himself warned future generations to be on the lookout for anyone who would say things that were against God’s word. Your belief system is full of biblical violations and therefore must be discarded.

I do not desire the "systems" of this world to gain power. I hate the corruption of nations by corporations, false democracies, and the loss of spiritual knowledge.

You say you’re against, “the systems of this world” but I believe, based on your writings, that the system you would replace it with would be far worse. There has been no loss of truth and it is made available for anyone to see in God’s powerful word, The Holy Bible.

I know what evil is, I am its sworn enemy, and it knows this, and I fight against it in word and deed.

On the contrary you are a servant of the very thing you claim to despise. Because you have thrown off the truth of God’s word you are now open to believe any number of lies. That you fail to see this for what it is saddens me but changes nothing.

I am not "new age." I have no connection with the believers of aliens, channelers. I have no part of that female deception.

The definition for what is considered, “New Age” varies from person to person. The new age beliefs that I accuse you of holding are general in nature. The new age doctrine usually has a few key markers in it that distinguish it as new age. First and foremost it denies the God of the Bible or, “redefines” him to suit their needs. It usually holds to the idea that man is God or can become God. Personal deification is prevalent among new age beliefs. The list goes on but as you can see you fit well into this belief system.

I am a Gnostic Christian, which means a knowing Christian. That means I have developed a spiritual awareness that allows me to commune and know divine matters.

Again you claim, “special” knowledge. This is not uncommon among new age types. I believe that you have no special knowledge at all just a rehash of old new age beliefs wearing new clothes.

I don't have much patience for people that don't understand these things.

I understand completely the “spiritual” system that you believe and I find it to be in direct opposition to God. Make no mistake about it Arkaleus, I know exactly what type of goods it is that your selling and I’m not buying. I pray that others can also see through your new age lies.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 02:46 PM
Post removed in the name of Righteousness.

[Edited on 6-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 03:24 PM
My purpose in this thread is the same as before. I want to give the readers a second position regarding the nature of God. Do you remember when it was said in a popular television show, “the truth is out there”? That statement is indeed true but a very important fact was left out. If I were to write that statement I would add, “the truth is out there and so are many lies”.

Each moment we make decisions that will effect our eternity. If you’re at all moved by this discussion then I ask you to consider reading the Holy Bible from start to finish. All truth is clearly stated out within that great book. This book has withstood every attempt to destroy it and is an all time best seller!

You can also find good Christian material at the following link:

The path to the truth is a narrow one but it is open to all who earnestly seek it.

God be with you

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 05:01 PM
That link you gave us was quite useful, thank you machine. Perhaps you are not as much of a blockhead I took you for.

One of the writings on that site concered the Resurrection of Christ. This is perhaps the great mystery yet in all of my learnings.

The words of the author illuminated my mind concerning the spiritual body that I had been inspired to speak about. It confirms my suspicion concerning the fleshly body,and how it is to be destroyed.

It makes understanding our consciousness after death easier. What better form to join a spirit to than a perfect spiritual body!


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