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ENTERTAINMENT: Martha Whips Up a Jam Behind Bars

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posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 03:58 AM
Martha Stewart is keeping herself busy in prison by making jam. Last week she was observed picking crab apples on the grounds of her new home in West Virginia. An inmate incarcerated at the prison indicated that this activity could get someone in trouble if caught.
Martha Stewart's recipe for doing hard time in prison: whip up something sweet with crab apples.

The guru of good living spent some time last week picking crab apples from trees that dot the grounds of her federal lockup in West Virginia and used them to make a tasty dish.

"The normal person would get punished for that, but the prison guards managed not to see her," an inmate told The Post. "She might not have known it was wrong, but other inmates have advised her not to do that anymore, and I don't think she has."

While the inmate didn't know the exact dish Stewart whipped up with the pilfered produce, she could have used the hot goods to make her famous crab apple rosemary jelly.

Dawn Zobel, a spokeswoman at the Federal Prison Camp in rural Alderson, W.Va., said she was unaware Stewart was picking fruit, although she said it is unlikely that a prisoner would get into serious trouble for such activity. "It's a 105-acre compound with a lot of different trees and crab apples are amongst them," she said. "If an inmate was seen picking them, we would probably have an informal discussion with them.

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However, prison officials have indicated that the person would be talked to and not punished for the activity. The inmate did not know what she used the apples for, but an analysis of her recipes indicates that she may have made her famous crab apple rosemary jelly


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