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hi dot

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posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 05:05 PM
about the 'demons', something like, its not just bad stuff, but like spirits that play tricks on you or try to lead you away from the ceremony. but once i felt something really dark an sinister just on the edge of my vision...i am sure you can relate, you just know that something is bad waiting for you to venture just that little too far.

As for my grandfather having side effects or health being affected, other than someone that is 96 and the complications that comes from being that old, i would say not. infact he has the strongest hand shake i have ever know in a person. very active fellow, always walking somewhere or seeing someone.

my grandfather that past away in '99 was the one that had a real ability to see things, he wanted to teach me but i was young at the time and could not understand why i would need to know that kind of stuff.

it truly is an amazing feeling, not a scarey one, just one of lots of love and kindness, that is the strange thing about it. you do step out of this place for awhile but you come back and everything just seems to make more sense. you want to stop taking and start giving back, because you know that you need to.

infact there is a group of my people that live near you, they are called the northern ponca's...they all know my grandfather. he was famous, that is the truth. he is my real grandfather (the one that passed in '99), the other one is my grandfather's cousin, and that makes him my grandfather also.

on the reservation they are very scheptical of people from the government coming around looking for things.

well dot good luck with your IQ test, i am sure that you will do fine, but as a pointer you can learn how to past them and do really well, they have weakness and if you know them you can manipulate them.

NO! it not cheating, because IQ test do not measure the true intelligence of a it if you have the chance.

or if you can get it..."the aptitude test workbook and how to pass advanced aptitude test" by Jim Barrett

one last that your pic, i am sure its not, but just wondering.

well dot have to run, toto is peeing on the tin man again, and so until we cross this place again...good luck.

if it is all right i would like to ask you a few questions as to your abilities, but later...damn toto! I told you stop peeing on the tin man...hahahah!

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 06:12 PM
Nice to see you again, lol.

I did well on my IQ test. TOO well. I'm going to blog about it either tomorrow or Sat...I'm so emotionally wore out and tore up. All I can write for now is that I had a tantrum/crying in a room full of psychologists, interns, and my case worker.

("See the crazy lady, one dollar...see the crazy lady, just one dollar, folks")

any takers?

There are several reservations in the tri-state area here, and I don't think I'll be very welcome there with my full-blooded Irish heritage. Besides, I have enough tact not to ask you as to which tribe you're referring to...


p.s. It's an ArcSoft fusion of two stock photographs from Corbis. I will say that I resemble her, though. I've refused photographs for one year now, but I will dig one up and post it on my server for ya.

I design my own avatars based on my mood at the time. It's another outlet for me...

[edit on 21-10-2004 by dotgov101]

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 03:45 AM
your not crazy...well i am from the Ponca tribe out of Oklahoma, my grandfather was 3/4 ponca and 1/2 french, my grandmother was ponca/otoe

the tribe near you should be the Northern Ponca, or Suini(?) not sure of that spelling...i took a IQ test once and got 135, but i don't think that i am smart...well smarter than the average bear!

So your Irish, my mom is part Irish from the misouri area...but me i use to live in i live in Australia.

you know dot i read something the other day and i am still coming to terms with it...did you read that thread called running out of oil...well there is this guy that did this research and basically spells out we are running out of oil and its all going to get crazy...because we rely on oil for everything.

then i read that thread called John Tritor or something and that just made me think even more...sorry don't me to be a downer, just kinda feel sad with knowing all that info...but hey! i am not going to sit down and cry...(no i am not crying, it was something in my eye...honest)

well get some rest dot and glad that you had a good score...does that mean you can play with the other kids now?

my question to you...answer if you want:

can you really see terrible things happening to this world? and if you do does it show you how to cope? do we really have a chance if all this is really bad?

ghost feeling really spacey...

posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 07:54 PM
I'm a Christian, but I am also well-versed in science, and now consider myself a viewer of what has been, what is, and what is yet to come. I have not read either thread you mentioned, but I can tell you what I know.

We've all experienced a power shortage at one time or another, and during the power shortages a sense of dread sets in when we realize how truly dependent we are of electricity. I know that other methods (nuclear, hydro, solar, and wind) will quickly replace our dependency of oil.

Yes, we will eventually "run out" of commercial oil. The military, of course, will have first priority to what little will be remaining. Fuel for cars will be of lowest priority. But do not panic, as this is not the beginning of the end of the world. We will merely see a drastic improvement in public transportation, and I see sidewalks becoming much wider. I believe that this will be for bicycles and electric-powered mopeds. This will actually benefit the state of our planet, as it will virtually eliminate smog over large metropolitan areas. Subsequently, the health conditions related to smog will disappear. Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, and flu-longevity will decline.

Another positive result will be improved diplomatic relations with the Middle East. Every leader of every oil-producing country will no longer worry about underlying intentions of our then-leader. Currently, OPEC leaders believe that all of our diplomatic actions are the result of our dependency on oil (hey-who could blame them?). Once we adapt to living with alternative means, a new era will develop.

I see the populace "regrouping" closer to the equator and the oceans, where the climate will be more tolerable. This will improve overcrowding in the urban areas of the north, primarily New York City and Chicago. This will improve (blend?) school systems and local economies in (untapped?) areas.

I see nothing negative with this. We adapted to using technology, and we will adapt to losing parts of it. It is the result of stealing from nature.


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