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Realy. Whats the damn point?

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posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 10:24 PM

Ok, so they take over the world. What next? Whats the damn point? Why do they wana do it in the first place?

What will they do after they take over the world.

So all the bad evil man will be super duper rich, and everyone else will be slaves. . . wtf do the evil men do for fun anyway once this happens? it just dont make sense to me.

What do the rich people "do with the slave humans"... just have them "keep working"? hey... "keep working"... that sounds like what every human I know is -allready- doing. Maybe this # has -allready- happened and the real conspiracy is making us think it hasn't?


Ok lets say these buggers exist. They take over our planet, wtf do they wana do anyway?

Do the reptilions wana make humans "slaves?
Do they wana kill all humans and take earth?
Do they wana fukk all humans over and make them suffer forever?

I mean, these aliens GOTTA have a reason to "fukk over humans"... so I just wana know their "reason".


Ok this website is it legit or crap?

This website says earth's going through a "shift" and in not too long the caps will melt, everyone will be dying, natural disasters, meteors, radiation, and it says after most humans die then human/zeta hybrids shall inherit the earth- and earth will become a intergalactic "port" where many aliens gather. Ok sounds good... is this website "crap"? If someone knows alot about this website, is there any DATES as to when all the "bad stuff for humans" is going to happen?

Umm what else am I missing...

Project BLUEBEAM?:

Ok so they're gonna make all religious people go to a final religion. Wtf do athiests do? I guess they probably look at the sky and go "oh #, guess god does exist". Actually yeah, that does make sense.

Anyway, after BLUEBEAM succeeds and the entire world is "taken over", that just brings us back to question 1 (NWO).

Really, could somone tell me the damn point?

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posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 10:30 PM
Available options:

  1. You believe this is all possible and count off the days on your calnder
  2. You consider it a possibility and ponder the multiple prongs of conclusions
  3. You consider all the possibilities and make sense out of only what is logical and inevitable
  4. You don't give a crap and let the chips fall where they may

The point?! Who cares what the point'll never find out even if .01% of it is one has the answers or the reasoning for events that have yet to occur...

The point is exactly what you've consider the outcomes...b/c that's all you can ever do when you're not "in the loop"

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 03:11 PM
What website is it? Because without it you just sound like your talking utter rubbish!


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